Bull Shoals Family Vacation (day 4 & 5)

Destiny and Abby Bull Shoals 2015Day four of our family vacation was one for the books. Earlier in the week a few of the guys went out and put together this amazing water slide. It was suppose to be over 50 feet but ended up being 30 feet because of how high the water level was. Using a water pump we got the water flowing down the slide and that is when the fun began. Using the GoPro I was able to capture some pretty cool footage going down the slide. My niece took it with her as well as my wife. Alex is still too little to go down the slide and Abby was just a little too scared to try it out. My niece however was a trooper and was having a blast sliding into the lake.

It will be interesting to find out next year if the slide is still there or if the core of engineers will tear it down. Several years ago we hung a zip line between two cliffs and would zip line between them and drop off into the water. They shut down our fun pretty quickly that year. That’s okay though, we still had a lot of fun.

Day five of our vacation was a slow one. We woke up later in the day because of a very active night. Pretty much a lot of the same. Swimming, riding the wet bike, and having fun. Check out the video below to see our fun from day four & five and click here to see day 1 & 2, and here for day 3!

Day Four

Day Five

Bull Shoals Family Vacation (day 3)

Uncle Mike and AlexDay three of our family vacation was a lot of fun. I had attempted to fly a kite with my GoPro attached but it never took off like I expected. Maybe next year we will have a drone or some helium balloons to send the GoPro up into the sky. Day three had more swimming and riding the wet bike. There was some turtle spotting! I did my best to capture the little guy on camera. Alex even had a chance to ride the motorcycle with his Uncle Mike. He absolutely loved every second of it. At first he cried when we put the helmet on him (safety first!) but once the engine was started his face lite up like a firework. Enjoy the video below and watch out for day four and five!

If you haven’t checked out day one and two click here!


Bull Shoals Family Vacation 2015 (Day 1 & 2)

Every year we go on vacation. This year we went to Bull Shoals lake. It is a favorite spot of ours (we go almost every year) and it always is a good time. I go a bunch of GoPro footage and have been putting together a few videos of our trip. Typically we stay at the Holiday Shores Resort. It is a nice little resort that has some nice cozy cabins. We had a large group with us and took over 5 cabins, and they were all right next to each other, so spending time together was great. We setup a fire pit during the evenings while the kids were in bed.

In the video below you will see day 1 and day 2. We arrived on day 1 so there was just some minor swimming. Day 2 had much more swimming along with some riding the wet bike. This is just the first post in a several post series about our vacation this year.

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