How to Keep Your House Cool If Your AC Unit Breaks

At certain times of the year, it’s impossible to live without our beloved AC units. Especially here in the mid-west. They can both heat and cool our homes when the weather outside is less than livable, and are a staple of any home. 

However, what can you do to keep your house cool when it’s hot and your AC unit breaks down?

Here are some ideas to keep everyone happy and cool as we continue to stay at home. 

Use Fans 

Running a fan is one of the simplest ways to help to cool down a room without AC. Fans can cool the air by up to 4 degrees, making an 84-degree house feel significantly more bearable at 80 degrees using a fan. 

Ceiling fans should set downwards to create a breeze in the room, but make sure to switch off the fan when you leave the room in order to conserve energy. Windchill will only cool people down–it doesn’t cool down the room, so there is literally no reason to keep ceiling fans on when nobody is in the room. 

Keep windows closed in order to trap the cool air inside. 

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Reduce Heat from the Outside in the Home 

Rooms that face South or West are the most challenging to keep cool, so you need to make sure you do things to prevent heat from coming in, or from generating heat from the inside. Keep shades over the windows to help keep the sun from heating the room. Use blackout curtains to keep a room cool if it faces the sun. In addition, if you use fans, make sure to keep windows closed in order to keep cool air circulating the room.

To cool down a room, keep interior heat to a minimum. Without your air conditioning unit, using certain household appliances can quickly heat a home up to unbearable temperatures. The oven, stovetop, dishwasher, or dryer being used will all contribute to heating up an already warm room. Try preparing foods in the microwave and then wait until after dark to run the dishwasher or clothes dryer if your air conditioner breaks. 

Keep Yourself and Your Family Cool 

If rooms are hot, it might be hard to keep you and your family cool, however, there are some things you can do to stop the heat from getting too much. First, try placing cool towels or tea towels around your neck or on your back to cool down your body temperature. Stay hydrated with ice-cold water as you will be sweating a lot more due to the heat. Water will keep you hydrated, and the ice will help to cool down your body temperature 

Get Your AC fixed 

Not having AC can be a real pain. While you may think you can take a look at your AC unit to fix it yourself, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Cooldown your home quickly by calling a 24 hour Air Conditioning Repair company who will work quickly to help to get your home feeling cool again. 

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.