6 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

Suppose you and your partner already have children together. Or, you are about to remarry, and you both have children from a former relationship. In this case, it’s a given that you will want them to attend your wedding.

If they are a part of your ceremony, it is not just about forging a bond with your spouse; it is also about forming a new family. For children, this can be both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. If you or your partner have children, incorporating them in the wedding might make them feel more like a part of something rather than a victim.

It is very simple to involve children in your wedding. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it.

1. They Could Be the Mini-wedding Planners

Children will feel more special and interested if they are involved from the beginning. For instance, if your child enjoys shopping or has a soft spot for princess gowns, they might enjoy a day of bridal gown buying.

And almost every kid will agree to go for cake testing with you. Older children can even assist with wedding website design by picking favoritefamily images to add or by including their own unique touches, such as a favorite restaurant recommendation in a location close to the venue or near suggested motels.

Kids can also assist with mundane tasks such as sealing envelopes and licking stamps-anything to make them feel like they are a part of the team.

2. Include Them in Your Pre-wedding Parties

You wouldn’t leave someone so important out of the big day itself, so it is only natural that the kids are included in all the fun activities that take place in the lead-up. It’s a beautiful idea to have your older kids at your bachelor or bachelorette party.

For instance, if you have daughters, take them to your hen party on a boat cruise. This will not only make the mother-daughter bond stronger, but your girls will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ocean.

3. Give Them Meaningful Roles

Your kid could be a ring bearer or flower girl at your wedding.This is an ideal job for children ages four to twelve. They’ll enjoy walking down the aisle and completing a significant assignment, and your visitors will enjoy seeing them dressed up in their finest!

When they reach the altar, younger children can sit in the front row with a family member, while older children can stand with you and the rest of the bridal party.

Create a new role for older children or teenagers in the ceremony, such as junior bridesmaid or groomsman. They dress up like the rest of the bridal party, pose for pictures, and walk down the aisle during the processional.

4. Make Them Your Little Messengers

If you give a child a position of responsibility, they will guard it and treat it as if their lives depended on it. Preparing for the ceremony on your wedding day can be extremely stressful. You do, however, want your groom to know that you are thinking of him. This is where the children enter the picture.

Allow them to serve as messengers, passing gifts, notes, or cards from you to your groom and vice versa. They’ll be so delighted to be given this responsibility that you’ll assume they work for the US Postal Service!

5. Include Them in Your Vows

Including your children in your vows is a simple way to show your devotion to your family while also giving them a prominent place on your big day.

If you want to personalize your vows, talk to your kids about what you should include. This will give them a significant role throughout the day. They might even come up with something that you don’t have to include in your vows.

6.Invite Them to Make a Toast

Allow your children to make a speech during the reception if speaking in front of a crowd isn’t an issue. Sit down with them in the weeks leading up to the wedding and assist them in coming up with a few nice words to say.

This will give them a sense of belonging as you welcome your new husband or wife into the household. It also allows kids to feel important by speaking to the entire audience.

Take advantage of every opportunity to spend quality time with your children by incorporating them into the wedding planning process. Involving them at this stage will make decision-making easier and the entire day more memorable.

Contacts Every Parent Should Have Saved

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As a parent, chances are, your phone book looks a little different to how it did before you had children. You’ll find yourself racking up all sorts of contacts, from clubs and classes to schools, child friendly healthcare facilities and more. Here are just a few contacts you should have saved and ready for easy access, should you need them.


Most of us are pretty organised when it comes to organising child care for our little ones. We have schedules that we stick to and reliable childminders or clubs that we can trust to take care of our children. Of course, sometimes, you may find that you need urgent child care without much warning. Perhaps there’s a medical issue with a friend or relative you need to help with, there may be an urgent problem at work that needs to be resolved, or you may have to head off quickly for some other reason. Having good child care on speed dial can really help you to get where you need to be with minimal wait time.

Car Services

We rely on our cars a lot when we have children. Sure, public transport options are great. They’re better for the environment, can be a lot cheaper to use and get you from A to B. But when you have kids, having your own set of wheels really can make all the difference. You don’t have to preplan routes or check timetables. You don’t have to apologize for noise or worry about your little ones interacting with strangers. You can carry a whole lot of luggage, including prams and shopping, without worrying about carrying the weight yourself. In short, your car gives you a lot more ease, independence and freedom. But you do need a few numbers saved for instances where you may have issues on the roads.

  • Breakdown Cover – even the most reliable of cars can break down every once in a while. Electrical issues, mechanical issues, fuel issues or even issues with the weather and the elements can all cause problems. Make sure you have breakdown cover and their number stored in an easy to access location.
  • A Mechanic – if your car does have any issues, you need the number of a reliable mechanic on hand for repairs. They’ll be able to put wrongs to rights quickly and get you back on the road before you know it.
  • Car Insurance – hopefully, you don’t ever experience an incident on the roads. But if you do, you need the number of your insurer at hand so you can report incidents as quickly as possible.

Friends’ Parents’ Contact Details

If your children have friends over to play or stay, you should always make sure that you have these friends’ parents’ contact details saved, just in case. You never know when you might have to call a playdate short and you should have at least one contact on hand to alert if any issues arise, or if you find that you need to be somewhere else.

These are just a few examples of the many contacts you should have on hand when you have little ones. Hopefully, they will come in useful for you!

5 Signs Your Car Could Be Unsafe

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Whether your car is brand new off the lot or a bit older and pre-loved by your family, there is always a chance that something will go wrong with it, and if that happens, you, your family, and anyone else you encounter on the road could be placed in danger.

So, it goes without saying that it is really important you know how to spot the warning signs that your car may be unsafe. It’s also why I’ve put together a list of some of the most common signs your car should not be on the road…

1. There’s smoke coming out of the exhaust

If there’s smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust, especially if it is black, it could be that your car has fuel or engine problems which could cause your vehicle to break down or even potentially set on fire, especially at high speeds. So, if in doubt, pull over and call a mechanic!

2. It’s vibrating

Depending on your car, it may not be unusual to feel some vibrations when you’re driving it, especially at high speed. However, if you notice new and unusual vibrations, it could be a sign that something is very wrong and it could be very dangerous. Any auto accident attorney will be able to tell you numerous stories of people who ended up injured or worse after driving a car that was vibrating due to loose parts that later fell off and caused a collision, Don’t be like them, and if you notice any unusual vibrations, don’t drive!

3. It does not start easily

If your car does not start easily or immediately, take it as a strong sign you should not be driving it. Vehicles that do not start with ease, often have engines, malfunctions that could leave you stranded at the side of the road or worse, so do not take the risk.

4. The brakes are noisy

If your vehicle’s brakes make a squealing noise when you step on them, then you know you have trouble. Fully functional brakes do not make a sound and if yours do, chances are they are not fit for purpose and you should not drive anywhere because you will be unlikely to have full control of your car when the time comes to stop in a hurry. As soon as you hear any noise coming from them, get your brakes fixed and you can drive with confidence.

5. The warning lights are on

If one or more warning lights on your car’s driver panel are lit up then that is obviously a glaring sign that something is wrong and you should take heed, of course, not all of those warnings require immediate attention, but many do and you should be sure to look up what they mean in the car’s user manual before you go ahead and drive anywhere.

If you spot any of these signs, then be safe and do not drive your car until it has been checked over by a qualified mechanic. Better safe than sorry!

The Best Skills You Can Learn as a Gamer

Everyone knows that gaming is a popular pastime today. From smartphones to consoles, the impact of games on our lives is growing at a fantastic rate.

Games are more than just a hobby; they’re an interactive art form that can give you the practical tools you need to succeed in life. Here are some skills you can learn as a gamer to help you in every walk of life.

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Tech skills

Build your tech skills as a gamer by learning how to create games and run them. This will give you the ability to create new experiences for yourself and others in the future.

This is especially important for people who want to work in gaming-related fields like game design, programming, or even sales because your tech skills will help you stand out from the competition.

With your tech skills, you can also create mobile games that give you access to an audience of millions of people. You’ll be able to make games that get seen by many people instead of just being played once or a few times before getting deleted.

Problem Solving

One of the most important skills you can learn as a gamer is problem-solving. The ability to think and reason is essential in every aspect of life, but it’s imperative when learning to solve problems.

Gaming requires problem-solving because it forces you to consider multiple options for different outcomes and almost always has you in a crisis that needs to be resolved quickly. Gaming trains your brain in the most challenging situations like these, which creates an agile mind capable of adapting quickly to any situation.

A key component of problem-solving is knowing when to take action. Those skilled at gaming will have an eye for what’s happening and react accordingly. They also understand that failure isn’t the end of the world, and they’ll keep going until they find success.


It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time to master a game. The average video game player spends hours on end every day playing. This can be frustrating at times, but it’s actually a great thing for your brain. 

The longer you spend playing games, the more time your brain will be accustomed to thinking in different ways and making connections between other parts of your mind. This is because video games are more than just an interactive art form; they also offer cognitive benefits.

In many ways, this is like rewiring your brain and altering how you think and act.


How many ways can you approach a problem? The more creative you are, the more options you have. Playing games lets, you think outside of the box and gives you a colossal amount of creativity.

Some games even promote creativity as part of their gameplay. Games like Minecraft teach players how to create new builds in a virtual world and see what works best for them. This promotes creativity and allows players to try new things without hurting themselves or others.

Gaming also promotes critical thinking skills through its unique form of learning. In video games, players learn about different strategies, approaches, and solutions for problems by trying them out themselves. They learn from their mistakes and find the best method for each situation. This type of learning helps develop your cognitive skills and gives you valuable life skills that will help you succeed in all areas of your life.

Critical Thinking

Whether it’s Dungeons and Dragons or a card game, games like these give us the tools to exercise our critical thinking skills. This skill is so essential in life that it should be one of your top priorities.

Games also teach us how to strategize. Whether you play chess or poker, those who understand how to think about their next move will always have an advantage over someone who doesn’t.

Social skills and working as a group

First off, games are a social activity where you’ll have to work together with your friends to win.

You can gain skills in group dynamics and cooperation that will help you succeed in your career and in life. You can also develop critical social skills like communication, leadership, and assertiveness, which are essential for living a fulfilling life.

To be an effective team player, you’ll need to learn how to communicate effectively with teammates, so everyone understands what their role is on the team.

In conclusion, while some people will always dismiss the benefits of gaming, there is much to learn whether you realize it or not from indulging in your favorite pastime, and gaming can impart some excellent skills you will need in everyday life.