5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Impress Your In-Laws


Who doesn’t love their in-laws? I know I do. You can get away with saying things you typically couldn’t get away with saying to your own mom and dad. They’re great to have a few drinks with and to share stories about how you use to have their daughter sneak out and meet her future husband and… Maybe we’ll wait on that story. Anyways, St. Louis Dad has done some digging to find that perfect Christmas sweater to wear this year at your in-laws holiday party. What I found was a classy selection of fine Christmas sweaters set to impress all of your family over at RockWorldEast.com. The selection is minimal but executed perfectly. These are my five favorite ugly Christmas sweaters.

#5 – The Beer Bear Deer Brown


This sweater is as majestic as it looks. The bear with the deer antlers is a Christmas dream. Plus what holiday isn’t complete without someone needing to go for another beer run? This sweater also comes in blue but I like the brown a little more. Plus it’s fun trying to say Beer Bear Deer Brown five times really fast while taking a drink.

#4 – Happy Hanukkah


Not everyone can be into the Christmas thing, some have eight crazy nights to have to deal with their family. Take it from Adam Sandler and his famous Hanukkah song and drink your gin & tonica while wearing this awesome Hanukkah sweater! If you decide to wear it all eight nights be sure to let us know in the comments!

#3 – Meowy Catmas


Awwww. Even if you really don’t like cats you can’t say this ain’t the cutest little kitten ever. This sweater would be purrrfect to wear with your dog loving family. Meowy Catmas to all, just put away the tinsel!

#2 – Merry F**king Christmas


Not everyone is going to be filled with holiday cheer this year. Why not help them out and Grinch it up spreading that passive aggressive Christmas jeer! Merry f**king Christmas Glenn. I hope you have a sh**ty New Year!

#1 – Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first Home Alone movie. Which also marks the 25th anniversary of Angels with Filthy Souls. What better way to tell them you love them then by rocking this Christmas classic… I can tell you a better way, by getting their new grandchild a matching onesie!

Bonus – Kevin McCallister’s Stocking Hat!


Why be Batman when you can be Kevin McCallister? Annoy your wife and relive your nineties childhood and setup elaborate death traps this holiday season. Stop the Wet Bandits and further your child’s STEM knowledge at the same time.

Rock World East has several more fantastic Ugly Christmas Sweaters just waiting for you to check out. Head on over to their Ugly Christmas Sweater section and get ready to dress to impress this holiday!


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