Looking Naturally at Baby Mantra

babmantra2I never had much thought about using all natural products on my kids since I never used them myself growing up. I can not even remember using anything that was super fancy or organic. Even now as an adult most of the items I use for myself have a concoction of chemicals that I’m sure are okay for me, I just don’t understand them all, and that’s okay. I am not a scientist and I will leave the science to them.

So, I’m okay with what I use and when we found out we were having a kid I didn’t pay much attention to what we should use once we are tasked with caring for our kid. That is until I had heard about kids and babies getting rashes from different lotions and detergents on the market. Blast those culprits of skin irritations!

babymantraSo that’s when I started looking into different organic baby skin care products. From what I found on Baby Mantra I was happy to see someone making natural baby products for a reasonable price. I have seen some higher priced brands that apparently are not all cracked up as they claim to be. The pricing I see here falls right in line with what I am already spending when I pick up my kids’ lotions, body wash, etc at the store already.

My wife and I really like the calming lotion and natural baby body wash a lot. Both leave our kids’ skin awesome. At least to mom’s standards, I’m okay with them getting dirty.

Another thing I like about Baby Mantra is that while you can order online, it is also available in stores. Babies R Us and Walgreens here in the St. Louis area and a few other shops through-out the rest of the country. Of course anyone can order online.

BabyMantra.com sponsored this post in exchange for an honest review. Please visit BabyMantra.com for more awesome natural products for kids, and follow them on Instagram to see some great photos! 

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Getting That Majestic Beard

IMG_6941As a dad and a husband I usually get a lot of flack about my beard. It hurts, it tickles, it’s gross, it’s tangled, it’s itchy, etc, etc… I have heard all of the complaints from my wife and kids as well as received some stranger than usual looks my way while rocking out my un-managed facial masterpiece. One night my daughter would not give me a bed time kiss and while she was smiling and giggling about it I asked her why doesn’t dad get a kiss and she pointed at my beard as if it were a monster. My heart broke. It was at that point that I knew I needed to do something. I felt like I only had two options, cut it all off or start actively managing this mess. I chose the latter.

Luckily for me LovelyBeards.com reached out recently wanting to send me some organic beard oil and balm to get my dad-ish opinion. I have never used any sort of oils or balm on my beard before so I wasn’t exactly sure of the best way to approach this nest so I did a little research on YouTube and reached out to a few buddies that have some magnificent beards and asked what would be the best way of going about this.

Lovely Beards sent over some incredibly nice smelling vanilla sandalwood oil and balm. Holy smokes these both smell amazing. I had always though my Old Spice was nice but this scent is just spectacular. I can’t stop taking in the lovely aroma. But enough of that, how does the actual product stack up against my birds nest beard?

IMG_6940It stacks up very nicely I must say. The oil and balm are easy to get into the beard and almost immediately you can notice a difference in feel. I would like to imagine that with continued use of these two products my beard will eventually be as free flowing as Fabio’s long hair. This is definitely some of the best beard facial balm that I have ever tried!

LovelyBeards.com is filled with several different scents of all natural beard care products of oils and balms. I’d definitely recommend checking them out the next time you are looking to smooth up your facial hair with a scented beard balm and/or oil. Also, because you are a St. Louis Dad reader I have a special discount code for you! Use the code  Lovely10 to get 10% off!

LovelyBeards.com provided St. Louis Dad with oil and balm product in exchange for an honest review. Check out LovelyBeards.com for more information about all of their beard care products!

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