Jason Beware – A Friday the 13th Fan Film

Jason is back like you have never seen him before!!! But you better beware, he’s got a curfew and has to have his snack before bed time. It’s not Friday the 13th, it’s JASON BEWARE!

Starring my own two little crazy kids, this fan film is a short one highlighting the return of the crazed Jason! We shot the film at a local park with just a few on-lookers seeing our gruesome scene. We laughed and played it off like we do this all of the time, which we don’t. LOL! Filmed on an iPhone 8+ and edited using Sony Vegas, with the bloody special effects provided by Mom.

Now, grab a handful of popcorn because this isn’t very long, but it’s definitely intense. Prepare for Jason Beware!

Behind the scenes, it was a hot one when we filmed, but we kept cool with plenty of water and plenty of breaks in the shade. Our next plan is to film Jason Beware 2 over the next few weeks with more actors and actresses! So be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks!!!

Mom also did some amazing photography work and has been editing like a crazy lady to have them ready to post. The full photo set is coming soon!

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The Peanuts Movie Review

peanuts movieToday I surprised my daughter with a trip to the movies to see The Peanuts Movie. Yesterday she had told me that she wanted to see it and I had told her that going to the movies is expensive and that daddy could not afford it. She then said “we never have any money”. It broke my heart when she said that, and while she is right, she is also wrong. We try really hard to budget and keep extra spending to a minimal. That doesn’t always happen. Today I dipped into the funds I earn from illustrating. It’s not a lot but it is extra money that I keep aside for special occasions.

So I talked with my wife about taking her to see the movie and Destiny was actually really excited and encouraged me to take her. So I looked up the times and figured a very early show would do as they are cheaper. I told Abby this morning to get ready and that we were going to run an errand. She likes tagging a long but typically if it’s an errand she knows it will be a little boring, but she goes anyway. The entire drive there she kept asking where we were going and I wouldn’t say a word. She had never been to the theater I took her too either so she did not know what the place was when we parked. Once we got inside she started to get really excited seeing all of the posters and cardboard cutouts, and once I asked for two tickets for The Peanut Movie she knew exactly where we were and was super excited.

12190106_10206248768952868_6589527187437449923_nWe got some popcorn and a drink and found our seats. We had the cool lounge chair seats and Abby loved being able to kick her feet up and relax while watching the movie. She got a little wiggly towards the end of the movie but she remained in her seat and was very good through-out the entire movie and only needed one bathroom break.

12184970_10201183694072627_6443856413513237210_oThe movie itself was very cute. As an adult who grew up watching the various Peanuts cartoons I really enjoyed the movie. It has the same type of story line and of course Charlie Brown messes up things right and left but it ends beautifully. The animation was great. Blue Sky did not get as detailed as they have in the past on Ice Age or Rio but the style they used in The Peanuts Movie fit perfectly and was great. I really liked how they used some traditional animation to add to the cgi animation.

All in all, the movie was a 4 out of 5 on the St. Louis Dad rating scale. The voices and animation were spot on. The story could’ve used just a little bit more but when it comes to Peanuts the story is usually not as epic as you would expect. It was a fantastic day to take my beautiful little girl out on a daddy/daughter date. I hope we get to spend some more days like today together. I seen trailer for a new Alvin and the Chipmunks sooo, maybe we will go see that in a few months.

13 Nights of Halloween – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Great_pumpkin_charlie_brown_title_cardTonight is when it all begins! For the next thirteen nights my family and I will be watching some of the best children’s Halloween movies. There are many lists out there on the internet that list out many of these same movies you will see here, but hey this is a St. Louis Dad list and I am going to be listing these out one by one each and every night, for the next thirteen nights! So you know you will be getting some quality entertainment out of me. Some of these movies may be a little harder to find if you don’t have them recorded or on VHS. So good luck, be safe, and let the 13 Nights of Halloween begin!

Night One – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Our first movie we will be watching tonight will be The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. With the Great Pumpkin Patch Express still fresh in the kids minds I figured why not start off with this classic. Originally aired in 1966, this animated classic has been shown on T.V. just about every year since. Sometimes with You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown following afterwards. We won’t be watching anything related to an election tonight. Abby is extremely excited to see The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tonight after dinner. Hopefully, Alex doesn’t fall asleep before the end. Check back tomorrow to find out what we will watch next! Got a suggestion or want to share your favorite Halloween movie comment below!

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