#TBT – Bull Shoals Family Vacation 2014

IMG_1625In 2014 we had a fantastic time at Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas. We stayed at the same place we stayed at this year (2015) and we had the same cabin this time around. One cool thing about the trip this year as oppose to those in the past is that we had access to an awesome GoPro camera. So I took the liberty of taking all of that footage and pictures and putting them together to make two great videos.

This year was Alex’s first year at the lake. He was still a little guy but he had a blast. Relaxing in his little boat was probably his favorite thing to do. While I’m sure if he could’ve walked at the time he would’ve jumped off the cliffs. I’m just glad he couldn’t. Jumping off the cliffs is always a good time and I am happy we were able to capture that experience.

Here is part one, done to the tune of Kenny Chesney’s When The Sun Goes Down.

And here is part two with the sounds of Calvin Harris’ Summer.

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

IMG_4442 Along with the Pager Tag, Beets Blu also sent over a bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. I had used a HRM in the past, more like in high school, but still I’ve used one before. It worked with a specific watch, this one however, works with your phone. This is a very cool feature. Most people who exercise these days usually have their phone mapping their route, counting their steps, or monitoring other health aspects of their workout. If they aren’t doing those things maybe they are listening to some music or watching a video. Either way the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor will work in the background.

There are a plethora of apps that this device is compatible with. For my test I decided to try out the BB Utility app. All it does is report back the heart rate. It doesn’t do anything else. I figured this would be an easy test to at least make sure the device works. Which it does perfectly. It reported back my heart rate instantly. I did a few exercises with the HRM on and it fit really comfortably. I only had to adjust it once while I was wearing it.

IMG_4512I also went on a few walks with my son while wearing the HRM and during those times it didn’t move at all. The heart rate was reported back without a problem during each walk. Alex enjoyed the walks too, mainly because he was pushed around without having to lift a finger. That’s okay. It was good for me to get out of the house and out on my feet.

A heart rate monitor is a good way to help you determine if you are working too hard. This is a great meter for those just starting out or those who need to make sure to not over stress their bodies, or to let you know that you can push it a little harder. It has been a long time since I’ve used a heart rate monitor. Now that I have one that works with my phone I plan on using it much more. The battery is easy to change, and it says it can last up to a year. Beets Blu really did a great job on this product, and the ability for it to work with a multitude of other apps is a huge plus for me.

IMG_4547  IMG_4548  IMG_4550

Note: St. Louis Dad was provided a complimentary Heart Rate Monitor from BeetsBlu in exchange for this honest review.

Where is My Computer Bag?

IMG_4522 This is a question I ask often in my house. “Destiny, where is my computer bag!?!?” It’s not like our house is huge, it’s just that sometimes I forget where I put my bag. I always have my phone on my, so it would be handy to have a device that will alarm when I want to find it. BeetsBlu recently contacted me and offered to send me one of their PagerTag devices in exchange for an honest review. The PagerTag is a bluetooth device that connects to your phone and the PagerTag app and as long as you are within about 33 feet of the device you can do all kinds of neat things with it. My favorite is the ability to sound the alarm on the PagerTag itself. This helps me locate my misplaced bag immediately.

This alarm also works great for keys as well. Or you can use it with basically anything. Just attach the PagerTag and you are all set. Just remember that there is a 33 foot restriction on the ability to find the device. As long as you are within range you will find whatever it is that you were looking for. You can also set the PagerTag to alert you when you are out of range. So let’s say you left your keys in the movie theater, well once you are out of range your phone will let you know that you are out of range from the PagerTag which should prompt you to go back and get your keys, or whatever it is that you left behind.

For me my bag is really important. I keep a lot of useful and expensive gear in it. So having something like the PagerTag attached to my bag is a little helpful insurance whenever I am out and about. Obviously someone could just rip the tag off and I would be up a creek, but this isn’t a crime prevention device, it is there to help you find misplaced items.That’s it. All and all I think it is worth the price tag. Especially if you are somewhat forgetful. Now, if you forget your phone a lot then you probably need to figure something else out.

I suppose you could even get creative and attach this device to your pet, or even your child. I wouldn’t want to rely on technology in case I misplace my kid. I’d rather use my old school eyeballs to make sure they are where they are suppose to be.

IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4525

Note: St. Louis Dad was provided a complimentary PagerTag from BeetsBlu in exchange for this honest review.

Having Fun on Island 521

eric-textI got a text from my brother asking if I wanted to bring the family out with him and his crew on the Mississippi river. I checked with my wife to make sure our schedule was clear. It was, so I shot a text back letting him know we will be there. Friday morning we packed up the cooler with some lunch and drinks and headed out. We loaded up and after a boat ride we pulled up onto Island 521. There were not many people out as early as we were, but as the day went on the Island filled up with a good amount of boats. Of course I brought the GoPro and let my niece take control.

We didn’t get to stay out as late as we would have like too. However, we had baby Alex with us and he was getting done with the day. So my brother took us back in. It was a beautiful day that my wife and I enjoyed. Next time we will try to get a sitter for Alex. If we can’t, no worries, we still had a blast.

Check out the video below! Music by Little Big Town – Pontoon.