Want to go on a road trip this summer? Here’s some inspiration

Always wanted to experience an iconic US road trip? Well, now you can! Below we have listed 5 stunning places to visit in the USA by car, so keep on reading to take your pick.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

If you fancy a simple leisurely drive, the blue ridge parkway route is for you. Your journey will take you through the Virginia Appalachian Mountains up to North CA. This road trip totals 469 miles and connects with the Great Smoky Mountain national park. We recommend you plan your trip in the autumn season since there’ll be tonnes of colorful trees (this will be great for your Instagram travel pics). 

Image source: Pixabay

  1. San Francisco to Utah

This incredible route will take you past famous sites like Golden Gate Bridge and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There’s plenty of cultural hotspots too like Hayes Valley. You’ll also get to see some breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls and lake-filled valleys, so if you’re a nature and culture lover add this route to your road trip bucket list. 

  1. Miami to Key West 

We hope you’re a fan of bridges since you’ll pass 42 different bridges en route from Miami to Key West. You can also relish in all the glory of the Atlantic Ocean while you sip cocktails on the beach!

  1. Pacific Coast Highway

Soak up West Coast sun rays while you take an invigorating drive on one of the best road trip routes of all time. You’ll start in San Diego and take a scenic drive past the gorgeous coastline, next you’ll get the chance to visit LA, Hearst Castle and San Luis Obispo, before getting on the Pacific Coast Highway to head for the adorable town of Monterey. This infamous road trip will end in San Francisco, here are some things to do during your stay. 

Image source: Pixabay

  1. Route 66

Taking you from Chicago to LA, route 66 is a whopping 2,400 miles long (so only attempt it if you think you can make it!). On day 1 you’ll arrive in Chicago and get to spend three nights experiencing the windy city’s art scene, culture, and architecture. Next, it will be time to visit Illinois where endless historic attractions await such as Abraham Lincoln’s tomb and the presidential museum. From here you’ll continue onto Missouri, followed by Oklahoma City, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Las Vegas until you reach your final destination – Los Angeles. 

To summarize,

Deciding where to go on a road trip is fun and all but don’t let the sense of adventure go to your head, you do still need to plan the nitty-gritty parts of your journey like what car you will rent (if at all), how much money you need to set aside for gas, and what you will pack.

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