Children’s Books – Squat The Robot?

Robot Story 00 Cover

Back in January of 2013, I was informed that the book “Squat The Robot?” was available in Amazon’s Kindle store and would be made available a few days later for a paperback copy. The story is an unique one which finds Squat the robot getting into a crazy and weird adventure. When I was hired on to illustrate this story I was impressed with how it turned out given how strangely unique the story is.

Amazon’s Description:

Squat was cleaning Glistening Glow when hair began to show. She had no idea why until remembering that Creepy Cupid guy. It seems she was under his curse and to make things worse, he had captured her love, making him and his band sing like a dove.

Follow Squat as she begins her quest to put everything back to normal and stop that Creepy Cupid pest. But will it come due? That can be found out by you. Just add this book to your mat from none other than Pat Hatt.


Don’t Forget Your Password! My First Children’s Book

I have illustrated so many children’s books for so many authors over the years. I have illustrated for authors all over the world! You can find those books on Amazon and elsewhere, but in all of that time I have never written and illustrated my own story.

Time are changing!

I have always wanted to write and draw my own story. I just never felt I had the time. It was always after I get “this or that” done. But it just had not materialized. That changed a few weeks ago when I decided that I was going to make the time to do my own story. I started something, sat on it for a little bit, came back to it, and then over the last few days I illustrated it and put it together for purchase on Amazon.

Don’t Forget Your Password!

Don’t Forget Your Password: Tips and Tricks for Creating The Perfect Password is the result of my efforts! This fun and colorful story will teach children the best tips and tricks to making a secure password. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts as you follow Edward as he arrives in technology class where he will be creating the perfect password!

Available in print and digital so you have two options to check out my first story!

Children’s Books – My Riddle Me Valentine

My Riddle Me Valentine

Working on this Valentine’s Day book had me very busy back in 2013. I spent a good portion of my free time working on this book to get it ready for Amazon’s marketplace before the big day; My Riddle Me Valentine by Charlene Christie. You may remember Charlene, she and I had worked on I Think I was Bit By a Mosquito previously. Which is also a great book for children.

Anyways, Charlene contacted me and asked if I was up for a challenge to get her book done in a little over a week back in January 2013. I checked out her story and I felt that it would be a great match for my style. So I agreed and in what seems like record time the book is now available for Kindle. The story is very cute and great for any young reader.

Amazon’s Description:

Andrew is an 11 year old kid with a mystery to solve. Someone has been leaving Valentine’s Day cards underneath his desk. He only has a few days to solve each riddle in order to find his Valentine. Can you help him? A Great Children’s Valentine’s day book and an Awesome Funny Book That Your Kids Will Love!


Children’s Books – I Think I Was Bit By a Mosquito

i think i was bit by a mosquito cover

Back in October of 2012, I worked on one of my first eBooks with the very talented author named Charlene Christie. She contacted me asking for illustrations for her book I Think I Was Bit By a Mosquito. The story was great so I immediately got to work on it. I ended up also doing the lettering in English and Spanish. So it doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish or English both are available!

Amazon’s Description: 
One of the Best Books for Toddlers age 1-5. Your child will love this book, especially with the Free Audio Version offer at the end of the book. Toddler tested and approved! I think I was bit a mosquito is a book that will put a smile on your little one’s face every time you read it. Little Timmy is in a bit of a bind. He gets home from school to find that he is itchy everywhere! Your toddler will be able to follow along with Little Timmy as he scratches away; one body part after the other. Among the books about body parts for children here on Amazon, I think I was bit by a Mosquito will benefit your child in three ways! First, it is a wonderful learning tool for younger toddlers who are just becoming familiar with their bodies and are curious about their various body parts. I Think I was Bit by a Mosquito covers an incredible 18 body parts! A great educational book for kids age 1-5. The second piece is that I think I was bit by a Mosquito is such a fun book that even kids who are already familiar with the body parts being mentioned will love mimicking the actions of little Timmy and playing along. The third benefit is that your child will learn the art of rhyming while having an awesome time.

My toddler loves to pretend that he is itchy everywhere just like little Timmy and your toddler will too. Try this out with your little one and it will be nothing but fun and giggles; creating memories that you will cherish forever.

You can find I Think I Was Bit By a Mosquito in digital and paperback in the Amazon store. Check it out today!