What to Do When it Snows in St. Louis?

So you got yourself stuck inside with several inches of snow outside? I can understand you not wanting to conquer traffic or shoveling the driveway for a few hours. We got lucky with the snow coming on a day most government workers and schools have off, President’s Day, but what could you possibly do with your kids??? Go sledding of course! Which is exactly what I did with my little girl. We had so much fun sledding right in our own backyard. We went out twice, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. After the first […] Continue Reading…

Happy Valentines Day!

This Valentine’s Day can be made extra special if you follow these simple tips.

1) If you do not plan on buying your wife anything, at least make her a card. She might not show she cares, but I bet she does.

2) Clean up the house. Show that you care by doing a chore you usually don’t do.

3) Tell your significant other how much you love them and often.

For me this Valentine’s Day was great. My wife and kids got me a nice card and a cool Harley Quinn Fabrikation. I got my wife some Cardinals tickets since she loves […] Continue Reading…

Frozen In The Eyes of a Dad

Frozen has been a thing in my house now for well over a year. At a glance you might not notice all of the Frozen merchandise my daughter has convinced me and her mother to buy. I guarantee it is there. If you open up the closet you’ll find Frozen Band-Aids, chap stick, hair clips, earrings, towels, and soap. In the fridge and pantry you’ll find the yogurt and fruit snacks. Don’t forget about the shirts, dresses, crowns, shoes, shirts, and socks… the-must-have-socks… The books, crayons, markers, posters, coloring books, and toys. Oh the toys, the most sought after toys. […] Continue Reading…

River City Rascals Education Day 2015!

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Are you an educator who loves baseball? Check out this awesome event put on by the River City Rascals.

The River City Rascals would like to invite your faculty and students out to Education Day at the ballpark on May 8th!  Attached in the image on the left is more information about the game, including a great deal for $6 seats anywhere in the ballpark and our $4 food vouchers.  Also, don’t miss the chance to meet vendors attending the game such as D.A.R.E., Museum of Transportation, and Serengeti Steve a.k.a. the reptile guy.

Also, […] Continue Reading…