Kids and Chaos: Three Ways to Take a Break When Your Day Gets Manic

As parents, our kids are of course the most important people in our lives; we’d do anything for them and their health and happiness truly is our number one priority. However, as anyone with kids will tell you, sometimes they can seriously stress you out. At the end of the day we’re only human, and a day of crying, moaning and bad behaviour is enough to grind anyone down. Sometimes all we need is a short break to clear our head, compose ourselves and get back to it. Here are a few ideas for things you can do get a quick break when your kids are driving you bonkers!

A hot  shower

Baths are great- the hot water eases tense muscles, it reduces blood pressure and it’s a quiet place to think and relax. But as busy parents, we don’t always have time to luxuriate in the bathtub and so it’s all about quick showers instead. While they might not be as relaxing as submerging in water, showers can also reduce stress and so are a good option when you’re feeling a bit irritated and overwhelmed. Once you’re out and feeling fresh, you might well find tackling any issues you come up against is that bit easier.

A cup of tea

There’s nothing quite like a soothing cup of tea when things aren’t going your way. If the kids are scrapping and moaning and are generally getting on your last tether, step outside and give yourself five minutes to enjoy a brew. Whether you take milk and two sugars or prefer green or herbal tea, there’s something relaxing and refreshing about sipping the hot liquid and again you can return to what you were doing with a much clearer head! If you’re flagging and your stress is being added to by tiredness then go with a coffee instead, sometimes we a caffeine boost is what’s needed to get through the tough days!

A game of something fun

Sometimes a fun distraction is what you need, to take your mind off things and lower your stress levels. Whether console games or live casino sites are your thing, taking a break to enjoy a game could be just what the doctor ordered when your day gets chaotic. You might not have time to sit and watch a full movie or even a full tv episode, but you can play a quick game of something you enjoy and it could help to balance your mood again.

Instead of losing your temper or getting into a mood yourself, when things get stressful just give yourself a few minutes. One day your kids will be all grown up, and you’d do anything to hear them fight, moan and cry for your attention again! For now, take a break when you need it and then return to your duties with a smile on your face.

How do you deal with things when your kids are driving you up the wall?!

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Top 5 Challenges for Students and Their Parents

When it comes to education there are some challenges that are simply unique across the world. Students in England and China and India and onwards around the globe can face the same challenges!


Yes, there also some challenges which are broadly regional and there even many which are restricted to specific countries, even individual cities.

This list however has been put together in a spirit to togetherness, to recognize the common challenges, stresses and concerns that unite students all over the world – and their long suffering parents too!


One thing that many students and their parents can certainly agree on is that often it can often seem as if there is just not enough time in the day! Between studying and chores, homework and often part time employment too it can sometimes seem like just too much to fit into one day.

This is why time management is so important – and it is a skill that is used by the majority of successful students and their parents all over the world. It is of course also important to schedule sufficient down time so students can step away from their studies every now and then to clear their heads – which can be important in combating out next challenge.



Being a student, whether at school or college/university level can be some of the most stressful times our lives. Anyone of us who has passed through this stage of our lives can attest to this fact. The combination of all the things that make up this list can seem like a crushing pressure bearing down on students. Plus, this all comes at such a young age that the student is still often growing as a person, developing the skills that as adult help us deal better with stresses of everyday life.

It’s no wonder then that both parents and students around the world are acutely aware of the challenge of stress.

Achieving the Best

One of the key challenges facing students is to achieve the best in their education. At the same time parents can feel the same challenge to provide the background support required to nurture a stable and effective support network for their child.

Whilst this is of course understandable – the whole point of being a student is to receive the best education and so have the best start as they move onto their adult lives – there are of course lots of thing parents can do to help.

Everything from bringing in outside support – for example seeking Math tuition help from reputable tutors (click here) – for the student who may need a little extra help to just providing a warm, happy and well lit home that supports the student in their studies.

Staying Focussed

It can be hard for any of us to maintain complete focus all of the time. Yet this does seem to be something that is often demanded of students.

Whether it is guilt from parents that they are not studying enough to teachers and lecturers assigning too many projects and home assignments, it can seem as if a student must study 24 hours a day to cover everything.

Or at least, that is how it can feel! The truth is that if a student can remain focused for sufficient periods they will probably be ok – and maintaining that focus can often be a challenge both for students and for parents. With so many distractions in the world not to mention other commitments away from studying it’s not surprise that staying focused on their work is a challenge faced by many students the world over.


Keeping Perspective & Balance

Finally, one of the biggest challenges that students and parents face is simply to try to keep a sense of perspective. As we have outlined above, there a range of universal challenges that face both students and their parents – and this list is by no means exhaustive!

It’s therefore important that we keep some perspective. Yes, education is of course extremely important. But so to is having a happy, healthy childhood and adolescence that, as much as possible, attempts to minimize stress. Keeping a healthy balance that maintains this can be the hardest challenge of them all – but also the most worthwhile.

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Greats Dads Need Super Partners

IMG_0082I am told often that I am a great dad and that there needs to be more involved dads in the home. I agree with that sentiment but there are more dads involved today than ever before, however there are still some who are just too busy and some that just arn’t there at all. I think the dads that are not involved with what is going with their kids are missing out on a lot of awesome stuff. There are some dads that just can’t be there. I get that. They are away for work or some other circumstance that keeps them out of the picture. Those dads definitely have amazing partners that help make parenting a little easier. Sometimes a dad can’t be there, but when they are it’s incredible for their children.

For me personally, I know that I cannot be a great dad without my super wife. While I am at work all day she is taking care of our kids along with a few extra kiddos for some friends. She has them doing projects, making sure they are eating good lunches, taking naps, and everything else you can imagine that needs to be done. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, and much more cleaning. The kids can test her patience but she takes it like a champ. She is fair and does what needs to be done without letting anything stop her.

IMG_0159If this was me, I honestly think I would have thrown in the towel. I can barely get my son’s shoes on without having to chase him around the house while he’s screaming like a velociraptor. She has the magic touch to get him to sit still while socks and shoes get put on. She makes my job as a dad significantly easier and I thank her so much for that. It makes being a great dad that much better. I do not have to turn up the volume of my voice when I have to lay down the law. The kids listen to me because of the ground work she lays down during the day. They’re ready to play because she has done the leg work for me. It’s a crazy balance of team work.

TIMG_0858here are days where the team falls apart, but I think that’s just Murphy’s Law working it’s magic. Not everything can be perfect all of the time, but most of the time things are running pretty smoothly and much of that credit is due to my super wife. The one who does it all. The one who shows me the ropes when I’m not sure what to do. She doesn’t have a costume, and her secret identity has been compromised an endless amount of times, but she is amazing and I love her for all of the hard work she puts into our family. It is all appreciated and I am thankful for everything she does.

But don’t forget that sometimes your super partner needs a super break. It’s important for me to recognize when my wife might be coming close to the edge and needs a break from the kids. You can see the frazzle in her face and the crazy coming out of her eyes. At that point I know it’s time to take over completely. I will get my wife a drink and send her off to watch her favorite shows or do something else she enjoys. It could be for a measly 15 minutes or for several days. We all need breaks to clear our head and shed off the stress of life. She helps me be a great dad, so it’s only fair for me to help her relax a bit so she can recharge and be the super mom she is.

What are some of the ways you help your partner out with the kids? Do you take over when stress kicks in? Comment below!