How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Doing A Million Other Things At Once

Being a parent means your life is pretty much full of multitasking. There will rarely be a moment where you only have one thing to do at once. Mostly, you have a million things going on at the same time, and you’re like one of those street performers trying to keep the plates spinning at the same time.


Normally, entertaining your kids is a constant on your list of things to do. But, how can you do this when you simply have more pressing matters to tend to? The solution is to look for ways in which your kids can stay entertained without you needing to constantly watch over and supervise them. In this piece, I’ve listed a few of my favorite ideas to do this.

Put Netflix On The TV

Normally, I’m not an advocate of sticking your child in front of a screen and letting it entertain them for you. However, there comes a time where you simply don’t have the time to provide personal entertainment. In times like these, Netflix is your best friend. It’s like your virtual nanny, it will help keep your kids entertained for a good hour or so while you do what you need to do. Don’t let them watch it for too long, I personally think this is a great option when you’re making dinner for 30-45 minutes.

Get Them A Playhouse

A playhouse is a really fun toy that your children can pretty much play with by themselves. They’ll lose themselves in their imagination as they play with this toy house, pretending it’s their own. Normally, these are reserved for outdoor fun. However, the best kids’ playhouse can be used indoors as well as out. So, even when it’s rainy, your children can still play with it while you work, cook, clean, or just do whatever you need to do in peace.


Buy A Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep children occupied without the need for constant supervision. A jigsaw puzzle can be placed on a table, and your child is free to try and solve it as they please. This is one of the best ways of occupying a child for well over an hour. They get caught up in trying to put all the pieces together and completely zone out from the world. If you work from home and have a lot to do, then this is a great idea for you.

Let Them Use Your Tablet

Again, I said it earlier, I don’t suggest you always stick a screen in front of your children!! But, your tablet is a great entertainment device for your kids. They can watch videos, play games, but also learn at the same time. My advice is to download educational games and apps that they can pass the time on while you’re busy. They stay entertained, they learn, and you get a little bit of peace and quiet.


Being a good dad is all about managing your time well! If you can keep your kids entertained while also doing loads of other tasks, then you’re doing a pretty great job!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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The Tech That Is Making Car Driving Safer Than Ever Before

The driving of cars, especially when done with the kids in tow, needs to be safe. Simply, cars need to be safe to handle and they need to be kept safely away from all the dangers that the road throws up at them, whether these be other vehicles or faults of nature. And, there is a host of differs pieces of technology that are helping to make car driving safe in this manner. To see just a few pieces of this tech, make sure to read on.


Adaptive cruise control

Finding and then maintaining a safe driving speed is vital for drivers, and these days their cars can help them do this with ease. Yes, cars can help in the finding of a good and safe cruising limit through the adaptive cruise control technology that is now built into them. What such technology offers those drivers who own cars with this technology built into them is the chance for them to find a driving speed that is safe for them in regards to the road that they are using. Plus, this technology goes even further still as it also adapts to the demands of the road by sensing things around the car, such as traffic, so is also able to calculate a safe speed in regards to that as well.

Lane keep assist

Another piece of technology that uses sensors to create a safe driving experience is lane keep assist. What this particular piece of technology does, well, is pretty obvious after you’ve read it’s name, it keeps you in lane. And, despite sounding like a pretty easy thing to do already even without technology, it’s seriously not. It’s seriously not because any number of things can make a driver deviate from one lane to another, whether it be a distraction or whether it be them falling asleep at the wheel (if that were to ever be the case, the driver should pull into the next service station, grab a coffee, and wait for the boost of energy to kick in). What LKA does specifically is react to the car moving into a lane it shouldn’t be in, notifying the driver straight away should that be the case.

Backup cameras

Another piece of sensory tech that is helping to change the safety of the driving, or in this case the parking, of cars is backup camera technology, such as that offered by vdashcam. What such technology does is alert the driver to anything that is behind their car on in their blindspot thanks to strategically placed cameras around the car and video technology that these cameras feed a feed to. So, no longer would you have to worry about the neighbors cat every time you pull off your drive to go to work of a morning!

Driving needs to be safe, and that is why it is only ever a good thing when another piece of tech makes it that little bit safer. So, embrace this tech, and any more of it that may come in the future!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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The Home Improvements All Kids Small And Big Want

Home improvements are, in most families, another way to describe what the parents want to change in the house. More often than not, these improvements are designed as a way to maximize the value of your property, while satisfying a need that is closely linked to the adult world. While there is nothing wrong with planning a kitchen extension or a bathroom makeover, it’s crucial to remember one thing: Your kids also have expectations for their home. Naturally, their dream home may be slightly different from yours. They probably don’t care yet about saving on energy bills or using eco-friendly insulation materials. But, it doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring their desires. After all, why couldn’t you give your kids the home they’re dreaming of? Kid-friendly improvements are guaranteed to put a smile on your face too.


Having fun is fun

Admittedly, there is no denying that you need to look after your home and make sure that it is safe and strong. But most of home improvement works are purely designed for aesthetic reasons. Sure getting double-glazing windows is essential to protect your family from the cold, but did you really need a bathroom makeover? The answer is that you wanted a change of decor. And that’s fine, as long as you can add another reason on the list of non-necessary makeovers, namely fun. Improving your home to bring more fun in your family life is actually an essential part of balancing responsibilities and pleasure in life. It’s part of what keeps you strong and productive day after day. So, if you’re wondering about adding an element of fun to your home, the answer is yes!

A playroom to unwind

Every kid needs to play. In fact, adults need to play too, as it part of your social behavior. So, the idea of converting your basement or spare bedroom into a playroom can be a lot more effective than you think. For a start, you can be sure that you’re keeping kids out of the way when you need to work in the house, which is a bonus. But more importantly, you can give your kids a room to relax and make the most of their energy in a positive way. If you have young children, you may want to consider using magnetic chalkboard paint on one wall so that they can draw and stick magnets to it. Older kids would be delighted with a gaming room, and that’s one you can share with them too!


Give your outdoors a sporty feel

Do you have a large flat outdoor area that you just don’t know how to use? It can be tricky to create a garden when your soil is hard and dry, as it is often the case in unmanaged backyards. But have you thought of turning your failed garden into exciting sport courts? You can transform the area into a tennis or basketball court, and plan fun family matches over the weekend.

Let’s all slide to the kitchen

Every child loves a slide. But surprisingly enough, sliding is fun for everyone and at every age. It’s not something you stop enjoying when you grow older. But it’s something you certainly stop doing at the playground because you simply can’t deal with the outraged look on the faces of other parents. But why not take your sweet revenge on social conventions and build a slide, not in your garden, but inside your home? There’s a home in Indonesia that has got an external concrete slide from the top floor to the ground. Carsten Höller, a Swedish architect, has a love for aluminium slides. He’s even installed a slide of over 40m high on the campus of Vitra Magazine in Germany! He’s definitely someone who knows how to have fun!


A thought in suspension

Finally, suspend your belief for an instant and let yourself float inside a net. Suspended nets are the new approach to comfort and fun, inside homes and even offices. Think of these as giant hammock bed that lies underneath the ceiling and above a main room. Perfectly safe, these large hammocks are the perfect spot to read your favorite books, relax at the end of a long day or simply take a short nap. For kids, they offer the possibility to spy on the rest of the family without being in the room – although everybody can see them! There’s a sense of freedom that you can’t find anywhere else … and it only takes a net to discover new meditative horizons!

So, the question that remains for you to answer is: What is your idea of fun improvements?

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.


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It’s time for another giveaway! This time I am giving away a pair of tickets to the Fabulous Fox to see The Wizard of Oz! Keep reading to find out more!

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A spectacular celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film, THE WIZARD OF OZ will blow you away from the moment the tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling Oz, complete with munchkins and flying monkeys. Don’t miss the chance to travel Over the Rainbow and experience this national treasure on stage.

With several shows you can be sure not to miss this great performance of a stage classic.


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