Still Sleeping with the Light On

FullSizeRenderWhat do you do when your daughter wants to sleep with the light on every night? It is a small lamp that she likes to have on but I know that it’s not good for her to sleep with this light on. When we try to turn off the light she will break down and get very upset to the point that she starts coughing which leads to her throwing up. Her behavior is kind of ridiculous on the matter but I am not exactly sure how to handle this dilemma.

We have tried a smaller, actual night light. This wasn’t acceptable for her at all. It was still too dark and she of course got upset. We are at our wits end with this light situation. We have gone in there after she has fallen asleep and have turned off the light. Sometimes this has worked well for us, other times she will wake up in the middle of the night crying because it’s dark… But it’s not dark, there’s a night light.

Alex on the other hand, we have kept his room as dark as possible since he started sleeping on his own. We figure if we can learn from our mistakes of letting Abby have a light on we will be better prepared for when Alex is a little older.

I am not going to give up this battle. I just need to reevaluate my strategy. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below or message me on Twitter or Facebook!

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