Patching the Holes 7 Common Home Security Weaknesses

Patching the Holes: 7 Common Home Security Weaknesses

A home is more than just a place where we lay our heads at night. A home is our castle, a place where we feel safe and secure, our loved ones and possessions free from the threats that some outsiders present.

To ensure safety for a home and everything inside, there needs to be attention paid to security. The security required can be as simple as a change in mindset or as elaborate as a new set of locks now at Action Lock Doc. This article will provide the specifics to make your castle safer than it ever was.

Greater Awareness

Making your home safer doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Instead, all it takes is a greater awareness of what makes a home secure. It’s a matter of realizing that it is a matter of “better safe than sorry.” That’s a good philosophy when it comes to home safety. A homeowner should be constantly aware of all potential weaknesses in the security of their premises.

Opting for Cheap

When it comes to home security, there’s no reason for spending more money than is needed. On the other hand, a homeowner should not buy products just because they are less expensive. Being serious about the safety of your home means purchasing the right products for the correct uses. This often means buying name brands that you trust.

Skimping on Installation

Even when they buy good products, many homeowners try to save money by installing them themselves. This is another grave mistake that can jeopardize safety. Unless you are handy with tools and know something about how products are installed correctly, let a professional handle it. A qualified professional knows how to install a product in a manner that maximizes its potential for security. This means things like not allowing hinges to show, which can be an invitation to disaster.

Not Investing in Smart Security

This is an age in which all things security can be amazingly complex. The gadgets that have been made available to help make homes secure have made homes much more secure than in years past. Products such as video doorbells, smart cameras, smoke and motion detectors allow us to have safer homes and allow us to monitor our homes from almost anywhere. Systems like can even provide Cellular Keyless Entry System. In the event of an unauthorized entry, police or fire can be notified with little or no action from the homeowner.

Lax Maintenance

Even the best home security systems can fall victim to the ravages of time and poor maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you have an analog system or a smart system. Periodic maintenance must be performed to ensure that it is operating optimally. In most cases, good maintenance is usually nothing more than tests or routine cleaning from time to time.

Choosing Not to Upgrade

When security systems get old, not only do they become less reliable, but thieves learn how best to breach them. Otherwise, new systems are the most effective way to foil a thief since they are probably unfamiliar with it. By upgrading a security system, a homeowner sets the bad guys back and makes their systems even stronger.

A homeowner should always be vigilant for their home’s security, it’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. Good security of a home might be more expensive than the alternative, but what price is your home and family’s safety and security worth?

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.