3 Fun Video Games To Play With Your Kids

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Those of you that are regulars on my blog will know how I feel about video games and gaming. I think they generally get a bad rep from lots of parents, usually because people don’t seem to understand the concept of gaming or how beneficial it can potentially be. 

So, I think it’s a good idea to encourage your kids to game – as long as they do so responsibly. It can be a very healthy hobby, and it’s also a chance for you to get closer to your kids. There are loads of enjoyable video games that you and your children can play together. Some of these are unique to the video game world, while others bring classic board games to life. If you’re looking to pass the time at home, here are the best games to try:

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Mario and Sonic have teamed up for multiple games celebrating the various Olympics over the years. If you have a Nintendo Switch, then this is an excellent game to buy for the whole family to enjoy. You and your kids can compete against one another in a series of Olympic sports using popular characters from the Mario and Sonic universes. It’s a fairly active game as well, and can get wildly competitive! All ages can enjoy it, and it could be worth buying a Switch for this game alone. 


Yes, the classic board game has made it to the video game real on both Xbox and Playstation. The fun thing about this game is that it encourages your kids to practice their spelling and to learn new words. If they struggle, then you can easily use a word finder tool online to help them out. What I love most about Scrabble on the video game platform is that your kids are way more likely to play it than the original board game! It just seems much cooler to them. Plus, there are some extra features to keep everyone entertained as well. 


Lastly, we have a wonderful cooking-based game that the whole family will fall in love with. I’ve seen parents who have never cared for video games suddenly become engrossed in this one! The premise of Overcooked is easy to understand – you’re in a kitchen and you have to fulfill all the food orders. The instructions and controls are simple for children under 8 to follow, so everyone can get involved. It can get really frantic and exceptionally entertaining. It’s available across multiple platforms, but the Nintendo Switch version might be the best because you can use motion controls and get more people involved. 

There you have it: three excellent family games for you and your kids to play. I’ve linked videos to all the gameplay trailers, so you can see more about the games themselves. The moral of the story is that gaming can be a brilliant family activity. Instead of viewing video games as something that pushes the family apart, look at them as a hobby that can bring you all together!

What To Do When The Kids Start Moaning That The Internet Won’t Work

There comes a time in every dad’s life when the kids start bleating that the internet won’t work. For those of us old enough to remember a time before the world wide web, it’s not such a big deal. But for kids raised on zeroes and ones, it can be a traumatic experience to lose contact with the outside world, especially if you’re on lockdown

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The internet can go out of action for all kinds of reasons. And for some of them, you need to be some kind of network engineer or Ph.D. to figure them out

Others, though, are easy to solve. Here’s what to do when the internet doesn’t work for your kids. 

Check Whether You Can Solve The Problem

Most problems with your internet service occur because of factors within the home itself, but not always. Sometimes there’s an issue with the exchange or work on the line. In that case, there’s nothing you can do. 

Go to your router and check whether the “internet” light is illuminated. If it is, then it means that you still have internet service to your home and that the problem is under your control. 

Change Channel Settings In The Router Settings

Channels are bandwidths that your devices use to communicate with your router. Each device connects via a specific channel, preventing annoying cross-talk. 

Internet connections, however, can drop if too many devices try to use the same channel at the same time. It is vital, therefore, that you create different channels for each of them. You should be able to find this in the device settings. The password for administrator access should be on the router itself. 

Get A Range Extender

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Sometimes, WiFi can cut out because the signal isn’t powerful enough, especially if your kids try to watch the internet in the garden. Take a look at a WiFi extender list and find a device that will provide enough range for your property. 

Most routers will send out a signal about 20 meters before the quality begins to degrade. WiFi extenders pick up the signal from your router and then pump it out around the house further. The result is a far larger coverage area – perfect for providing internet access in the summer house. 

See If The Problem Is To Do With The Wireless Signal Itself

Another way to diagnose internet problems is to see whether it is a problem with the wireless signal or network settings. 

Instead of trying to connect to the router remotely, use an ethernet cable – the thing that looks a bit like a phone cable. Whack it in a compatible device and then connect it directly to the router. 

If the computer can connect to the internet, then you know that you have access, in principle. But if the wireless isn’t working, then it could be for a host of reasons. Try to update the driver software to ensure that you installed it correctly. Also, try resetting your router and re-entering the password, just in case there is a firmware problem. 

4 Tips To Battle Creative Block on Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown is starting to take a toll on many of us. Dads everywhere may be struggling with the realities of working from home. Not to mention taking a pay cut of at least 20%. They may be struggling with their sense of identity having been laid off. Or they may be using this lockdown as an opportunity to take stock, reassess and focus their efforts on what brings them the most contentment and fulfilment. For many Dads, this is an opportunity to re-engage with their creative side. To dust the cobwebs off the manuscript they’ve been working on, take their art supplies out of the attic or start retuning their guitar.

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However, creativity doesn’t always come easily. And it can be a source of huge frustration when creative block strikes during the one time when they actually have time to invest in their creative endeavors. Here we’ll look at some practical and workable tips to overcome creative block while on lockdown.

Remember, it’s important to consume before you can create

That creative spark is rarely ignited in a vacuum. Sometimes you need to ingest what other have created in order to inform and shape your own work. You can either draw inspiration or learn the glaring errors in others’ work that you can hope to avoid in yours. Fortunately, in the digital era, content is easy to come by. A little too easy in fact. With so many ways to watch TV online, we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to movies and TV shows not to mention games and music. Use a guide as a tool to find out what content is available on which streaming services and curate your experience to inspire rather than distract.

Get some fresh air… you can totally still do that!

The recent lockdown may see us spend most of our days indoors. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that you can and should still go out for an hour or so every day. A brisk walk can be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing again. You need to put some distance between yourself and your page / canvas / music sheet. Otherwise you could spend hours just glaring at it and getting increasingly frustrated. The act of walking gives you some distance while also liberating your mind and improving cognitive processes.

Install distraction blocking software

Often we’re not so much afflicted with creative block as we are burdened with so many other things to keep us occupied. As such, we can potentially lose minutes or even hours to social media or browsing online stores when the creative well runs dry. Consider installing distraction blocking software to keep you on task. And keep your phone in your desk drawer. 

Try not to overthink

Often we fall into the trap of perfectionism and hobble our own creative efforts before they’ve even had a chance to get off the ground. Try not to overthink. Write, draw or paint from the heart without giving much thought to the quality. You can always go back and make changes. Once you’ve unblocked the creative well, then you can start thinking about creating something good

Dad Tips to Keep Occupied During the Lockdown


Lockdown is tricky for everybody, and this can become even worse if you have kids to keep busy and entertained. There are a lot of things that play a part in helping you to find the best solutions to your lockdown problems, and this is something you need to think hard about. Make sure you have enough tips and ideas that you can look at that will help you stay busy and look after yourself. 

There is a lot to consider here, and Dads have plenty they need to think about. When it comes to improving and assessing your lockdown options, it is important that you do what you can to work on this. You have to figure out what it takes to enjoy the lockdown process, and this is something to consider. Here are some of the best Dad tips you can use to keep occupied during the lockdown process, and you should look at these as a great way of improving your life. 

Video Games

Video games are a great social interaction during this COVID-19 crisis, and they are a welcome distraction for frazzled Dads out there. Sure, you might need to wait until the kids have gone to bed, but there are so many opportunities where you can take up gaming. And there are a lot of key benefits to doing this as well, so make sure you think about the right way of indulging in video games, and the sorts of options you will choose to go with. Gaming is so popular these days and has had such a major impact on the world of entertainment. In many ways, it is the perfect remedy to blow away those Corona cobwebs. 

Other Gaming Options

You have other gaming options to think about as well in order to keep you busy during this lockdown. For instance, you might look at playing tabletop board games, which are a welcome departure from looking at a screen all the time. There are plenty of old school games you can enjoy here, and this is something to consider. But, it might also be worth checking out things like online slots, which can provide a welcome form of entertainment as well. There are plenty of sites available, including casinos without a license. Just make sure you are careful if you try to go down this route, and make sure you are sensible if you’re parting with any money during the gaming process. 

Write a Novel

You know how people always used to want to write the Great American Novel? Well, now is the perfect opportunity for that to happen because you have a prolonged period of time off work. If you are being paid by the government for having to take time off, it means that you will be getting paid to stay at home, which allows you to finally get creative without the worry of having no income. This is the ideal opportunity you can use to help you get those creative juices flowing, and possibly even create a new career in the process.  This is a great way of spending lockdown, and it can help to pass the time in a safe, healthy, and creative way right now.

Learn a New Thing

Staying at home means that you have a lot of time on your hands, and it might be the perfect time to learn new things that can improve your intellectual and physical health. This might also be the time to learn a new skill that will gradually improve your career. If you’ve been financially affected by the lockdown, doing something about your financial well-being will make you feel better about your situation. 

Have you always wanted to know what the hype surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in particular, is all about? This is your perfect chance. Learn what chainlink cryptocurrency is, how to make safe trades, and keep yourself updated on any news from the action. Investing should be easy, browse around these guys and learn what all of the beginners need to know. Probably by the time the lockdown is over, you’ll be making a significant about of money from your new skill. You’ll not only have an added source of income but the confidence to try other new things. 

Get the Garden Sorted

Summer is fast approaching, which is not a terrible time to have a lockdown if you have an outside space. This is why you can make the ideal choices to spruce up your garden right now, and this is something you are going to need to look into. Luckily, you have all the free time in the world now to get your garden into the best shape it can possibly be. You can do this by getting lawn feed, seeds, mowing the grass, pruning the bushes, tending to the flowerbeds, and many more. There are so many things you need to think about here, and this is one of the best ways of spending your quarantine and lockdown.

You have so many excellent things you can do that are going to help you make a massive difference here, and this is why you have to make sure you have some options. Being a lockdown Dad can be very rewarding, but it can also get a little dull and monotonous. You need to keep the kids busy as much as you can, and the best way of doing this is going to be to keep yourself occupied when you get the chance. This stops you getting fed up and burnt out and allows you to spend more quality time doing interesting things with your kids.