Boost Your Income With These Side Hustle Ideas

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One subject that no one can escape from right now is the rising cost of living. News of the increases in the prices of groceries, power, and gas are all being widely spoken about, and these rising costs show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With all this talk of added expenses, it is little wonder that the idea of boosting their earnings is an idea that is appealing to many people. Finding ways to top up your income can be a helpful solution to counteract the cost of living crisis and help you make those bills a little easier to manage. But, finding opportunities to make some extra cash is not always easy, especially if you already work full-time. The good news is that a side hustle could be the solution you are searching for. A side hustle enables you to boost your income, but with the bonus of doing it on your own terms.

How to Choose a Side Hustle

For your side hustle to be successful, it is wise to put a little work into the planning before you get started. Here are some questions to think about when deciding on the perfect side hustle for you:

The first thing you need to consider is your skillset. What skills do you have that could be useful, and other people would be willing to pay for?

What do you like to do in your free time? As you will potentially spend a large portion of your free time on your side hustle, it must be something you enjoy. Choosing a side hustle that stems from an existing hobby or interest is far more likely to keep you motivated to continue with it.

When will you work on your side hustle? Thinking about the time you have available to dedicate to your side hustle is a crucial consideration. The times you can work on your side hustle will influence the type of work you can complete. Thinking about this in advance will ensure that your work commitments do not clash with your side hustle idea and that you can divide your time between each successfully.

Answering these questions will enable you to choose a side hustle that helps you earn extra money and is enjoyable while allowing you to put your skills and knowledge to good use.

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Side Hustle Ideas

At this stage, you may be starting to think in practical terms about your side hustle and feel ready to start making plans. If you need some extra inspiration to help you find the perfect side hustle and boost your earnings, these ideas are worth considering:


If you love music and have a set of decks, now could be a great time to bring your passion for music to a bigger audience. DJs are always in demand to provide music for various occasions, yet finding a reliable DJ that can keep a crowd entertained is not always easy. This provides you with a significant opportunity and one that you may want to explore further. Developing your DJing skills and advertising your services is a great way to start making money from your love of music. DJing can work well as a side hustle, as your skills will mainly be in demand on weekends and evenings so it won’t clash with the regular working hours of your main job. As a DJ, you may find that you have certain times of the year where you can earn significantly more from your work, such as Christmas parties and summertime weddings, so be prepared for some busy periods at key points of the year!


If you have a subject that you are passionate about and love to write about, starting a blog could be the perfect side hustle for you. Blogs provide an exciting outlet for your creativity and a platform for you to share your opinions and ideas. So, if you love to connect with other like-minded people and want to build your own corner of the internet where you can foster a community, then a blog could be the place to do it. But, aside from being a place to voice your ideas and opinions, a blog can be a handy way to make money, with the bonus of being able to work on it whenever and wherever suits you. 

If blogging sounds like your perfect side hustle idea, you will need to begin by deciding on a subject to blog about and find your niche. Finding a niche is crucial to avoid your blog becoming lost among the millions of others. Once you have established your niche and started making relevant content, you can consider monetizing your blog. You can generate income from your blog in several ways. Examples of money-making ideas for your blog include igaming affiliates programs, hosting guest posts, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising schemes. 

Building up the amount of quality content you have on your blog and promoting it on social media to increase your page views and followers are both excellent ways to make your blog more likely to generate a healthy income.


Working as a photographer is a job that many people dream about, but few people manage to make a living from it full-time. However, working as a photographer in your spare time relieves the pressure of trying to earn your wages solely from photography and instead enables you to use your hobby to make some extra cash. 

Putting your eye for composition to good use and heading out with your camera to capture some stunning images is a great way to build up your photography experience, refresh your skills, and build your portfolio. Once you get started, you will discover a few different ways to make money from your photography skills. So deciding which one best suits you will help you focus your attention and expand your portfolio while your side hustle is still in its early days. Photography options to consider include pet portraits, family photo shoots, prom photos, christening photos, and wedding photos. Specializing in one of these areas is a great way to build your reputation and expertise.

Dog Groomer

If you love animals, there are several side hustle ideas you may want to explore. But, one of the most popular choices for people that love pets is working as a dog groomer. Training to be a dog groomer and then building up a business in your spare time may be simpler than you think. As dogs need to be groomed frequently, you should find that you build up repeat clients that visit each month, so you won’t need to worry too much about advertising your services. Offering dog grooming services outside of regular working hours may be necessary, but if you have a day job that can work in your favor. Many people find it more convenient to get their pampered pooches groomed in the evenings or on weekends, so this should fit in with your regular work hours and won’t get in the way of your day job.


There are lots of ways to use your skills and interests to build up a side hustle to make some extra money. Once you have found a side hustle you enjoy and begin making money, you may decide it is more than simply an additional income stream. If successful, making your side hustle your main job and getting to earn money from doing something you love every day can be a dream come true.

Creating a Garden That the Family Actually Wants To Use

For most families, a garden that consists of some lawn and fences is usually enough to be used in some capacity. For instance, you could play some simple sports, you can get some folding chairs and tables to have a barbeque, or you could just get a lawn chair and relax in the sun while you read a book. However, this isn’t the case for all families. Some families prefer having a few more furniture pieces and items in their garden because it gives them a little more encouragement to start using the garden.

So if you’re tired of your backyard just being a place for pretty flowers to grow and want to make use of the space that you’ve paid for or are renting, then here are a couple of solutions that you can consider.

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Make sure there is storage space for your outdoor items

While it’s great to have uses for your garden, you also need to ensure that your family has storage space to put away certain things when they’re not being used. For example, if you have muddy shoes from playing sports or have folding goal posts and other sporting equipment, then having a shed to store it can make it easier to organize and find all of your items.

We suggest that you consider custom made sheds instead of a prefab one or try to make one yourself. Custom sheds can be built to your size and you can even ask for things like shelves and windows so that you can see into the shed and have plenty of space to store your items. Storage space can also include storage bins and even covered areas like your patio.

Maintain your patio space if you have one

If you have a fairly large patio then you’ll want to maintain it on a regular basis because it can be susceptible to weather and overall wear and tear. Upgrade your plastic furniture if you want something more comfortable and don’t be afraid to expand your patio or even replace the tiles. This will create a much larger space that your family will be more likely to use on a regular basis for things like eating outdoors or even just relaxing with a breeze.

Keep your lawn clean and free from obstacles

You’ll also want to consider keeping your lawn clean, mowed, and free of obstacles. Some people have gardens that aren’t really looked after, meaning that the lawn could have a lot of debris and other random things that have been blown into your backyard. This isn’t good for children that want to play or pets that want to frolic.

If you want to start encouraging your kids to stay active by using your garden, then you need to start mowing the lawn and keeping it clear on a regular basis. The more time you spend maintaining it, the easier it’ll be to convince your kids to start using it for things like sports or art. There will be a much lower chance that they’ll have an accident and you can have more peace of mind.

5 Reasons Why You Need Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance might not be something you think of. But there are many reasons for taking out a policy. Here are some that might change your mind if you’re on the fence.


It Covers Everything that Breaks

Providers of homeowners insurance often offer extras like emergency cover to pay for things like plumber callouts or parts to fix something in your home that’s broken. This kind of additional coverage can prove invaluable during the winter. For instance, when your boiler breaks down. You will even have cover for valuable electronics such as mobile phones and video game consoles. Googling “iPhone repair near me” will yield good results for finding reputable services. But with insurance, you will probably get a replacement owing to your policy.

Go On with Peace of Mind

There is no price for peace of mind. The premiums for content insurance are often considered unnecessary since it’s not a legal requirement. But most people don’t consider it until after an event. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on holiday or if you’re traveling for work, or even if you’re in the dark about your local area. Insurance can help you feel secure. But, of course, insurance alone isn’t the answer. And your policy might be void if you don’t do all you can to protect your home with home security systems and safety common knowledge.

Home Contents Insurance Covers You Outside

Most people are unaware that you are covered if you damage or lose items outside your home when you have personal possessions coverage. Computers, valuables, and even things like DSLRs, watches, and tablets are often covered in your policy. Which is handy in case they are stolen, given their value. Some policies can also protect you abroad, but with an additional cost. If you damage or lose something while away, you may well be able to claim them through your insurance. But it can often be more challenging to prove your case, so call right away.

There’s Cover for Almost Every Event

The great thing about home content insurance is that it covers almost everything at home, in any event. There are many personal items covered by contents insurance. And they are covered in nearly any circumstance. For example, theft, accidental damage, and acts of God typically cover your items at home. Typical contents insurance covers home items like your bed, furniture and storage units. But it also covers electronics, kitchen appliances, and smaller items. Additionally, you can take extra cover on something precious, such as family heirlooms.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

You might think taking out insurance is a massive expense. But it isn’t. People worldwide enjoy the peace of mind that comes with insurance. And it costs very little compared to having to replace something. In the UK, for example, it costs around £12 per month for a typical home contents insurance policy for a value of up to £40,000. And with so many companies wanting you as a customer, you can shop around and play them off against each other. So if one doesn’t meet your needs, and another does, you might be able to get a discount.


Getting insurance for your home is an added expense. But it’s more affordable than you think. Additionally, you could save money considering the cost of replacing expensive items.

How To Effectively Flood-Proof Your Home

How To Effectively Flood-Proof Your Home

When the weather turns colder and wetter, it is critical to ensure your home is flood-proofed to avoid major damage. According to a recent study, around 14.6 million houses in the US are at risk of flooding. Flood risks to your home can range from minor to full-scale damage, and even the smallest repairs can cost hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars. Below are some of the best ways to prevent flooding from damaging your house and belongings.

  1. Evaluate your flood risks

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Before buying a house, it is vital to review the area’s flood map to appreciate the home’s flood risks. These maps reveal flood risk levels, including base flood elevation and floodplain boundaries. Since home sellers in some states are not compelled to disclose a house’s flood history to prospective buyers, you may want to do your own research. This way, you can understand any flooding or leaking problems in the home. You can also consider bringing in experts in water damage restoration services to check the home’s health and other untreated damages to advise the best ways to safeguard the property.

  1. Change your landscaping

Water seeps into the ground rather than flowing toward your house when you have porous outdoor surfaces. It is often recommended to dig out swales to channel stormwater runoff away from your house. Additionally, you can convert your asphalt or concrete roads to brick or gravel. Using absorbent mulch can also help manage heavy downpours and mitigate potential flooding damage. Another cost-effective way to prevent your house from flooding is to place a rain barrel underneath the gutter downspout. This won’t only alleviate basement flooding but can also reduce the risk of flooding and pollution in nearby waterways.

  1. Assess your ventilation brick covers

The ventilation brick covers are easily forgotten when protecting your home against flooding. However, it would be helpful to assess any vent that could allow water into your house. Several options are available, including installing a resistant air brick or buying brick covers to prevent water from entering the home. While the former may be slightly expensive, it eliminates the need to remember to cover them whenever there is a flood threat.

  1. Consider flood insurance

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Flood insurance is essential if you live in a flood-prone area. And some states require individuals with a federally backed mortgage in flood-prone regions to have this. Although it is easy to assume that state-backed aid will cover flood damages to your home, studies have shown that they are mostly insufficient. Ordinary insurance plans may not cover damages caused by adverse weather. A flood insurance coverage can be a good investment depending on your house location and what you intend to protect. It is best to buy your insurance ahead of a major weather event.

While these tips should help protect your home against flood risks, the list is not exhaustive. It can be useful to research a few more ideas or seek professional assistance in flood-proofing your space.