5 Reasons Why You Need a Faster Internet Connection Right Now

Many people don’t seem to realize just how important it is to have a stable internet connection. We can connect with people all over the world with the right technology and it’s incredibly important to have the right internet speeds that can help us stay in touch with our loved ones. However, our entertainment consumption is also largely focused on the internet as well. Many people have swapped from cable television to internet streaming and it’s important to have a speedy connection in order to prevent stuttering videos and slow websites.

But do you really need a faster connection if you’re happy with what you have? We believe so, and we’ve listed five reasons below to help convince you.

No one likes a stuttering internet connection, but do you really need faster speeds as well?  

  1. The more devices, the slower the speed

The more devices you have at home, the more your speeds will be cut. This is because each device will be competing for internet speeds, so if you have a friend downloading and playing video games, then your Netflix video in the living room might suffer from stuttering if your speeds aren’t fast enough.

  1. If you work from home, it’s essential to have a high-quality connection

Speeds aren’t everything, but with fast speeds usually comes reliable connections. For instance, internet offered from from Suddenlink is both high-speed and reliable because they use all of the latest technologies in order to achieve fast speeds. These latest technologies are stable, safer and much faster, resulting in vastly improved connectivity to regular broadband connections or even basic fibre optic.

  1. High-quality video streaming is becoming more and more common

To go with high-speed internet and larger televisions, content on streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Video and even YouTube are starting to become available in 4K or higher resolutions. In order to watch that gorgeous footage, it’s important to get a faster internet connection that can handle it.

  1. More bandwidth, more usage

We also need to think about bandwidth. Most high-speed internet packages come with far more data (or even unlimited data) to help you make the most of your speeds. This gives you far more freedom than being limited to a certain amount of data each month.

  1. You’ll also get increased upload speeds

Upload speeds also come with higher download speeds, and this makes it much easier to share videos, pictures or even broadcast your own videos to the internet. Upload speeds are just as important nowadays especially since we’re more prone to sharing our lives on social media and using video calling instead of just messaging.

At the end of the day, speed isn’t everything. Having a stable internet connection is far more important than speeds (in most situations) but with high speeds, you usually get a reliable connection as well. The internet is essential to our lives and having up-to-date speeds can help you stay connected to the rest of the world, hence why we’d definitely recommend upgrading whenever you see a great deal available.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Why Is Technology So Annoying, Yet So Great?!

There should be no argument when it comes to talking about whether technology is amazing or not. It just is. It has made this world how it is today, however good or bad that might be. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to live our lives the way we’re able to live them at the minute, and for that, we can all count ourselves as blessed. But as much as we’re blessed, we’re also cursed. There are so many downfalls to technology that have been created over the years. Whilst it aids us so much, it can cause just as many problems. Some of which we’re going to talk about today, so have a read on if you want to find out what problems it causes!


An Indoor Generation

There are many ways of putting this. A phone generation, a boring generation… people have dubbed it many things. What we’re talking about is the children of the future, and how they’re now spending their childhoods. We can all agree that as children, we were always outside. Whether it be chattering away to ourselves playing in the garden, or out in the street playing with all the different children that might have been out that day. The memories we made were priceless. But now, children are spending more and more time indoors, only going outside when their parents take them outside. The desperation to be out in the street playing has gone. But, it’s not the child that should be to blame for something like this, the parent has just as much responsibility. It’s fine to let them watch TV in the morning, or of an evening, or even at lunch time, but you should be actively encouraging them to get outdoors. Don’t shove a phone or an Ipad in front of them, get them out in the street and playing with friends, just like the good old days.

Hassle Hassle & More Hassle

If you haven’t experienced first hand the frustration of technology breaking, or not doing what you want it to do, then you’re one lucky person. Technology can break so easily as it ages. The parts wear out, and it just doesn’t work as well as you would like it to. You’ve also got the issue of a device becoming blocked or locked, especially if you’re buying something second hand. If this ever happens to you, you can have a look on how to unlock certain things such as Icloud on Why The Lucky Stiff. If you ever have the problem of your tech just breaking altogether, you have two options. You can either sadly throw it away, and probably spend hundreds getting a new one. Or you can stick with it, and probably spend at least a hundred trying to get it fixed. But sometimes, your tech will just give up on you, and it’s the most frustrating thing in the world!

But Why Is It Great!?

Technology is just so great because it does so much for us. Even the most simplest of things in the home, such as the washing machine, wouldn’t be here today without the advancements of technology. The comfortable lives we lead is all thanks to technology!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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A New Kind of Festival


Art, music, science, and technology all come together this weekend in St. Louis at Murmuration Fest. The city’s first festival of this kind kicks off Friday, September 23rd, with an awesome free event for families and kids of all ages. There will be plenty of DIY art activities and presentations of fashion, art, and music.

Friday’s events run from 6PM to 10PM and does not require a ticket. It’s free! Bring the kids!

Saturday and Sunday feature some amazing thought sessions and musical performances. With three different areas there will be plenty going on for you to check out. Saturday and Sunday’s events run from 10:30AM to 10PM.

My wife and I have some music passes, so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get an inside look at what’s going down during the festival. Of course you could always just grab some tickets for yourself and have a blast yourself!

Purchase tickets here.

Follow Murmuration Fest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates!

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Let There Be Light!

IMG_6181 1byOne is up there in brands when it comes to some cool and innovative products. The latest item they sent over for me to check out is just as cool as the last product I reviewed from them. This time they sent over a touch sensor table lamp. I’m sure you are asking me how cool can a lamp really be? Well, this lamp is cool and I will tell you just how cool it is.

First off, this lamp is wireless. You can move it anywhere while it is on. It doesn’t get hot so there is no need to worry where to grab when moving. It recharges using a USB cable, which can be plugged into your computer or an extra USB phone charger to easily recharge. Secondly, it has a nice natural bright color, that can be adjusted. Not only can you adjust the brightness you can also change the color. The lamp can cycle through 256 RBG spectrum of vibrant colors and can easily be set to your favorite just by tapping the top of the lamp.

IMG_6178Aside from your normal lamp uses such as bedside lamp, living room, etc, etc… This lamp because of it is portable you can bring it camping and have a nice luminous campsite or for inside the tent. You could even use the 1byOne solar charger to charge the lamp during the day. Another idea is to turn on the rotation of colors and start a dance party with your kids. The cycling of colors got my two rascals all riled up right before bedtime. I would say that the lamp is just a little too bright to be used as a night light but it works great as a light source in just about any room.

An idea for a cleanup game came into play once I seen how many colors this lamp goes through. So I decided to give it a try with my own kids. Basically the kids clean up as many toys before the lamp cycles back to the starting color. Once the lamp reaches the starting color I stop the cycle and the kids freeze in place. Once the color cycle starts again the kids unfreeze and go back to cleaning. It worked the first time. I haven’t tried it again because I don’t want them to catch on that I am tricking them into cleaning up their toys.

My review of this ridiculously awesome lamp from 1byOne coming soon to my blog! #ilovelamp #review #1byone

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Any way you look at it, this lamp is ridiculously awesome. It’s small but bright and the fact that it is wireless, that sells itself.

You can purchase a 1byone led lamp at Amazon or Amazon UK. Also be sure to follow all of 1byOne’s social media accounts to stay up to date on their latest product offerings as well as other cool info!

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1byone.com provided St. Louis Dad with this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Please visit 1byone.com for more awesome products that can help make your life better!

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