How To Get Your Kids More Interested In Sports

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If your kids are certified tech heads without much interest in sports, this might concern you. As a parent, you want your children to spend time outside, running around with other kids and learning a new skill. Although there are great upsides to knowing a lot about technology, or being great in school, sports are also an essential part of a balanced life for most kids.

For some parents, getting their kids to be more involved in sports is like trying to get them to eat vegetables. A losing battle. It can be super difficult to convince them that playing sports is a good idea – so in this post, you’ll learn tried and true tips for getting your kids interested in sports.

  1. Get them watching different types of sports.

One reason your kids might not be interested in sports is because they may not know what’s out there. Just because they aren’t interested in mainstream sports like football, baseball or basketball, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to become interested in a sport! Try getting your kids to watch more alternative sports on TV, which might encourage them to try it themselves. 

Here are some cool sports to get your kids into!

  • Horseback riding. There are so many horse sports – jumping, dressage, horse racing, and more! Horseback riding is a great sport that has so many benefits for kids. Plus you can teach your older kids how to bet on horse racing – responsibly of course!
  • Swimming. Competitive swimming at Olympic level is amazing to watch on TV. 
  • Gymnastics. Watching gymnastics at a professional level could encourage your kids to try it out for themselves. 
  1. Play with them to begin with, then encourage them to play with other kids.

Another reason your child might not want to play sports is out of nervousness. Starting a new sport means being bottom of the pack, a beginner, in a group of more experienced players. This can be nerve-wracking for kids, especially shy ones who don’t like to be the odd one out.

By playing with your kid to get their skills and confidence up, you can therefore create an opportunity for your child to go ahead and play with kids their own age. It might just take that little confidence boost for them to take the big leap and join a kids team!

  1. Go to watch a sports game live. 

Sometimes, when you watch sports on TV, the impact and magic of the game can be lost. If you have tried and tried to get your kids to watch sports with you to no avail, you should try taking them to a live game. It doesn’t have to be a big game with expensive tickets. anything will do; the electric atmosphere of a live sports game is unbeatable! Another way to get them excited is to provide them with a jersey or other afl merchandise that they can be proud to call their own! Bright colors, cool mascots, all can help in making sure your child enjoys their time at any event!

Overall, trying to pique your children’s interest in sports can be challenging if they aren’t naturally sporting. Use this article to help you kickstart your kids’ interest in whatever sport they choose today!


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