Al’s TV Show

Not to be out done by his sister, Alex has started his own YouTube Channel and has been eager to get started on adding videos.

We got the lemon challenge video posted yesterday. So be sure to check it out! We also got a classic video posted showing off some smooth slow-motion jumping.

Al wasn’t into the lemon as much as his sister was. This gave us some hilarious content for his YouTube channel.

Always brave and ready to splash into some water, here is a classic throwback to one of Al’s first of many big jumps into the water!

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Abby Doodles TV Show

Abby Doodles TV Show has been around for a few years and every so often we make a video and put it up there. Today we made a couple! Check them out below!

The Lemon Challenge. That was fun. We recorded that video back in April this year during the quarantine lock down. It was fun watching her face after biting into that lemon.

A classic video that might have never been added to Abby Doodles TV if today wasn’t such a rainy day. Featuring a few friends and one cute Abby Doodles

Here we have Abby Doodles and me making an unboxing video. We did our best.

One of my favorites from today’s addition. We built a snowman and then hopped on the sled and slid right into it. It was great.

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YouTube Kids Review

YouTubeKidsMy daughter loves YouTube. She can spend a ridiculous amount of time watching different videos about Barbie, Play-Doh, and more. She loves YouTube so much that her and I have actually started making our own videos.

The other day Google announced a new YouTube app specifically aimed at kids called YouTube Kids. It was released on Android and iOS and I have had the opportunity to play with the app. Upon first launch parents are prompted with the options to set restrictions for their kids like time limits the ability to turn off search. You can change these options later by tapping on the lock icon in the bottom right of the screen. You will be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on the screen. Parental controls are always nice touch in the YouTube Kids app. The overall interface is super slick and made with kids in mind. YouTube Kids has four main categories presented on the screen; Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. I was amazed at how much content is on the app. Sesame Street, My Little Pony and more.

My biggest wish for this app is for a search function that understands those kid voices. That is something the main YouTube app does not do well in regards to kids. This is something that I need to put to the test, which is exactly what I did. Check out the video below to see the results!