A Little Family Camping

With everything going on in the world right now we had to get away for a night. So my wife called around and we got a campsite, packed our bags, loaded up the van and took a drive south.

We typically go camping in larger groups, family, friends, people we barely know… But this would be our first time camping with just us, no extra people, nobody else is responsible for bringing anything extra, we had to make sure we packed it all and had a plan for everything.

I would say we were pretty successful for our first camping trip with just our little family. We even brought our little Pork Chop with us and that pup was amazing as can be! I’ll admit I was a little worried about how he would behave and if we would be needing to hold his leash the entire trip, but nope, he was a very good boy and had the time of his life.

Swimming, smores, and so much fun kept this St. Louis family sane during our little family camping trip. I am still amazed at how well we all worked together in making sure this little trip turned out to be successful. From the small things like saying please and thank you, to playing a few rounds of Mario Party, which I was winning until mom somehow mysteriously glitched the game.

All in all it was a fantastic camping trip that I cannot wait to do again. Sometimes you just need to disconnect to reconnect once in a while to get yourself back to where you need to be. After being on lock down for a several weeks and now the protests, we just needed a break from the real world, and this break delivered a sense of renewed energy in our family. I cannot ask for more, except if we can do it again, maybe for Father’s Day. I guess we will just have to see what the world has planned for us and of course if there are any camp sites available.

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Can Families Enjoy The Great Outdoors Without Complaining?

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Because the summer is here, you want to do the dad-thing and spend time outside. God, what a nerd! The kids have other ideas and prefer to sit inside and play video games. Back in your day, this wasn’t an option yet the world is changing at a rapid pace. Still, some moderate complaining never deters a determined dad. So, with all of your persuasive powers and patience, you get them outside in the sun.

Okay, this isn’t too…sweet baby Jesus – will they ever shut up?! Sorry, but the previous studies found that kids love to moan and don’t have an off button. You’re going to have to deal with it or give in and go back inside with your tail between legs. Usually, men pick the latter. It’s something to do with the path of least resistance.

There is an alternative, one where you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s called compromising. Here are four examples you can try with the kids.


They won’t mind riding a bike, right? It isn’t as if they’re competing in the Tour de France. Before they know it, the 10 kilometers will fly by and they’ll be back home, tired out from the day’s activities. Of course, they hate the idea of riding along with their dad wearing an unflattering helmet and looking like a five-year-old kid. Plus, they aren’t too happy about the physical element of cycling. Can’t a machine do that in 2018?

The answer is yes, yes it can. Nowadays, it’s possible to ride a push bike with a motor. So, you can pedal and get your daily dose of exercise on the flats while conserving energy going uphill. What’s great about this is that kids love new technology.

So, they won’t even remember to be embarrassed about being seen with their dad. Everyone’s a winner!


At least with hiking there won’t be anyone around. So, they can complain all the way to the top and be safe in the knowledge their street credibility won’t suffer. Still, there are only small mercies because they are guaranteed to complain from the bottom to the summit. Thank the heavens it’s a small hill and not Mount Everest.

The good news is that your old friend technology is on hand to help. Think about what the kids would like the most. Have you got an answer? Good, is it a ride to the top? It should be because if they could hitch a lift, they’d be gone before the dust settled. Well, the top all terrain scooters can make it happen.

As the name suggests, they are reliable off-road and motorized. Although it’s cheating, it’s an excellent way to bond as a family.


There are bugs and sleeping bags and nowhere to get cell reception. Let’s face facts – the kids are going to hate life. Yep, they are sure are if you opt for a traditional set-up. For those who go modern, the experience is bound to be a quieter one, a trip where they may be grateful rather than eternally unappreciative. The Holy Grail.

Glamping is a new craze where tents are huge and there is electricity. Oh, and the showers and toilets that aren’t disgusting. All in all, it’s like being at home but in the Great Outdoors. Look at this way; you still get to hike and barbeque and enjoy the weather only with a few home comforts.

To be honest, you’ll be glad to relieve the boredom too!


Okay, this one is completely off-piste. A safari is a once-in-a-lifetime thing which costs thousands of dollars. It’s in Africa which is a 20-hour flight away and it’s hot and muggy and sweaty. Plus, there are wild beasts that can turn over the open Jeep and chow down on everyone for dinner. Where do you sign up?

Sure, it takes a lot of organization to book flights, accommodation and a safari-tour in Africa. And, it won’t be cheap, not even in your wildest dreams. Still, this is one vacation where the kids will love every minute and remember it for the rest of their lives.

According to everyone who has been, there is nothing like seeing a lion in the flesh. If the pride of cats don’t play ball, then there are zebras, wildebeest, hippos, elephants and rhinos. Maybe you’ll spot another big cat, such as a cheetah or a leopard. This is one method which doesn’t need compromise.

Wouldn’t you love a holiday like this regardless?

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Country Camping at Bass River


When my wife and I started dating we were all about camping. We went a few times a year and always had a lot of fun. Except that first year when we shared a canoe. There are a lot of relationship tests out there, but in my opinion you can take as many paper or computer tests as possible to see how compatible you are with your significant other, however, my relationship advice is… If you wanna test your relationship and possibly hate your significant other for a few hours, then don’t ever get a canoe to share. It’s just bad news. Since then we have only dealt with tubes because everyone knows, that’s the best way to go floating.

IMG_4721Last year we found ourselves back camping. It had been several years but we setup our tent without a problem and we were back at it like we never stopped. It was rocky and rainy but we survived and pushed through like true campers.

This year we switched locations and included a fantastic group of friends. The one thing missing from our group this year was kids. They were not there last year either, but I think they will get a taste of camping soon enough. It was incredible having a couple nights to ourselves without the kids. My wife and I were able to relax and just have some adult fun. Drinks, beer pong, and a lot of laughs. With kids there is bound to be a little yelling and crying at some point. I’m happy we didn’t have to go through that, at least not yet. The first night camping is usually the funnest. We get out all of that energy from driving, setting up the campsite, and anticipation for the float. This trip was no different.

I am a little surprised we all woke up at the crack of dawn when we didn’t go to sleep until 2AM or later the night before. I learned some new rules for beer pong that I’ve never heard before but ya know it makes like interesting when you switch things up a bit. That’s something I definitely learned this trip, try out some new things. The float itself was awesome. We all had tubes and 1 raft for our coolers and if someone wanted to get out of a tube for a little while. I myself tied up a my portable speaker to my tube and floated all day jamming out to some country tunes. I also like usual had my GoPro out and got a little bit of footage. Check out the video below to get a glimpse into our float.

After the float we all got cleaned up and continued our fun at the camp site. We started up a nice fire and turned up the music. Slowly but surely the days float took it’s toll on our group and one by one people went to bed. A few of us had other plans. The night was still a little young and since the group was dwindled down to just a couple of us, we decided that it would be pretty funny if those that went to bed early woke up and we were all gone. So that’s exactly what we did. We broke down our campsite under the stars and headed home. It didn’t take too long to get there and then we still had plenty of time to have fun in the comfort of our own home! That’s how we knocked camping out of the park this year.

Next year it would be awesome to have a camper that we can pull with our new van, or maybe just convert the van while we camp. I’d love a camper, but we’ll see where we are at next year. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0980.