Little Wallet, Big on Security

slimJIMMY walletThe company behind the innovative JIMMY phone cases are back at it with a new slimJIMMY Premium Slim Wallet. Today they have launched a Kickstarter so you can get your own Premium Slim Wallet. Head on over to Kickstarter at to join in on the campaign to grab your own.

slimJIMMY sent over one of their new Premium Slim Wallets and I am beyond impressed. For years I have used my own makeshift slim wallet. It was essentially a flap from the inside of a regular single fold wallet. It is well worn and needed to be upgraded. The slimJIMMY wallet is a perfect replacement with bonus added security. The wallet includes material to help block RFID scanners from picking up your credit card info from one of those new chips found in cards these days.

If you are a fan of carrying as little as possible AND protecting your data then I have got to recommend checking out a slimJIMMY Premium Slim Wallet. The nice look and quality material make pulling out my cards and cash not so much an embarrassment anymore. I mean seriously, just look at what I was using (below), to what I’m using now (above).


Getting Down with Disney at Chaifetz Arena

IMG_6208 Last night was so much fun. My wife and I took our two kiddos to Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment at the Chaifetz Arena. I had been to a couple of these types of events so I totally knew what to expect. We knew where to park and how to get in. We found our seats and already knew we needed some snacks. I mean, what’s a show without some nachos…

Anyways, we got our snacks and trinkets just as the show was beginning. The arena was filled. I seen so many little kids dressed as princesses and other costumes. You could tell they were about to have a good time. So the show started off with a retelling of Toy Story 3, but on ice. I really enjoyed this performance, and if you are a fan of classic songs you probably will too. My favorite was the spin on Thin Lizzy’s The Boys are Back in Town, The Toys are Back in Town.

IMG_6224The crowd erupted when their favorite characters took to the ice. Ken and Barbie did a fantastic job keeping both of my kids entertained with their antics and fashion show.

After the Toy Story set there was a brief intermission and the kids used that as an opportunity to use the restroom. When the show started again we got to see Cars! Mater, Sally, McQueen, and more! My son was going crazy when they came out onto the ice. The cars were driving around, doing donuts, spinning, and helping Mickey and Minnie’s car get all ready to go. When Cars was finished up the Little Mermaid came out and performed some of her best songs which was then followed up by the Queen of the ice herself, Elsa.

TIMG_6199he hits from Frozen finished off the show. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and Olaf all were out on the ice singing and putting on a great show. It was pretty cool to hear thousands of little voices singing Let it Go as loud as they could with Queen Elsa. The snow effects were also a favorite moment for both of my kiddos. They thought it was so cool that it was snowing inside.

All in all, Disney on Ice was a very enjoyable event for all ages. I know my kids, my wife, and myself all had a very fun time. We got some cute pictures and made some great memories. Both kids were amazingly well behaved. They usually are but you just never know with those two rascals. Disney on Ice is still in town, so if you want to catch the show be sure to pick up your tickets asap! The Chaifetz Arena is a great building with plenty of amenities. I have got to recommend the burgers, they are so good. Plus they have Mountain Dew, always a win for me.

St. Louis Dad was provided complimentary tickets to Disney on Ice in exchange for social media promotion as well as a recap of the nights events.

The Chaifetz Arena letting it go… #stlouis #disneyonice

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A New Kind of Festival


Art, music, science, and technology all come together this weekend in St. Louis at Murmuration Fest. The city’s first festival of this kind kicks off Friday, September 23rd, with an awesome free event for families and kids of all ages. There will be plenty of DIY art activities and presentations of fashion, art, and music.

Friday’s events run from 6PM to 10PM and does not require a ticket. It’s free! Bring the kids!

Saturday and Sunday feature some amazing thought sessions and musical performances. With three different areas there will be plenty going on for you to check out. Saturday and Sunday’s events run from 10:30AM to 10PM.

My wife and I have some music passes, so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get an inside look at what’s going down during the festival. Of course you could always just grab some tickets for yourself and have a blast yourself!

Purchase tickets here.

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Let There Be Light!

IMG_6181 1byOne is up there in brands when it comes to some cool and innovative products. The latest item they sent over for me to check out is just as cool as the last product I reviewed from them. This time they sent over a touch sensor table lamp. I’m sure you are asking me how cool can a lamp really be? Well, this lamp is cool and I will tell you just how cool it is.

First off, this lamp is wireless. You can move it anywhere while it is on. It doesn’t get hot so there is no need to worry where to grab when moving. It recharges using a USB cable, which can be plugged into your computer or an extra USB phone charger to easily recharge. Secondly, it has a nice natural bright color, that can be adjusted. Not only can you adjust the brightness you can also change the color. The lamp can cycle through 256 RBG spectrum of vibrant colors and can easily be set to your favorite just by tapping the top of the lamp.

IMG_6178Aside from your normal lamp uses such as bedside lamp, living room, etc, etc… This lamp because of it is portable you can bring it camping and have a nice luminous campsite or for inside the tent. You could even use the 1byOne solar charger to charge the lamp during the day. Another idea is to turn on the rotation of colors and start a dance party with your kids. The cycling of colors got my two rascals all riled up right before bedtime. I would say that the lamp is just a little too bright to be used as a night light but it works great as a light source in just about any room.

An idea for a cleanup game came into play once I seen how many colors this lamp goes through. So I decided to give it a try with my own kids. Basically the kids clean up as many toys before the lamp cycles back to the starting color. Once the lamp reaches the starting color I stop the cycle and the kids freeze in place. Once the color cycle starts again the kids unfreeze and go back to cleaning. It worked the first time. I haven’t tried it again because I don’t want them to catch on that I am tricking them into cleaning up their toys.

My review of this ridiculously awesome lamp from 1byOne coming soon to my blog! #ilovelamp #review #1byone

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Any way you look at it, this lamp is ridiculously awesome. It’s small but bright and the fact that it is wireless, that sells itself.

You can purchase a 1byone led lamp at Amazon or Amazon UK. Also be sure to follow all of 1byOne’s social media accounts to stay up to date on their latest product offerings as well as other cool info!

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