The Best Winter Vacation Home Report 2018

Vacasa recently put out a list highlighting the Top U.S. Winter Destinations to Buy a Winter Home and I was surprised with the results! Getting away for the winter is a dream of mine, relaxing by a beach, staying warm in the sun, all of the things you can find in summer but during the winter. Oh how wonderful that would be. Working with travel agents, or real estate agents in finding the perfect spot in one of these amazing locations should probably make your new year’s resolution list.

In December home prices already are discounted, so maybe Santa should put a nice winter vacation home under the tree this year. Check out this great list and comment on which location you would love to get away to during these cold St. Louis winters.

The data collected and provided by Vacasa is an excellent way to explore some of the countries hidden gems when Jack Frost decides to come hang out around town. Why bother with slippery roads and fighting the defrost when you can work with one of the largest vacation rental property management companies in North America and find that dream winter vacation home.

Now, not all of these spots that made the list are free from Queen Elsa’s wintry grip, but even those are fascinating in their own regard. Such as my favorite #2 – Mount Hood, OR. It doesn’t sound too familiar but maybe the Timberline Lodge looks familiar when you visit, because it was featured in 1980’s Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining! I’m not exactly sure if it’s available for purchase, but why not check out room 237 when you drive by and see if there is anything interesting going on in there.

Honey, let’s get a winter vacation home…

Eventually, I find myself getting out of St. Louis for a few weekends out of the mid-west winter, maybe this is my push to start really considering it. Probably should clear that with St. Louis Mom first. I know she will love getting away from home for a nice winter vacation. Our vacations are usually during those summer months. We can get out on the water and soak up that sun. But maybe, just maybe we can get a little crazy and cozy somewhere like Colorado, or Utah… Baby, I’ll even put a pretty bow on it.

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How to Arrange the Perfect Winter Road Trip On a Budget

In the winter, when nights are dark, and it is cold and wet outside, we all want to have some fun outside, but moms and dads are worried about the little ones catching a cold. If you can’t book a family beach vacation, or a spa treatment with your loved ones, the alternative is a road trip. You will be able to spend some quality time together, and explore new places, while staying safe and warm in your car. Below you can find a guide to making the most out of your winter road trip on a budget and enjoying the great outdoors, despite the weather.


Create a Detailed Itinerary

The key to a successful road trip is being prepared, and making sure that you know everything about the road ahead. In the winter, it is important that you pack your jump starter, in case your batteries give up, and check your car before you start off. Pay attention to the condition of your tires, as well as the air pressure, as it can make a difference when you need to break on slippery roads. Pack spare clothes, and check out deals on Nickis moncler jacket kids so everyone stays warm during the outdoor activities. Check the weather and traffic reports, and plan your stops carefully, so everyone can take a break from sitting in the car, and enjoy some of their favorite activities.

Pack Lunch and Have a Picnic

To save money on eating out, you can pack your picnic basket, and get some snacks and drinks. If you visit a historic site or kids’ museum, you are likely to find a picnic area nearby, but if you eat in the cafe, you might spend up to $50 on a decent meal. You can even take some hot drinks and soup with you, and have a great picnic wherever you stop. Kids love doing things differently, so this idea will surely impress them.

Visit National Parks

National parks look different in the winter, and some of them have free parking. Make sure you start off on time, as they can get crowded on the weekends. National parks and reserves usually offer free kids’ activities and themed play areas, where you can let the little ones relax and run around, while you are enjoying a walk or a cup of coffee.

Go to a Farm Shop with a Play Barn


Another cheap idea for your family winter road trip is visiting a local farm with a petting zoo and play barn. Entry tickets are usually cheap, and you can pick up some healthy snacks and fresh produce, while the kids are exploring the barn and making friends with the animals. Check for special activities in the area, and events on the weekend, such as tractor races, miniature trains, and competitions for kids, to break up your day.

Just because the days are shorter and colder in the winter, you should not sit at home with the kids all weekend. Plan your visit to the local kids’ museum, national park, or farm shop, and you can make the most out of the winter sunshine.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.