I’m Breaking-Up with Little Debbie

I did it! I made it a year without soda! It feels amazing to reach that goal and to surpass it, feels even better.

For all the life that I can remember I have always drank soda. That delicious Mountain Dew or tasty Dr. Pepper. Those were my favorites. For the longest time I have been trying to quit the sugary drink but always failed. This time around though I stuck my heels in and managed to make it a full year without soda. It feels good not wanting a soda. It’s nice not being so addicted to soda that you’re cranky when you don’t have one. It’s even better to lose all that weight from cutting out all of that sugar… wait… that didn’t happen. Which is why I am here, I am breaking-up with Little Debbie.

I regretfully did not lose any weight by cutting soda out of my diet. It’s probably because during the pandemic my relationship with Little Debbie got a little too hot and heavy, but today that all changes! If I can quit drinking soda and stay off the corn syrupy nectar, than I should be able to break up with Little Debbie as well. So that’s what I am doing today, me and Little Debbie (as well as her friends Hostess and Mrs. Freshly) are breaking up. No more snack cakes for me!!!

I will be starting a new Days Since to track my struggle with this break up. It’s a hard thing to do, but it needs to be done. Little Debbie, I’m sorry but it’s over between us!!!