Cyber Security Resources for Kids


It seems as though everyday is some sort of special day. What about those special months? I know there are plenty of those as well. October is no different. Cyber Security is very important in this online world, so why not take some time to learn how to better protect yourself and your kids from the various cyber threats out there in that digital world.

Next week I will be giving a presentation on Cyber Security to a bunch of educators. To prepare I spent some time compiling a list of resources that teachers can use to help their students learn all about cyber security. I figure why limit these resources to only teachers. Parents and other guardians may also benefit from these same resources. I have grouped the resources/activities below by grade level. So there is definitely something for everyone. Be sure to comment on which one was your favorite!

Use these activities in your home to help you and your children to know the risks of cyber attacks and why online security matters to them and their future. Got a great cyber security activity to share? Comment below and I will add it to the list! 9-12
Hacker Highschool (HHS) is an ever-growing collection of lessons written to the teen audience and covering specific subjects that are timely, interesting, and important for teens. The non-profit ISECOM researches and produces the Hacker Highschool Project as a series of lesson workbooks written and translated by the combined efforts of volunteers world wide. The result of this research are books based on how teens learn best and what they need to know to be better hackers, better students, and better people.

NICCS Formal Education 6-12
Promoting and expanding cybersecurity education is essential to protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure. In order for the United States to best protect our interests in the 21st century, a new workforce needs to be educated and the current workforce needs additional skills. From elementary schools to postgraduate institutions, educators need to understand the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities that future cybersecurity professionals need to learn.

PBS Cyber Security Lab 6-12
The Cybersecurity Lab is a game designed to teach people how to keep their digital lives safe, spot cyber scams, learn the basics of coding, and defend against cyber attacks. Players assume the role of the chief technology officer of a start-up social network company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. In the game, players must complete challenges to strengthen their cyber defenses and thwart their attackers. The Lab also features stories of real-world cyber attacks, a glossary of cyber terms, and short animated videos that explain the need for cybersecurity, privacy versus security, cryptography (cyber codes), and what exactly hackers are.

New York Times Education World Lesson Plans 6-12
In this lesson, students will learn about the extent of cyberattacks just in the past year and the risks they pose for companies, goverments and individuals. They also will learn about the steps individuals and organizations can take to better protect their data online, and will reflect on their own digitial security practices.

BrainPop Junior K-5
Use the popular BrainPop activity website for those younger students so they can get a good understanding of Internet Safety.

With children spending time online at younger and younger ages, it is vital that we explicitly teach young children how to protect themselves online. Most young children get the “Stranger Danger” talk at school, so they know about how to handle strangers in their neighborhood and in face-to-face situations. In this lesson you can work with younger students using the “stranger danger” concept but applied to online.

This site contains twelve lessons in cyber security for students in grades 1-3. Provided with each lesson are teacher’s lesson plans and student handouts. Some lessons also include separate activity sheets.

This site contains twelve lessons in cyber security for students in grades 4-6. Provided with each lesson are teacher’s lesson plans and student handouts. Some lessons also include separate activity sheets.

This site contains eleven lessons in cyber security for students in grades 7-12. Provided with each lesson are teacher’s lesson plans and student handouts. Some lessons also include separate activity sheets.

Media Smarts 5-8
In this lesson students discuss their online experiences and learn how to minimize the potential risks that may be associated with them. Using the Cyber Security Tip Sheet, students explore the many tools and strategies that can be used to mitigate or prevent negative online experiences. Once they have reviewed these strategies and resources, students will extend and test their knowledge by playing a game in which they compete against other students to match a series of technological “Tools” to the “Risks” they can help to prevent.

Purdue Edu K-12
Information Security is a serious topic that needs to be included in the curriculum of every classroom that uses a computer. It is important for teachers, administrators, and technology coordinators to be fluent on this topic in order to protect the integrity of school records, student information, and institution credibility. But, it is EQUALLY important that the students understand the basics of information security in order to protect themselves, their work, and school environment.

Top 20 suggestions for keeping your classroom a safe, open, and inviting place to learn.


The Polar Express at Union Station Replaced!

This post is no longer accurate. The Polar Express has returned to Union Station for the 2017 holiday season!


santaexpressOver the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of hits on my post from last year about our trip to Union Station to ride the Polar Express. I think people are looking for information for this years holiday train ride. Well, this year at Union Station the Polar Express is being replaced by The Santa Express and will feature the classic holiday story ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Featuring spectacular decor, North Pole Village activities, ice skating and a new Fire & Light show offer family fun all season long. Visit Holidays At Union Station for more info on all of the upcoming events.

The Santa Express Train Ride is the centerpiece of this expanded holiday event. Real trains pull out of St. Louis Union Station — the 1894 National Historic Landmark terminal — beginning November 18 and continuing through December 30, 2016. Trains will leave the station at 4:45, 6:15, 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays.

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St. Louis Dad is Business Card Official

stldadbusinesscardI am always a big fan of meeting new people. It’s important to be able to reach out and connect with those that have the same interests or those that may be a good partner to work with in the future. Whatever the case may be it is important to make a good impression. That impression also extends to your business card. I have had business cards in the past but they were always the print at home cards that seem a little cheap. It would be a little embarrassing pulling out a flimsy business card that had perforated edges. This is where CardsDirect comes in.

CardsDirect reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I would like to try out their services. I pulled up their website and took a look around and immediately knew I had to work with this company. I had requested to review some of their assorted greeting cards and their business cards. I also asked if I could design my own business card. They agreed so I set out to start looking at designs and see if I could create something that would work for me. I knew that the business card would have to fit with the theme of my website and match colors and logo and all of that good stuff.

After mucking around with the design for a bit I finally put something together that I was happy with. I submitted the design and patiently waited for the business cards and greeting cards to arrive. After about a week of waiting the cards arrived. The business cards look absolutely fantastic. The cuts are all nice and smooth, so no perforated edges. The printing looks amazing and not like it came off of a $30 inkjet printer. Plus the quality of the paper was perfect. It was not flimsy. The business cards have some strength to them. I will feel proud to hand these out and I will definitely be sure to let people know where I got them.

Now about those greeting cards. I was expecting an assortment of greeting cards. I was thinking this would be an assortment such as a mix between birthday, holiday, thank you, sympathy, etc cards. However, what was sent was an assortment of sympathy cards. My life isn’t filled with enough sadness for me to use all of these but aside from the mix up of what was sent these cards are seriously high quality material. Aside from the fact that they are sympathy these cards all have nice designs and sayings. The paper quality is top notch and they even come with envelopes so you know you have the perfect size for mailing.


I can think of a few things I can use these cards for other than for sending happy thoughts. I was thinking I could use them for when someone has a baby and they lose their long nights of sleep. New parents definitely have my sympathy when it comes to sleepless nights. I also have a few buddies that will be getting married soon. As a married friend myself, I can only offer my condolences as they take the plunge and leave bachelorhood for good. I think these cards will be perfect for times like these. Or they could be used for their actual reason, as sympathy cards when there is something to feel sad about. Either way, these cards are just as nice as the business cards and I can CardsDirect being used for many more of my greeting and business card needs as time marches on.

So, if you are looking for your next set of business cards or to stock up on some greeting cards, check out CardsDirect. provided St. Louis Dad with these products as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more awesome products that can help make your life better!

13 Nights of Halloween


Last year I put together 13 movies for 13 nights of Halloween. This year I am not going to 13 separate posts but rather just one post listing the 13 movies that I wrote about last year. Starting tonight you can watch a new family friendly Halloween movie up until the big night that the great pumpkin comes out!

#1 The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This is a Halloween classic. If you don’t find time to watch The Great Pumpkin then you must have many other problems in your life. I am not gonna judge but this is a must watch for any family celebrating Halloween.

#2 Double Double Toil and Trouble

The Olsen twins are causing mischief in this fun family movie. Back in the day these two twins where everywhere and in all sorts of movies. This Halloween classic is no different.

#3 Halloween is Grinch Night

I never knew that Halloween was also Grinch Night. Stepping away from the classic Christmas story, this Halloween adventure featuring the Grinch will definitely become a yearly favorite after one viewing.

#4 Earnest Scared Stupid

When I was a kid Earnest was one of the funniest guys a kid could watch. Seeing him battle some trolls during Halloween makes this movie just that much better.

#5 Monster Squad

When a group of kids have to take on some of Universal’s classic monsters you know you’re gonna have a good time. This classic 80’s movie is one of my favorites that can be watched any time of the year, but especially around Halloween.

#6 The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values

I couldn’t pick one without the other. Both Addams Family movies are classics that are destined to be watched each and every year around the Halloween season.

#7 Hocus Pocus

The Sandersen sisters are a trio of witches that deserve accolades for dealing with snotty kids. This classic Halloween movie will always be one of my favorites and is quickly becoming my daughter’s favorite Halloween movie was well.

#8 Monster House

Monster House is a computer animated movie that is definitely scary for some younger children. It can even be scary for some adults as well.

#9 ParaNorman

ParaNorman is an excellent film that features a rich and deep story that goes well beyond your normal kids movie. Definitely worth a watch with the kids.

#10 Corpse Bride

Stop motion animation is some of my favorite animation. The premise behind Corpse Bride is so wonderful that the movie is set perfectly to the Halloween atmosphere.

#11 Frankenweenie

Kinda weird, kinda creepy, but definitely heart warming. It’s in black and white but I think that just adds to the story even more.

#12 The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you haven’t seen this movie around Halloween or Christmas then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. This movie is perfect for many different reasons and many different seasons.

#13 Coraline

My favorite Halloween movie is Coraline. It is beyond creepy and the other mother steals the show when it comes to villains. I highly recommend watching this one last as I find it to be the best of the bunch, but feel free to mix them up however you see fit!

So there you have it! My list of 13 movies to watch for 13 nights of Halloween. Enjoy yourself!