Having Fun on Island 521

eric-textI got a text from my brother asking if I wanted to bring the family out with him and his crew on the Mississippi river. I checked with my wife to make sure our schedule was clear. It was, so I shot a text back letting him know we will be there. Friday morning we packed up the cooler with some lunch and drinks and headed out. We loaded up and after a boat ride we pulled up onto Island 521. There were not many people out as early as we were, but as the day went on the Island filled up with a good amount of boats. Of course I brought the GoPro and let my niece take control.

We didn’t get to stay out as late as we would have like too. However, we had baby Alex with us and he was getting done with the day. So my brother took us back in. It was a beautiful day that my wife and I enjoyed. Next time we will try to get a sitter for Alex. If we can’t, no worries, we still had a blast.

Check out the video below! Music by Little Big Town – Pontoon.

Our Escape to Fugitive Beach

FugitiveBeach-01Every now and then you wish you could just get away but you really can’t because you’re broke and “away” is thousands of miles and somewhere tropical… Well, this isn’t exactly that but it’s pretty awesome in it’s own regard. May I present, Fugitive Beach, which is located in Rolla, MO (about a 2 hour drive from St. Louis). My wife, daughter, niece, and myself took a little day trip to Fugitive Beach to see what it all about. It was very cool. When you enter you can immediately see this massive water slide. Then upon further inspection you can see two different platforms where you can jump into the water. There was a bar and grill there if you didn’t bring your own food. You cannot bring your own alcohol which I think is a good idea, but you can buy beer, etc at the bar there. You can also bring a cooler with food, soda, water, etc, but no glass and remember to not be a litter bug and pick up your trash.

It cost us $6 per person and we also had to sign a waiver before entering. Makes sense. This is/was a quarry. We setup our beach blanket, some chairs, and a cooler. Leaving all of that behind we took to the water. Everyone but my daughter Abby went down the slide and jumped off the cliffs. I don’t blame her. When I was her age I would only hold onto the ladder whenever I got into the pool.

Did I mention I took my GoPro? I didn’t? Then maybe instead of reading all of this you should just watch this instead…


Slumber Parties, Interviews, and Dark Blue Pools

slumber party nightI would have posted this on Monday but I needed a few days to recover from this past weekend. It was definitely a fun and busy weekend. We had so much to do and so little time to get it all done, but we did and we did it in style!

A little backstory. Last week our air conditioner was starting to go out. So we decided to get it replaced. It was time for it to happen anyways. We set up the install for Friday since this summer I have been working enough to be able to have Friday’s off. This worked out because Destiny ended up having to work that day anyways and it was nice to be able to spend the day with the kids. Except it got a little warm inside while the A/C guys were busy installing our new system. But that is okay, we survived and played with toys while we waited for the install to get done.

Another important agenda item I had scheduled for Friday was an interview with St. Louis Magazine. I was contacted early last week and was asked if I would like to be interviewed for an article in their fall family issue. I was really excited and nervous at the same time. I have never had any sort of recognition in this degree before. So as I was getting Alex laid down for his nap it was about 15 minutes from when this interview was suppose to begin. Alex fell asleep pretty quickly and I was thinking this was going to go smoother than I had planned. Fast forward to two minutes before the interview is set to begin and there is a loud noise from the A/C installers, which woke Alex up from his less than 15 minute nap. He was up, like wide awake up, and there was no laying him back down. So on with the interview I went. It actually wasn’t that bad. Alex and Abby were both well behaved while I was on the phone and I only had to pause once to get Alex a drink. So with the interview done and the A/C guys just about finished, it was about time to plan the evening.

remmi bday partyAbby and Alex’s cousin (2nd cousin to be precise) was in town and it is always a good time when they get together. So I sent over a few messages and within a few minutes a slumber party was set with four little girls and the Alex monster. Abby and her cousins, Madi, Riley, and Remmi all had a blast hanging out together. They played house, barbies, play-doh, and even got a chance to do some DJing on my Hercules console. It was a little exhausting watching and listening to them all having so much fun. The next morning I made some Olaf waffles and some crispy bacon. The girls ate it up and then continued their playtime. Their parents would arrive before lunch and after that our house was relatively quiet again. It was a lot of fun having all of the kids over. Hopefully these kids are making memories like us adults and they will keep with them for a long time.

Sunday we had Remmi’s 3rd birthday party to attend. The morning was kind of rainy so we weren’t exactly sure how well swimming and the bounce house would hold up. We brought our swim wear anyway and it cleared up enough for the ground to dry so things were back in motion. The pool was dyed a dark blue to help bring warmth to the water. I’m not saying it didn’t work, I’m just saying the pool was a little cooler, but then again it was raining most of the morning. The dark dye was cool and eerie at the same time. You could see just a few inches below the water line and your feet were gone into the abyss. I did not get a good picture of this pool, but believe me it was kind of freaky.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!

Bull Shoals Family Vacation (day 4 & 5)

Destiny and Abby Bull Shoals 2015Day four of our family vacation was one for the books. Earlier in the week a few of the guys went out and put together this amazing water slide. It was suppose to be over 50 feet but ended up being 30 feet because of how high the water level was. Using a water pump we got the water flowing down the slide and that is when the fun began. Using the GoPro I was able to capture some pretty cool footage going down the slide. My niece took it with her as well as my wife. Alex is still too little to go down the slide and Abby was just a little too scared to try it out. My niece however was a trooper and was having a blast sliding into the lake.

It will be interesting to find out next year if the slide is still there or if the core of engineers will tear it down. Several years ago we hung a zip line between two cliffs and would zip line between them and drop off into the water. They shut down our fun pretty quickly that year. That’s okay though, we still had a lot of fun.

Day five of our vacation was a slow one. We woke up later in the day because of a very active night. Pretty much a lot of the same. Swimming, riding the wet bike, and having fun. Check out the video below to see our fun from day four & five and click here to see day 1 & 2, and here for day 3!

Day Four

Day Five