Bull Shoals Vacation 2016

The last few years I have put together several videos highlighting our Bull Shoals vacation. This year I switched it up and just made one ten minute video. I also used some slow motion effects this time around which added some extra coolness to the video. I won’t keep you reading so go ahead and get to watching our awesome Bull Shoals vacation video!

Want to see some bonus footage? Check out this video of the storm that rolled through while we were hanging out on the dock!

Day 4 of Our Bull Shoals Vacation

GOPR0274Today is the last day of our vacation. We go home tomorrow bright and early, but at least we have today. After a little breakfast we got ourselves ready and headed on down for a day on the dock. The swim dock is pretty cool. There’s a nice bench for sitting, plenty of room for even more chairs and a bunch of people.

The day started out nice and sunny. Upon arriving on the dock there was a nice little nacho bar setup for us to indulge in. After a plate or two of nachos we did some swimming while Pawpaw showed off his skiing skills. After a few hours of being on the dock a storm started rolling into the lake and right in our direction. Most of us braved the storm on the dock but got completely soaked. The kids stayed through most of it as well but took off with Mammaw and Pawpaw right before it ended. With the kids gone we took the opportunity to have some drinks and float around in the lake. Fellow boaters tossed us some jello shots which was super awesome.

GOPR0320A second storm rolled in and we all huddled in a boat slip on our floats. It was fun for all. The rain didn’t last too long the second time around so we were able to get back out in open lake and swim for a little bit longer. Mammaw and the kids eventually came back down with Pawpaw and while they did some swimming we started cleaning up everything. We had a bunch of floats to deflate, wet bikes, and more to clean up and get ready to take home.

Just before everything was said and done the kids did one more round of tubing, and then the adults. The kids swam for just a little bit more as the sun started to make its exit. We headed back up to get cleaned up and fill up on some food. After eating we started packing our own stuff and loading it in the car so we too can make a nice exit.

GoPro videos coming soon!

Day 3 of Our Bull Shoals Vacation

GOPR0167After a wet and wild night with a storm rolling through the lake we woke up to a nice bright and sunny morning. My wife and I had a craving for some doughnuts. So we checked for some local spots. We found one called Hank and Katie’s Bakery & Cafe. I insisted we get a few dozen based on how delicious they were. My wife reminded me of our budget, so we settled for a half dozen. Once we had our doughnuts we headed back across the dam to our cabin.

We didn’t waste any time getting ourselves ready and down to the dock to get our boat back out onto the lake for a day of some tubing. Our boat wasn’t the fastest vessel out on the lake so it was perfect for the kids to ride on the tube without risking going too fast.

They had a blast going out there. After a bit of tubing we anchored off in a small cove and did some swimming. Pawpaw cooked up some hot dogs for everyone and I took the kids out on a few rides on the wet bike. Alex loves going fast. He wanted to ride the tube over and over again. Same with the wet bike. He would also say, “one more ride”, in his soft sweet little voice. Of course we obliged most of the time. Abby also likes going for rides, but doesn’t like to go as crazy as Alex does.


Once we got back to the dock it was time to take the boat back to the rental place. It was a good ship while it lasted, but the fun was just about to begin.

IMG_5059We headed back up to the cabins to enjoy some amazing brisket prepared by Pawpaw. His brisket is outstanding and can stand up against anything I’ve seen on Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives. My wife’s uncle also made up some ranch burgers. I gave one of them a shot and have to say it was pretty tasty.

As for another movie night, it didn’t look like it was going to rain again but I didn’t want to risk it. So I didn’t bother setting up the screen. However, we did get the fire pit going and sat around enjoying a few drinks and each other’s company. We made some smores for the kids and ourselves. After a day out in the sun it was a very tasty treat to add to the night.

Pawpaw even fired up his deep fryer again and fried up some pickles and some chips for everyone. Once again they were super delicious and everyone was left wanting more.

The kids passed out on Mammaw and Pawpaw’s couch again, so we scooped up Alex and left Abby there and went back up to our cabin to get some rest for our last day on the lake.

Solar Charging Happiness with 1byOne

IMG_5330-edit2Just in time for our lake vacation 1byOne sent over a 24w Solar Charger for me to try out and review. The solar charger can charge up to two devices simulatneously.

When asked if I wanted to review the solar charger I was pretty excited. This environmentally friendly way to charge your phone or tablet. There is a nice little pocket you can slide your device into so it is not sitting in direct sunlight while it is charging. You won’t want to use this device if it is raining or misting out as it could potentially damage the charger as well as your phone or tablet.

When you’re out at the lake you may be using your phone or other device to take pictures or listening to music. Or if you happen to have a Go Pro but no extra charger the 1byOne Solar Charger is an excellent backup plan. You have to be extra careful out on the lake with all of the water but having this charger was a great alternative.


Another good idea I had for the solar charger is to keep it in the car incase my wife or I ever had an accident or got stranded somewhere and needed to charge our phones. It is recommened to use the cable included with your phone instead of a third party cable. The instructions say the charge time will be faster, but I really did not notice a difference using an Apple cable or an Amazon cable.

IMG_5325-edit2There are many good uses for the solar charger and is definitely clever concept by 1byOne. I am excited about using it more and more in the future as I think solar technology is such a cool piece of technology to learn and play with. I can already picture some of the ideas that me and my kids may be able to come up with using the 1byOne Solar Charger.

Some additional information about the solar charger are that it includes a high efficiency solar cell, around 22-23.5%. There is built-in intelligent idetification IC to recognize Samsung and Apple devices to provide fast charging. I mentioned the dual USB connections. Max 3.3A in total. Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. Best of all it’s light weight and ultra thin, so it is easy to store in a backpack or bag.

You can purchase a 1byone Solar Charger on Amazon or Amazon UK. Also be sure to follow all of 1byOne’s social media accounts to stay up to date on their latest product offerings as well as other cool info!

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1byone.com provided St. Louis Dad with this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit 1byone.com for more awesome products that can help make your life better!