Gifts For a Dad Who Loves The Occasional Gamble

Gambling is a recreational pleasure that has been embraced by millions of people worldwide. It is second only to athletics in terms of popularity. This is an indication that it has several ardent enthusiasts. If you’re tied to someone who enjoys playing cards found in casinos, getting the right present can be challenging.

Here is a list of gifts for those who have a dad that loves the occasional gamble. These suggestions are gambling pieces you can give on Father’s Day or any significant occasions:

Mini Slot Machine

Mini slot machines mimic the original slot machines that you can find in any casino. This mini coin machine has an actual functioning pull lever, rotating reels, and lights and tones. It creates the slot machine that sounds almost like the ones used in Las Vegas casinos, making saving some money more enjoyable.

The slot machine takes almost every kind of penny, even foreign coins or any size. With this small slot machine, you could save money while enjoying the feeling that you are in a casino without losing any money. This game would help your father overcome the fear of losing with a slot machine while enjoying the feeling of being in his very own casino.

Golden Dice 

Most dice collections have a luxurious gold plating – just like Han Solo’s favorite dice! Don’t go too heavy on the glitter as your dad may not particularly enjoy that. Gold dice catch the attention and are a charm to keep around for gamblers.

You may use these dice to play Dungeons & Dragons, board games, some war games, or any game that requires dice. The numbers are big and quick to decipher. Your father would probably love it because of its vibrant golden appearance, which could be considered a lucky charm.

Dark Playing Cards

Dark playing cards are made of a high-quality plastic polymer. They have a very smooth finish and are convenient to shuffle. It is also water-resistant and durable playing cards ideal for taking to the beaches or a pub. You can enjoy playing poker or any card games with your family and friends. Whilst regular cards may not qualify as gift-worthy, premium black poker cards will most certainly be enjoyed by any occasional gamblers!

A deck of casino playing cards contains 54 cards: 52 playing cards and two Joker cards. Your dad-dealer would control these cards with either the left or right hand, learning new magic tricks and sleights of hand. Now, all you have to do is decide which game(s) you want to start playing!

Card Shuffler

The card shuffler is manufactured from a high-quality and long-lasting polymer. It can operate at ultra-low noise levels due to its amazing architecture and craftsmanship. Its cutting-edge technical advancement mechanisms enable the cards to be shuffled easily, effortlessly, uniformly, and precisely. 

It is an excellent instrument for preventing cheating or inadequate shuffling. Your dad could save time and energy from shuffling cards. He could also focus on the game without worrying about the burden of shuffling.

Poker Chips Set

Poker chips are little discs that are used in place of cash in gambling. You wouldn’t require a casino to experience the excitement of elevated gambling or poker. This all-inclusive dealer package includes everything you desire for a game night with friends or family with this poker accessories pack. A fantastic gift for our loved ones of all ages.

Every chip is meticulously crafted from resin composites and placed to mimic the weight and looks of the casino-grade ceramic chips. This poker kit comprises compelling materials and has a frosted finish for a stronger grip and longer life. Once you gifted this to your dad, he will be delighted as you can play with him like both of you are bonding in the casino.

Drinking Game Roulette

Roulette Drinking Game comes with sixteen numbered shot glasses, metal plate frames, and a revolving roulette wheel featuring shot glass holders. Now, the rules are very different from the normal roulette game. Use drinking roulette at the next game night or movie night. Load the shot glasses of the preferred beverage and set them in a broad frame rim.

Everybody scores throughout this entertaining drinking game of skill, regardless of what number the ball falls on. Simply spin the wheel and find whose number is called. When the number in the shot glass matches the number performed, empty the cup and turn it again. Fathers enjoy such a special roulette game as they can get a random drink or shot with their favorite friends!

It shouldn’t require more than enough to thrill your father. A good relationship or something that shows how much he means to you is the greatest present you can offer him. On his birthday or Father’s Day, give him something one-of-a-kind gift that he would love.

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