Tell Me How to Get… Sesame Street Funko Pops!

Funko Pops are a big deal in our house. I currently have several different characters and my daughter also has a few Frozen Pops. Coming this May 2015 you can start picking up Sesame Street Funko Pops! The announcement was made today so be sure to setup your pre-orders. Mr. Snuffleupagus is a 6″ super sized Pop! It doesn’t look like we will be getting Elmo, Murray, or Big Bird just yet. I am sure if these sell decently we can get even more in the next series.

Are you a fan of Funko Pops? Which ones do you like to […] Continue Reading…

Most Requested Items Before Bedtime in 2014

The data has been thoroughly collected and analyzed and the report is in! Actually, the data in this infographic is not even 100% accurate. It’s also not even 100% true, but it sure feels like it. Just about every night before bedtime it’s always something. Daddy I need water, Daddy I need milk, Daddy I want a snack, Daddy I want to watch Frozen, no not that Frozen I want Frozen SING-A-LONG! It is a never ending battle with my four year old and getting to bed at a decent time. I will say that there are times when she passes […] Continue Reading…

I Cannot Believe What My Wife Asked Me Today

Well, it wasn’t actually today, but it was recently… So I get home from work and settle into my after work routine of taking over the kids and as we start playing with toys, getting a snack, and what not, my wife lays this question on me that left me completely taken aback.

She asked me if she could take a shower. I was shocked and dumbfounded, but most of all I was ashamed. Ashamed that the basic psychological needs that every human being requires, including my wife were being asked of me like she’s some orphan in a Charles […] Continue Reading…

Skywatching Events in 2015

Over at they posted this great infographic that has the 9 must-see skywatching events of 2015. If you have a child that loves science then I highly recommend checking out any of these amazing skywatching events. The first event is only a few days away. If you are able to capture a photo please share it with me and I will post it here. I know I will be setting up the telescope for as many of these as possible.