How To Help Your Teenager Get Their License

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many teenagers. Many parents have to help their teenagers get ready for this big step, and there are some things that can make the process easier. This post will talk about four tips that you can take to ensure your teenager gets their license.

Practice A Lot

The biggest mistake most parents make is not practising enough. It may feel like your son or daughter has been driving all their life, but trust me when I say they haven’t! Driving requires quick decision-making and coordination to move safely from one location to another. There are so many things that can go wrong, such as avoiding other drivers on the road, stopping quickly to avoid collisions, and so much more.

The truth is that teenagers are not great at making quick decisions under pressure because they still lack experience! They also need time to get used to controlling a vehicle which means you should take them out on multiple practice drives before allowing them to drive with their friends.

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Be Prepared

If you want to be a supportive parent, you need to prepare yourself because your son or daughter may fail their driver’s test the first time. This is normal, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them! The key here is not giving up if they don’t pass on the first try but instead encouraging them to keep practising until they get it right.

Many parents make the mistake of putting pressure on their teenagers if they don’t pass straight away, which can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety! Instead, encourage your child by reminding them that practice makes perfect.

Ensure that you have given enough time for them to study comprehensively for the driving theory test part of the licensing process.

Don’t Get in the Way

I have seen it happen so many times, and I know that you will want to protect your teenager from any harm or danger. However, please do not get in the way when they are taking their driver’s test! The last thing you want is for them to be distracted by a parent sitting next to them while they are driving. However, you should absolutely be there for them to help answer any questions they may have regarding the process, but make sure you stay quiet and allow your teenager to focus on their driving.

Stay Calm

Do not get angry or upset if your teenager fails their driver’s test. They are going to be so nervous during the process, and you need to stay calm for them to feel relaxed. Also, your son or daughter is probably freaking out about being rejected because they know that this means having a license will allow them more freedom which can be scary!

You need to be a pillar of strength for them during this time, and you should encourage them by reminding them that they will pass next time if they learn from their mistakes. It may take a few tests before your teenager gets their license but do not give up on them because it is going to happen eventually.

In conclusion, getting a driver’s license is a big step in the life of your teenager, and it can be overwhelming for both you and them. However, if you follow our advice, then there will hopefully not be any bumps on the road to success!

Puppy Pics With Santa at St. Louis Union Station


Come on down to Union Station with your puppy and get an orderable picture with Santa! Jolly ol’ Saint Nick is no stranger to puppies and even has special treats to evade any barks that could potentially wake up the kids while putting presents under the tree. Stop on by during the time slots below and capture a precious memory with that perfect puppy!

WHAT: Puppy Pics with Santa at St. Louis Union Station, Presented by Purina
WHERE: St. Louis Union Station. 201 S. 18th St., St. Louis, MO 63103.Enter the Joy tent on the Purina Performance Plaza from the south parking lot.
WHEN: Friday 11/19/21 5 to 7 p.m.,Saturday 11/20/21, 2 to 7 p.m.Sunday 11/21/21, 2 to 7 p.m.
COST: $10
TICKET INCLUDES: Access to the Joy tent to meet Santa and his elves, a photo with Santa with access to a digital download and dog treats courtesy of Purina while supplies last.

Behind the Fan-Film: Jason Beware 2

Now that Jason Beware 2 has been out in the wild for a few months I figured I would offer a little behind the scenes look at how this fun project came together.

Back when we created the first video for Jason Beware we had no idea what we were doing. We went to a park, dressed up as some creepy characters and did a couple shots on an iPhone. I think the idea was originally just to do a photography session with the kids dressed up but it kind of turned into it’s own thing and we made a very short movie with no lines and really no plot.

A year went by and my son asked if we were ever going to do another movie and I said “absolutely!” So we got to work on the sequel. I had an idea of how we could make the sequel really a prequel that tied into the first movie so I got to work writing the script. Before I knew it, I had written a nice draft that actually could work with our zero budget, non-technical skill, and amateur child actors. By April 2021 I had the script finished and started planning the production, however there was just one issue. I had 1 extra role than I had actors and that’s when I thought of a cool idea. Secure a popular actor or celebrity to perform this extra role. It was a voice only role, so I figured it could possibly be easier for someone to lend their voice than it would be to schedule them to be on set. So I started my search.

I began my search by just reaching out the easiest way possible, social media. So I crafted a message that I could send to various people with the hope of getting someone to reply and hopefully join our cast. I must have sent out a dozen or so messages to different voice actors, screen actors, YouTube stars, and more. I casted a wide net and I wasn’t very confident that I would even get a reply, and I was right.

A little bit after my contact blitz I learned about a website called Cameo. On this website there are dozens upon dozens of celebrities that will send you a video message for a fee. I thought, maybe this is how I can make this happen. So I got myself a budget of $20 and found who I thought would be an amazing additional to the cast, George Hardy from Troll 2. His Cameo was only $20 and it looked like he was pretty responsive to previous orders, so I figured why not, let’s try it out. I will admit, I was very disappointed in Cameo’s interface, you are very limited in what you can send to the actor. You only get so many characters to type out what you want. So I had to convey a message of what I am trying to do, as well as send him the script, all in under 150 characters. I figured this wasn’t going to go well, but I got to try for the sake of the fan-film. I trimmed as much from the lines I needed as possible and sent the message. The next day George Hardy sent his Cameo, and it was nothing like what I thought we would get. What I was sent though, is still amazing and something that we will cherish forever.


It’s George Hardy from Troll 2! I reached out via #cameo to see if he would do a part for our Friday the 13th fan-film Jason Beware 2! #excellence

♬ original sound – dadSTL

Now a month after the script had been finish I was dead set on making this happen. At this point I got the bright idea to start reaching out to former Friday the 13th actors, writers, and directors. First I started with some of the actors like Adrienne King, Derek Mears, Warrington Gillette, and several others. I never got a response from anyone and I was feeling a bit defeated until I tried one more, Victor Miller. He was the screenwriter for the original movie and I had read that he had also done some voice work. So I reached out and not even 20 minutes later I had a reply! Mr. Miller agreed to help with our fan-film. So I sent over the small part and by the end of the day Victor had already recorded and sent his part back to me!

After three months of searching for an actor for this very small role. We were finally ready to make this movie happen.

Everything really started to come together once that piece of the puzzle was found. I gathered up props and did some scouting for a nice creepy shooting location and made a plan for it all to happen. Luckily for me, my other actors and actresses had been practicing their lines this whole time. So when the time finally came for a table read, they were ready!

Because of how organized I was with everything, and how prepared the kids were, we only had two days of shooting! The kids did great, from the acting, to helping with set design, handling clapsticks, props, and other behind-the-scenes stuff, I am very proud of them all and the work they put into the movie.

Editing took a bit longer to finish up. I knew I would need some sound design for post-production, so I reached out to my cousin to see if his aspiring beat making son would like to produce some scary music for the fan-film. I wanted to create some creepy tunes as well to really round out this production.

After about a month in the editing bay, things were looking good and I could see a target goal of August 13th, 2021 for a release date. It was going to be Friday the 13th after all. With the final things left to do being designing the movie poster and planning a premier party, I would say things were just rolling right along.

Our party was a success and the fan-film has been getting some views. We are all extremely proud of the work we all put into making this and we all honestly cannot wait to make another. My wife and I even decided to get little Oscar awards to give to the kids for things like best actor, best death, etc. They loved getting them and also enjoyed the goodie bags with fake weapons, Jason mask, and candy!

It’s crazy that even a small project like this can take months to come together, and then when it finally does, it is amazing. This crazy cast of characters are sure to make you laugh and probably wince a little too. Our movie is creepy yet funny and definitely worth the watch.

So please, enjoy our Friday the 13th fan-film, and also be sure to like and subscribe to our Facebook page for Jason Beware, the kids love seeing the views go up, likes, shares, and comments! Anyways, without further ado, may I present, Jason Beware 2: The Origin.

Making Family Travel More Affordable

Travel is something that can be so enjoyable as a family, but let’s face the facts, there’s no getting away from the costs of it all. Even if you plan to do it cheaply, then it can still add up when there are a number of people to pay for. There are some ways to cut costs, you just need to know what will be worth it so that you can make the most of it. So with all of that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to help your family to be able to travel more, but for less. 


Look into all transport options

You might naturally think about flying to a destination, but it may not be the most cost-effective option for you. You need to think about if you’d need to hire a car at the end destination, as well as the costs that are associated with that. Could it in fact be cheaper to drive your own vehicle instead? Of course, this can take longer, but will the savings be worth it? There are also options like rail travel too.

Another option for transport could be hiring a caravan or motorhome for your travels. Then you have accommodation and transport in one. If you like the sound of this, then looking for used caravans for sale to get one of your own could be a good way to save money in the long term. You’d always be able to go on your travels when you have one of your own as you don’t need to think about hotels or other accommodation.

Book flights ahead of time

One thing to do to save money on flights, if that is the route that you decide to go down, is to book your flights ahead of time. When you book flights at least six months in advance, then you can get some good prices compared to more last minute bookings. Not only that, but if you choose an airport that is a little out of the way then you can get a cheaper flight price in many instances. If you’re not picky about flight times then you can also get some real bargains too. Book with a credit card and then you’ll at least be covered if things are canceled or the airline goes under.

Travel out of season

If you really want to save, then traveling out of season is the way to go. For example, if you want to explore the popular ski resort area of Park City in Utah, you will get a much more affordable price for accommodation in the summer compared to the peak winter season. You can still get to enjoy all that the area has to offer, just minus the snow. The same goes for resorts that you might typically only go to in the summer. If you want in the fall or perhaps spring, you can still have some good weather but the prices will be more affordable compared to peak summertime.