Bull Shoals Vacation 2016

The last few years I have put together several videos highlighting our Bull Shoals vacation. This year I switched it up and just made one ten minute video. I also used some slow motion effects this time around which added some extra coolness to the video. I won’t keep you reading so go ahead and get to watching our awesome Bull Shoals vacation video!

Want to see some bonus footage? Check out this video of the storm that rolled through while we were hanging out on the dock!

Congratulations Sam and Brittney!

In October, my cousin Brittney celebrated her marriage to Sam. I was invited to tag along on the party bus while we went around town as┬ámy wife was taking pictures of the bridal party. I thought it would be a good idea to bring along the GoPro and capture some footage of Sam and Brittney’s big day. Check it out below!