Bachelor Bucks Vs. Daddy Dollars


Being a parent comes with loads of different responsibilities. From the little, like keeping your kids entertained, to the large, like making sure they have a good education, you will be spending money to help them through. In the past, these funds would have gone on yourself, and this can be a culture shock for a lot of dads. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the spends you used to make, and what might replace them when you have a child.

First, though, it’s a good idea to think about the responsibility you’ve chosen to take on. Unlike the other parts of your life, having a child isn’t something which can be taken lightly, and you will have to be willing to make a lot of sacrifices. One of these will be a financial one, though this shouldn’t be too hard with most of your time going on the little one.

  • A Night Out With Friends

Before being a dad, it would be easy to slip away for nights out with your friends, giving you the chance to enjoy some time to yourself. With kids, though, both time and money become a factor here, and you will have to spend them both on the children before you spend them on yourself. This could mean a trip to the park instead of a bar, and this could be a hard thing for some people to lose.

  • A New Gadget Or Toy

Along with going out with friends, most dads will be very fond of their toys and gadgetry. Unfortunately, though, a new phone, TV, or computer will cost a small fortune alongside the costs of a child. So, instead, a lot of people will opt to spend the money on their child, instead. New toys will always be on the menu, even when your child is very young.

Understanding the areas you will have to make changes to will only be the start of this journey. Along with making sure you’re willing to pay for your child, you also have to make sure that you can afford to, and this could mean taking some serious action. For example, for those with debt, a company like can help you to make it more manageable while also raising a kid. A lot of parents will also choose to do plenty of learning throughout these stages of their child’s life. As time goes on, this will become a lot easier, and most people will master it in no time at all.

With all of this in mind, it should start to get a lot easier to put your money into the right places when your children are growing up. It can be very tempting to spend money on yourself throughout the years, with loads of products being forced into your mind everywhere you look. Of course, though, if you’re able to resist this sort of temptation, you will be able to provide a better life for your family, and most people will choose this benefit over material goods.

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How to Arrange the Perfect Winter Road Trip On a Budget

In the winter, when nights are dark, and it is cold and wet outside, we all want to have some fun outside, but moms and dads are worried about the little ones catching a cold. If you can’t book a family beach vacation, or a spa treatment with your loved ones, the alternative is a road trip. You will be able to spend some quality time together, and explore new places, while staying safe and warm in your car. Below you can find a guide to making the most out of your winter road trip on a budget and enjoying the great outdoors, despite the weather.


Create a Detailed Itinerary

The key to a successful road trip is being prepared, and making sure that you know everything about the road ahead. In the winter, it is important that you pack your jump starter, in case your batteries give up, and check your car before you start off. Pay attention to the condition of your tires, as well as the air pressure, as it can make a difference when you need to break on slippery roads. Pack spare clothes, and check out deals on Nickis moncler jacket kids so everyone stays warm during the outdoor activities. Check the weather and traffic reports, and plan your stops carefully, so everyone can take a break from sitting in the car, and enjoy some of their favorite activities.

Pack Lunch and Have a Picnic

To save money on eating out, you can pack your picnic basket, and get some snacks and drinks. If you visit a historic site or kids’ museum, you are likely to find a picnic area nearby, but if you eat in the cafe, you might spend up to $50 on a decent meal. You can even take some hot drinks and soup with you, and have a great picnic wherever you stop. Kids love doing things differently, so this idea will surely impress them.

Visit National Parks

National parks look different in the winter, and some of them have free parking. Make sure you start off on time, as they can get crowded on the weekends. National parks and reserves usually offer free kids’ activities and themed play areas, where you can let the little ones relax and run around, while you are enjoying a walk or a cup of coffee.

Go to a Farm Shop with a Play Barn


Another cheap idea for your family winter road trip is visiting a local farm with a petting zoo and play barn. Entry tickets are usually cheap, and you can pick up some healthy snacks and fresh produce, while the kids are exploring the barn and making friends with the animals. Check for special activities in the area, and events on the weekend, such as tractor races, miniature trains, and competitions for kids, to break up your day.

Just because the days are shorter and colder in the winter, you should not sit at home with the kids all weekend. Plan your visit to the local kids’ museum, national park, or farm shop, and you can make the most out of the winter sunshine.

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Why Everyone Needs A Great Camera


Photographs can speak a thousand words. The miracle of what it is to take a photograph has been an invention which sets us apart from all generations before us. 150 years ago no one would be able to simply take out a camera and snap a quick selfie in the street, but these days it is as common as brushing our teeth.

People Love to take photographs because it is a way to store memories and it is also a form of art. Because of this you will want the best quality camera you can get, such as Blackmagic Design because it will allow you to keep the best photos for the future. A great camera can make a huge difference to your photography, and this is why so many people fork out the big bucks to get the best technology out there that they can.

Social Media

One of the biggest places we plant our photography these days is social media. And because of this manufacturers have started to make cameras which are great quality but also allow for easy uploading onto social channels. Instead of having to take out the SD card and plug it into the laptop and then move that over to your phone, you can take the photos straight off the camera. Many cameras have built in WiFi these days to make it much easier to take a snap and upload it to Instagram.


Having your own camera is all well and good, but what about putting it to professional use? Shooting pictures and film of your family and friends is one thing, but you also have the opportunity to take things one step further. Investing in all of the equipment for a studio such as a camera pedestal and much more, could allow you to use your camera for business opportunities. If photography is something you truly enjoy, this is certainly an avenue worth exploring sooner rather than later.

In the Dark

One of the downfalls of trying to take a photos with your phone once the sun goes down is that you lose 99% of the detail you wanted. Remember all those times you tried to take a photo of the moon or a night sky? You likely end up with a black screen and some white dots. However, by using a great DSLR camera, you will be able to change your settings, zoom into the object and take a photograph which reflects what you can see in real life. It means that the nest time you want to show your friend a weird glowing moon, you can.

It makes you look good

By pulling out a camera from your bag rather than a battered mobile phone, you are going to look a lot cooler taking photos than you would otherwise.If you want to make a statement and get people to notice you, wear a small camera around your neck and when you come to take photos you will get a better image and also look much cooler.


Although mobile phones try their best to input features which allow you to zoom, carry out long exposure and macro, they just don’t work the way a camera does. Mobile phones are great, but they are not solely made for their camera and this means the features are lacking. If you are serious about taking great photographs and using all of the features, you will want to use a proper camera to do it. Imagine how amazing it would look to take a long exposure shot of a river and have it look like silk? You certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve that detail on a phone.

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Five Home Improvements for a Better Family Life

If you haven’t been able to save up enough to get a full makeover of your family home, you are not alone. We all need to prioritize expenses and home renovation projects, but it can be challenging. You need to focus on the improvements that make the greatest difference in your and your family’s life. Below you will find a few home renovation projects that will improve your family’s comfort, finances, and security.

1. Playrooms


Busy parents working full time to make ends meet can benefit from a bit of free time when they can cook a family dinner, or just watch a movie together. If you create a playroom for the kids, they will be out of the way when you are trying to organize your finances and file your invoices, and you will know that they are safe. Building a playroom in the garden, or converting your conservatory is a much better option than allowing your children to play on the street all night.

2. Home Security

It is also important that you invest in home security, so you can take a long weekend away, without having to worry about your house being burgled. Some DIY house alarm systems are as effective as those that are installed by professionals, and can be tailored to your needs. If you are any good at wiring and drilling, you can set one up in just a few hours. Security is one of the most important aspects of family life, so you should invest in it.

3. Smart Thermostat

If you worry about your kids not turning off the lights or heating, you might want to get a smart thermostat. It is a great investment, but doesn’t come cheap. If you need to take out credit, you can check how to get a quick personal loan online and fund your smart thermostat. Your savings over the years will cover your investment, and you will no longer have to worry about heating an empty home.

4. Kitchen Area

Cooking with kids is a cheap and joyful weekend activity. You can improve your kitchen in a way that it is easy to walk around the island, and everything is easily accessible. This will improve your weekends, and help you teach the kids some important life skills. Get a Bluetooth speaker, and stream some fun music while you teach them how to cook Spaghetti Bolognese.

5. Garden Landscaping


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If your kids love the great outdoors, you can make your garden more child-friendly. Create some benches where they can have a doll tea party or play with their toy cars. Build a garden hut that protects them from the rain, and a small playground to keep them busy during the summer vacations. Kids love tree houses, but if you don’t have any, you can get a cheap log cabin and turn it into a play den where they can escape to whenever they have friends around.

Whenever you need to prioritize home improvement projects, think about your values and preferences, and investments that will make your family life better.

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