A Fun Family Break In Malaysia

If you fancy a summer trip to Asia this year, Malaysia should definitely be your first choice. It is a stunning county in the heart of Asia with a wealth of amazing places to see. Here is the top place to see on your trip to this wonderful country.


1. Singapore

Singapore is a place full to the brim with a thriving atmosphere, English speaking folk and some amazing technologies. You can stay at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore or in a Condo in the middle of the city and enjoy making friends with the local people, enjoying some amazing fusion food, and seeing stunning views over the skyline.

2. Kuala Lumpur

Centered with the spires of Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place to visit with your family which offers a great atmosphere packed with fresh markets and wonderful entertainment. The city of Bukit Bintang offers some amazing entertainment all year round and the sense of community you will feel as soon as you enter is amazing.

3. Malacca

If you enjoy looking at historical architecture and traveling back in time to simpler times, a trip to Malacca would be the best place to visit. It is full of bright red churches and stunning buildings which set this place up as a cultural hotspot. There are many places to learn about history in this part of the country, including a museum where you can learn about maritime.

4. Penang

If you love Penang curry, there is no better place to come so that you can taste the real thing first hand. In Penang, there is a city called George Town which is a UNESCO world heritage site and demonstrates all of its British histories. It also features a wealth of amazing food to try, as well as both Indian and Chinese fusion foods. It is a great place to visit to enjoy the historical nature of Malaysia.

5. Gunung Mulu National Park

If you love going on an adventure and fancy getting away from the cities and towns for a while during your stay, you can head on over to Gunung Mulu National Park and enjoy the fresh air as you climb through the ridges and forests. It is a stunning place filled with natural wonder and you will have plenty of Instagram opportunities to enjoy. Trek through rainforests and hike the mountains until you can reach the summit and stare out over the top of the world. It is a magical place to be and it is a place you should definitely visit during your trip.

6. Langkawi

For a relaxing retreat by the sea, you can take a visit to Langkawi and enjoy crisp white beaches, rippling waters and lots of fun seaside activities to keep you entertained throughout the day. You can try some fun watersports on the beach, go scuba diving in coral reefs, and finish of the day in one of the 5-Star hotels, eating amazing food as you look over the horizon and see the sunset.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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3 Ways You Can Save Up For That Dream Family Holiday


What’s your dream family holiday? Is it Disney World? A European vacation? Or something else entirely? Everyone has that one holiday they dream about going on with their family, it’s something you almost aim to achieve one day. The elephant in the room is that dream holidays tend to be expensive ones, which is why they often remain dreams forever.

Not anymore! If you want to go on a dream holiday, then here are some ways you can save up for yours:

Get An Extra Job

The easiest way to save up fast is to get an extra job. Naturally, this is also the least attractive way of getting the money too! No one wants to work two jobs, but it may be necessary if you want to go on your dream family holiday. Just think about what you’re working towards, and keep in mind you can quite as soon as the funds are raised. Plus, nowadays, jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily get another job where you work from home for a few hours on the weekend, so it’s not too taxing. Or, become a part-time blogger and earn money the fun way!

Play The Lottery

Let’s face it, the lottery is the one thing we all hope to win one day. It will solve all of life’s financial problems, and give us more than enough money for a holiday. Okay, granted, you aren’t guaranteed to win the lottery in your lifetime, but it’s worth a try, right? There are other lottery-related games you can try instead as well. These days, you can play US Powerball online and be in with the chance of a huge jackpot. I only include these ideas because I just think you may as well give yourself every chance you can find of falling into a large sum of cash. Just buy one less cup of coffee a week if you’re worried about how much it costs to pay. Plus, a lot of the money spent on lottery games gets put towards good causes, so you’re doing a good thing!

Work Together As A Family

Finally, you will save up for your holiday a lot quicker if you work together as a family. Make sure everyone does their bit to save money, and you’ll find the funds in half the time. Especially if you have older kids with jobs themselves. Kids in their teenage years can get part-time jobs to help save for the holiday as well. This means you have everyone pitching in, which takes the pressure off your own shoulders a little bit as well. This is my favorite idea purely because it just makes the holiday that little bit sweeter because it becomes like a joint goal for everyone.

Do you want to make your dream a reality? Then think about some of the ideas I’ve discussed in this article. Don’t assume you’ll never be able to afford that dream holiday. One day, it could happen by a sheer stroke of luck or months of hard work.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.


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To Nashville and Back

IMG_8833I am very late with this post as I have already been back from Nashville for a while now. Doesn’t matter though, still had fun. My brother-in-laws, some friends, and I went to Nashville for a few days to celebrate the end of bachelorhood for our newest brother-in-law. The trip was great and filled with a lot of great laughs and memories.

Heading downtown the first night was an experience. I personally have never been to Nashville so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I talked with some friends that had gone so I had an idea of some places to check out but what I got myself into was on a whole other level. We started out at the Hard Rock to get some food and drinks and then headed on down Broadway.

Broadway is a world of it’s own. There are so many bars and so much music your senses are on overload. We went to a few different bars and took in all that we could. Like myself I am pretty sure many were experiencing Nashville for their first time. So we leaned on those that had been before for ideas on the spots to check out. Bar after bar and band after band we finally got some Ubers and headed back to our rental house where the night continued.

IMG_8856The next morning was rough for a just about all of us. We were hungry and tired. A Yelp review led us to believe that a spot with some awesome breakfast food was just waiting for us down the road. Upon arrival though we find out that the only seating is a table for two in this hole in the wall restaurant. After much deliberation we split and got some pizza instead. Easy and fast.

After a nice nap it was time to get ready for another round of fun. We found a place in Midtown that was playing the Blues vs Predators game so we held up there while eating and drinking. The Blues claimed victory and the Preds fans that were there in the bar were nothing but nice. I am big on sportsmanship, so taking the loss so well was good to see. We ended up losing that series in the end but it was a great game to watch. Once the game wrapped up and we enjoyed a few more beverages it was time to Uber up and visit the club. The night got amped up to 11 at this point. Lots of drinks and fun. I will leave it at that for this particular night as to not incriminate and embarrass anyone.

IMG_8868Our last night got us back to Midtown but not without getting some Tennessee BBQ first. After dinner we started hitting up various bars and just having a blast. DJ’s and live music were scattered all about the area. In the late hours of the night we grabbed a couple Ubers and headed back to our rental.

I realize that I haven’t gone into too much details about this particular trip to Nashville. Leaving out names of people, places, and things. It’s intentional because I had too much fun and don’t remember the names of the bars. I remember the names of the people, but I don’t think this is the place to divulge that information. Bottom line is that Nashville is a whole lot of fun and I cannot wait to go back. Next time I am bringing my wife. She is my dancing partner and I think we both could really get down, go to town, boot scoot and boogie together.

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Bull Shoals Vacation 2016

The last few years I have put together several videos highlighting our Bull Shoals vacation. This year I switched it up and just made one ten minute video. I also used some slow motion effects this time around which added some extra coolness to the video. I won’t keep you reading so go ahead and get to watching our awesome Bull Shoals vacation video!

Want to see some bonus footage? Check out this video of the storm that rolled through while we were hanging out on the dock!

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