Three Key Ways Tech Can Save You Money

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The influence of tech on the modern world is something that is often decried as a negative – from the (often fair) criticism of social media to the complicated argument over “fake news”. There is, additionally, no shortage of people who believe that technology has broken down the links between people and damaged our social structures, though there are plenty who would argue to the contrary.

While we could go back and forth over issues such as the above, it is worth looking at the ways in which technology can bring a net benefit to us all, including the ability to make money online. For another thing, any of us who happens to be living on a budget will be delighted to take advantage of the many ways in which being “connected” can save you money both in the long and the short term. Below, we’ll look at a few examples of how this can work for you.

Getting smart around the home

Adding smart tech to your home may seem like a weird way to save money – after all, couldn’t you save by not buying tech? And we should be clear in agreeing that not every “money saving” purchase will save you money. However, investing in a smart hub for your home, and adding smart lightbulbs and perhaps a thermostat, can ensure that you’re only using energy and fuel that absolutely needs to be used. There is an initial outlay to be considered, but if you add what you can, when you can, it will represent a long-term saving.

Using apps and extensions for your shopping

Comparison shopping isn’t everyone’s idea of fun; it’s easy to wonder whether paying 13 cents less for a bottle of water is really going to swell your funds to any appreciable degree. However, saving on your purchases has become easier thanks to a range of apps and extensions you can add on your phone and laptop. Apps like the Huawei Member Center can get you the best deals on purchases. Browser extensions including Honey, meanwhile, can search the web for voucher codes that deliver big savings on anything you buy.

Saving on the little luxuries

While there are decent offers to be found on takeout delivery using technology – and these should definitely be explored for when you’re in a hurry – you can push the envelope a little further by making those little treats at home. A slow cooker will allow you to easily cook a range of tasty cuisines that easily match takeout standard, while a coffee machine can negate the need to visit a chain outlet to enjoy quality joe. Pick up a milk frother and a few syrups (which are increasingly available sugar-free) and you can even ape the fancy creations that would usually leave you little change from $10 – for a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of other ways that technology can offer you savings, and it’s worth looking around for ways to cut costs; you’d be amazed how often people are missing out on the opportunity to save cash.


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