Hands-free Baby Entertainment for Busy Days

Babies need near-constant supervision to ensure they don’t get hurt. However, that doesn’t mean they need constant attention. If you never put your baby down or spend all your time entertaining them personally, you won’t ever get anything else done. Sometimes, you need to leave them to their own devices so they can explore the world and you can tidy up, get some work done, cook dinner, or have a shower. If you need to entertain or soothe your baby for a while, but you want both hands free, you can use a range of techniques to keep them busy.


Toys and Entertainment on the Floor

Put your baby down on the floor is one of the easiest things you can do, especially if they haven’t started moving yet. If they haven’t learned to roll over yet, they will mostly stay put, apart from a bit of wriggling. A baby activity mat is ideal, giving your baby somewhere comfortable to lie and lots of fun things to look at and touch. Even if your baby has started moving, they can still have lots of fun sitting on the floor or traveling around, as long as you’re watching them. The right toys can keep them entertained while you’re busy with other things, and you can keep them in the same room as you so that you can check on them.

Soothing Your Baby Hands-free

Sometimes you baby needs soothing or entertaining, but you have things to do. Maybe it’s time for a nap, but the baby is taking a long time to fall asleep. One of the options you might choose is to use a rocker, bouncer or infant seat. These seats will rock or bounce your baby (or can just hold them), so they can have fun or feel soothed without you having to hold them. If you want something that combines these options, check out the review of the mamaRoo at The product has a range of settings, including one that simulates going on a car ride, which is ideal for babies who sleep best in the car. You can even connect it to a Bluetooth device so that you can control it from anywhere.

Wear Your Baby

Some babies just don’t want to be put down. It’s hard to deny your baby when they want some comfort, and sometimes you need to walk around the house and don’t want to leave them alone. If you want to have both hands free and carry your baby at the same time, baby wearing is the best option. A carrier, sling or wrap allows you to have your baby with you, while you get on with other things. There are different types that offer various benefits, and some might feel more comfortable than others. Before buying one, see if you can try some out to find which one’s right for you.


Kitchen Fun While You’re Cooking

If you’re making a meal while you’re entertaining the baby, there are lots of things slightly older babies, in particular, can have fun with. If they are already eating solid foods or you’re in the process of weaning them, they can sit in their high chair and explore some different foods. Baby-led weaning encourages babies to pick up food for themselves and experiment with textures and tastes. If it’s not time to eat, pots and pans are fun to bang on with spoons or other utensils. A few toys on the tray is a good idea too, especially if you don’t want the noise of your baby getting musical.

Get a Walker

If your baby is starting to travel around, a walker is a great way for him or her to move safely. They can get around without bumping into anything (or, at least, with a barrier to protect them) and they won’t fall over. You could set your baby up in their walker while you’re busy doing something in one room or let them follow you around if you’re going from room to room. Instead of a walker, you might also consider a doorway bouncer, which can be a lot of fun if you stay in the room with your baby. They can use these from around four months, when they can hold their head up on their own.

Set Up a Playpen

If you want to put your baby down on the floor but you don’t want them to get far, a playpen could be a good idea. It keeps your baby within a defined area that you can make sure is safe, so that they can have fun and you don’t have to worry too much about them suddenly climbing something or finding an object to put in their mouth. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can leave them entirely alone. If you’re worried about confining your infant too much, you can use baby gates instead, which you can put in doorways and at the top and bottom of staircases.

Screen Time

Time in front of a screen might be a controversial way to entertain your baby, but many parents agree that it’s one of the best ways to capture their attention. Moving shapes and sounds from a TV can be endlessly fascinating. If you’re worried about too much passive television time, you might also consider an infant tablet, which gives them an interactive toy to play with instead. You don’t have to ban screens completely. Instead, you can limit the amount of time you put your baby in front of one. For some advice on baby screen time check out

Get Baby to Join In

Your toddler can even help you do things if you want to keep them entertained. If you have chores around the house to do, you can get little ones to join in. Give them a cloth to dust a table or ask them to help you pick things up. It doesn’t matter if they do a good job. Just let them copy you and feel like they’re helping.

There’s no need to sit and entertain your baby all day. With the right techniques, you can still get on with other things around the house.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Big Family Problems: Saving Time Where It Counts

Having a large family is a blessing that many parents hope for. Bringing them into the home, newborns take up such little space at first. But as they grow older, taller and heavier they do more than just take up a lot of room. Having big family is a bit of a burden in disguise. It’s nice to know you have multiple children with their own personalities and wants. But in terms of the household, the trouble starts with supplying everyone with what they need. Running a hectic household while also being a proactive person in your own personal life, be it work or otherwise, means time is of the essence. It’s incredibly important to run a squeaky clean, tight ship that runs on time; sometimes to the second. So where is it possible for the modern household to save time where it actually matters?


Family meal prep

Most of the time it takes longer to prepare a full-size meal than it does to cook it. You have many mouths to feed, so everyone must get their fill appropriately. Complicating this might be the fact that you have children of different ages; therefore, portions won’t always be the same. Where you can save time in this concern is to get the children to help you prepare the meals. Give them tasks that involve chopping up the vegetables, bringing the meat out of the freezer or fridge at the right time, making sure they keep an eye on something you’re trying to boil etc. When this is being done, then you can ask what size portions they want, what they do and don’t like to eat regarding the recipe you’re making. You can of course also prepare ingredients before dinner by simply getting the kids to do the aforementioned chores and putting the food in the fridge. Put them in bowls with cling film over them until you’re ready to cook.

Hot at every faucet

The early bird catches the worm when it comes to shower time in a large household. However with older technology hot water can literally run out. You then have to stand there either in the shower or waiting outside for the water to heat up again. Even then, if you have a tank that needs to be filled that means despite the water is hot, it’s only a certain amount. This can be incredibly frustrating because there’s literally nothing you can do but wait it out. This isn’t acceptable in the modern world so instead take a look at an electric tankless water heater that will save you time. The water is heated up as it’s flowing through the heater itself and then goes onto wherever or whoever is using it. This means that two people can have showers at the same time without either experiencing a sudden drop in temperature. Read the reviews and figure out your price range and the capabilities your family needs.


The joy of a large family can be offset by the logistical demands you need for your household to function in a timely manner. If you’re sick of always being late and rushing everything, consider shortening these two vital time-hogging parts of every day.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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How To Show Your Customers The Love


If you own your own business, then you should know that one of the most important things that play a big role in your success, are your customers. You wouldn’t be earning money from sales of your products or services if it weren’t for them, and it’s important that you understand that. Sure, you have created a brilliant idea and put all the hard work in, and you should be proud of yourself, but if there were no customers out there – it would essentially all be for nothing.

So how can you give back and show your customers how much you appreciate them for their business?

Here’s how.

Invite them to special events.

If you have some exceptional customers that you highly value – when you next have a special event, whether it be to introduce a brand new product, or to celebrate a time in your business – invite them. Send them a fancy invitation along with the dress code and any other information they need to know. You can also include why they have been invited (because you value them so much.) This will also work to your advantage because it’s certain they’ll be snapping and posting to their social media while at the event – which is an excellent form of marketing for you without even having to do anything yourself.

Have the best systems for them.

One way you can show your customers you care, is actually by improving how you run your systems. For example, you all know how technology is getting bigger, stronger, and more advanced every single day. So one thing you can do is ensure that your business is always on the current software with all the essential updates that bring your whole company into the modern world. If you’re not a mastermind when it comes to technology though, you will want to subscribe to ongoing tech support so that you can do all there is to ensure greatness.

Solve their problems.

It’s important to really understand your customer’s needs and wants – that way you can go out of your way to solve any problems that they may have, while they’re having them. Never ignore an issue, or try and clear them out of the way quickly. That’s not solving them, that’s covering them up. Respect your customers and how they’re feeling, if someone is upset by something, or has a complaint, as hard as it may be to hear – acknowledge it, apologise, and then fix it – immediately. Giving them a little discount or money off is also a nice way of showing your regret.

So there you have it. No more excuses for you not knowing how to show your appreciation anymore, because here are all the best examples. And last but least, keep your promises. If you say you’re going to do something – do it. If you promise people an offer, like 20% off on all items for 24 hours, or buy one get one free – you have to follow through with it because they will be waiting. So don’t make the mistake of saying something you don’t mean.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Late Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That She Will Love


It’s not too late to show your love in style.

February 14th is fast approaching, and the gift options are now a little limited. After all, you cannot guarantee that deliveries will be made in time. But there’s no need to panic just yet; there’s still time to find the perfect present.

Here are five ideas that are sure to leave your lover smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the year.

See Something She Loves

The excitement of opening a gift is often better than the present itself. So why not take things to the next level by treating her to a night out watching a show or event that she loves. Online TicketOffices can link you up with the best seats for theatre shows, sports events, and music shows. Of course, it’ll be great if you can find an event that you’ll enjoy too. However, this gift should be all about her. In fact, making a commitment to attend a show that doesn’t particularly excite you is a true gesture of your love.

Write Her Something

From a guy’s perspective, writing a poem or letter seems like the cheap way out. For a woman, though, this can be the most special display of romance imaginable. This is especially true when you’re a man that isn’t usually that good at expressing his emotions. It’s still worth buying some flowers and a box of chocolates to show that this wasn’t a last minute decision. Nonetheless, the power of your words is far greater than you ever imagined.

Time With The Family

February 14th is a day for couples. However, as parents, it’s virtually impossible to forget about the kids for a single second. Therefore, planning a road trip or booking a family day out can be one of the best ways to share your love. After all, the children are the greatest accomplishment of your relationship. As long as mommy is getting a day off from her normal duties, she’ll be sure to love it. Besides, this will be the perfect opportunity to grab some wonderful family photos.

Entertainment For Her

Cleaning equipment and kitchen gadgets should be left alone, but household goods can still be a great option. As parents of young kids, you cannot escape the fact that most evenings are spent at home. Whether it’s a SubscriptionAddiciton magazine service, an iPad, or something else doesn’t matter. If it’s something that is just for her and nobody else, the message this gift sends is huge. The fact that it can enhance her daily life also serves as a regular reminder of your love, and the present itself.

Do The Chores

As with the idea of writing something, our natural feeling is to think this is the cheap and easy route. On the contrary, though, mommy will love the sentiment. It’s a show of your gratitude for everything she does while it also gives her some time to relax. This might not scream romance to you, but it will scream love to her. Throw a cooked meal in too, and you’ll be onto a winner. It would take a brave man to choose this option and nothing more. As part of her Valentine’s gift, however, this is a fantastic solution.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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