I Forgot I Had Kids

I totally forgot that we have kids... (1)Well for a few days at least… It is an awesome thing to have family and friends that will take your kids over night. If you do, cherish those people, as they are your saviors. For the last few days my two kids have been spending time at their Aunt and Uncle’s house. This has allowed my wife and I much needed time to unwind. Usually, we both are always doing something. I may be at work all day but then come home and work for a few more hours, while she may be going to the library, the grocery store, or some other type of errand. We find that there isn’t a lot of down time when we have the kids home. Planning for a break can be difficult as well. We needed to make sure everything was done so we would have the most relaxing break possible. I still have to go to work but at least when I get home I have nothing to do.

IMG_5922We Spent the first night having a few drinks, watched some episodes from the new season of Orange is The New Black (we don’t binge watch), and snacked on a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Those things are amazing if you put them in the fridge and get em all nice and cold. Anyways, the next night one of my clients had an emergency so I spent a few hours working with him but then enjoyed a nice dinner with my wife and we watched a movie. The following night we went out and did a little summer shopping. Picked up a new cooler, some summer clothes, a few other odds and ins. Then we went out for a nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was mighty tasty. When we got home it was quiet, much like it has been the last few days. We didn’t have to pick up toys, clean a sink full of dishes, or wash a pile of laundry. With how quiet it has been I totally forgot that we had kids. It was very quiet, very calm, and very relaxing. Do we have to take them back?

Who am I kidding though? I love my kids more than anything, and I miss the loud noises. When it’s too quiet I always feel like something might be wrong. Because typically, when the kids are home and it does get oddly quiet, they are getting into something. I will never forget that I have kids. They are just too awesome to be forgettable.

Tug of War is No More

chewy.comChewy had sent me a really cool dog toy to try out with my fur babies.   What I got was a KONG Squeezz Rope with a squeaky ball at the end to check out and review. My boxer Clark is always trying to chew on something in our house. The KONG Squeezz Rope was a good idea while it lasted. Clark loved playing tug of war with me using the KONG. The handle held up well while I was using it and the ball and rope never seemed to give away during our tug of war matches. It was comfortable in my grip and I felt like I had good leverage up against this determined boxer.

Sadly, it only took 3 days for Clark to destroy it. More than likely it is my own fault for the KONG not surviving the week.  In my own stupidity I let Clark continue to chew on the toy well after we were done playing. So it did not take long for Clark to rip the handle off and then also chew through the rope.

IMG_4107 IMG_4138

I ended up cutting the rest of the rope off and now Clark has a nice tough squeaky ball. The ball has held up nicely and we use it to fetch and keep his chewing contained. When you order one of these KONG Squeezz Ropes be sure to choose between medium and large depending on your dog’s size. The color of the KONG will be selected at random according to the product page on Chewy’s website. If your dog is an active chewer this product may not be right for you.

If your dog likes to play tug of war and fetch but doesn’t really have an interest in chewing, then this is definitely for you. If you do have a chewer I would recommend the bone or ball specific KONG toy products. The handle on this one is great for humans, but not so much for doggies. Particularly larger dogs. I do not have a small to medium sized dog but I can imagine that they would not be able to destroy the handle as fast as a larger dog.

IMG_4109Chewy had also sent over a Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Chew Beef Tendon dog chew. I gave this treat to my other fur baby Miss Lady. She is an American Pit Bull mix. She loves dog chews like these and there were absolutely no complaints from her with this chew. This dog chew is 100% natural and are made from dried beef tendons. I would highly recommend this product over a traditional rawhide chew. I would say that the biggest issue I had with this dog chew as trying to keep Clark from taking it away from Miss Lady. You just can’t go wrong with dog chews like these. Be sure to purchase the larger pack though, this one dog chew just wasn’t enough for my doggies!

Chewy.com provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit Chewy.com for more toys, treats, and other items needed for your pets!

Happy Father’s Day Dad

8th Grade GraduationFifteen years ago my dad passed away. He had lost his battle with cancer and went on his way. I think about him often and how things have changed since the last time I seen him. I wonder what he would think about mp3s, blogs, and the internet in general. Then there were no iPhones or Spotify. Facebook and YouTube was nonexistent. Phone books were how you looked people up, and you were lucky to get a hour out of your Walkman back then.

More than likely I can see him really liking it. When I was younger my dad would make radio show style mixtapes of classic rock music. He would have some comedy bits played between and have this whole production laid out for each tape. This is old school style of making a podcast. Except not many people heard his tapes. They were made as gifts for family. As time passed most of these tapes have been lost. I personally only have two. Check out a little preview below.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. I know you would have loved the way things have progressed. You would have been an awesome grandfather to all of your grandchildren. You are forever missed, and I hope one day I will get to see you again.


15 years and still miss ya. #ripdad

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My Son The Dare Devil (or How I Learned to Love Gray Hair)

IMG_4135 My son is only a year and three months, so he is still pretty little. Don’t let that fool you though, this kid is a dare devil. He started crawling early and started walking soon after that. Lately we have had the privileged to chase him around the house pulling him down and out of everything. There is no amount of baby proofing that can be done to keep this child contained. Alex has taken a liking to opening every cabinet he can get into. His favorite being the cabinet with all of our canned goods. He then will proceed to take all of the cans out and either throw them on the floor or make a nice line of them all. The sad part is that we have the cabinet locks on them. He figured them out pretty quickly and unless we put an actual lock on the cabinets he is getting into them. What are we going to do!

“…to him it’s FUNiture”

IMG_4140Alex also loves to climb on anything and everything. I have caught him on the kid’s table, counter top, bar stools, and even the high top kitchen table. He is a champion on figuring out how to get up. Not so much on getting down, which makes his climbing even more challenging. Once he is up he yells for help to get down. I would prefer he not even climb up to begin with but he doesn’t listen very well. I have gotten him to stop what he is doing with a loud and deep “What are you doing?”. That only works a third of the time. That leaves me with plenty of time to prevent a disaster. But it is tiring after the 54th time pulling him down from whatever obstacle he has climbed up on. What is a dad to do when his little boy is Spider-Manning over all of the furniture, or to him it’s FUNiture.

His antics have been causing some stress in the house. Mainly with just us adults. A few months ago we would have confined him in his excer-saucer, or his pack-n-play. Now a days unless we want to hear Alex caterwauling until we get him out of his prison we are basically stuck in this endless loop of baby bravery. What tips and tricks can you suggest for parents dealing with this type of situation? Our daughter Abby was nowhere near as ambitious as Alex. So we are open to any opinions. I just hope he doesn’t learn how to climb out of his crib.

Hi Daddy!