Education Discounts For Military Families

The types of education discounts for military families varies far and wide; you can find some for active personnel (for when they return), as well as for spouses of active personnel and veterans. In many cases, there are even discounts for the surviving members of deceased military veterans, and they can come in the form of scholarships and full rides. The following list does not claim to be comprehensive, but it’s a good start on your search for help with tuition fees. Some of them also offer tutoring services at a reduced cost or free.

  • – The eponymous website offers test preparation services for free to active duty military members that are completing or furthering their education; this includes tutoring and a bevy of other services as outlined on their website. In particular, these are reserved for K-12 students involved in the Armed Forces and associate military organizations.
  • Trident University – Another institution that honors military service people; Trident University has a Military Education Grant that provides an 11% reduction in tuition fees for a doctoral program, 36% reduction for the pursuit of a Masters degree and 28% off bachelor degree programs.
  • TreeHouse – With the military discount, TreeHouse representatives will honor a $9 per month discount on the regular tutelage courses and other subscriptions. This is for active military members and veterans only; just bring evidence that you are serving or have served and you’re all set.
  • Saint Joseph’s University – Proud to award a discount on services to any active duty service person, reserve, National Guardsmen or veteran; in fact, Saint Joseph’s also provides financial aid in the form of discounts to military spouses. The discount applies to all online degrees and tuition assistance for graduate certification programs.
  • Regent University – Discounted tuition rates are available for veterans, active duty personnel who did not make full utilization of the GI Bill; it applies to graduate degree pursuits.
  • Keystone School – Keystone proudly provides tuition assistance to the tune of a 10% discount for all immediate family members of active duty military personnel.
  • Kaplan University – Tuition reductions are available for military personnel and their spouses; this extends to veterans and even to dependents of active duty personnel. There are further discounts on online materials for courses.
  • eKnowledge – This growing website takes the education of the children of military families seriously; that’s why eKnowledge provides SAT and ACT preparatory courses and tutelage at no cost for the young dependents of said families.
  • Central Michigan University – Call the offices the minute you’re interested in attending; they have a tuition program for military students that meet the qualifications.
  • California Southern University – If you are interested in pursuing a degree in law, psychology or business, and you are a child of a military service member or the spouse of one, then California Southern University is happy to offer you a 10% discount on the tuition rate.
  • Berkley School of Music – A whopping 20% discount on tuition is available for eligible members of the military; additionally, as part of the extensive GI Bill, veterans are quite welcome at the same reduced rate.



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