Bouncing Off The Walls Again

IMG_8437Whoa, it’s not just a popular Sugarcult song, it’s my life right now. After a few rounds fighting off the bugs going around it appears as though the kids and myself have started to bounce off the walls. It’s great to feel back to normal and not coughing at the most inconvenient times, (like when you have food in your mouth, or talking to someone)…

I am happy that my family seems to be getting back on track and pushing these bugs out of our house. It had been a rough couple of weeks, getting woken up in the middle of the night to clean up a mess. It wasn’t fun and probably never will be, but you do what you have to do for your kids and you don’t complain.

Seeing my kids out for the count is heartbreaking. Cuddles are in high demand when the kids are sick. So my wife and I soak it up as much as we can. When the kids are feeling fine they never want to cuddle. They want to play and break free. But with sickness, it’s like cuddles are a requirement. So I will take as many as I can get.

A few of those days were pretty rough. Even me and my wife caught a little bit of something. We pushed through and managed to get better quickly but the kids, they took it the hardest this time around.

All in all I am happy everyone is on the mend and things are seemingly getting back to normal. Spring has brought some nice weather with it so I think it’s time to grab the skateboards and get outside to expel some of that pent up energy.

After a battle against sickness, what does your family do to rise back up? Comment below or hit tweet at me!

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Abby Doodles TV – Episode 10 – Season One Finale

Well, it’s finally coming to an end. Season one at least. Back in August of 2014 my daughter and I started making a some videos. It was nothing serious and we didn’t spend a lot of time on setup or anything of that nature. I wasn’t even sure how well this would all come together. To be perfectly honest, not much has come out of any of this. We probably spent too long in between each episode to actually build a following.

So here we are, a little over two years later and we are closing out season one. When we first started this show Abby did not know how to read at all and could barely write her own name. Now she’s writing some sentences and can read at her age level so we are ready to start planning for season two. Abby and I discuss her show a lot and we have some good ideas for season two, now we just need to put the plan into action and actually film some episodes. We are hoping to start the next season this summer, so be sure to subscribe and be on the look-out for that. There is talks of a new intro and theme song, but we will have to see about all of that. For now though, enjoy season one for what it is and expect some great new things in season two!

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Abby Doodles TV – Episode 09 – Super Star of The Week

Well, I guess you could say that I was busy, or you could call it a long spout of laziness but here we are with a new episode of Abby Doodles TV! In this episode Abby decided that she wanted to announce that she is the Super Star of The Week in class. She gets to bring in a few items to share with everyone so in this episode she tells us what she plans on bringing and also makes the official announcement for Abby Doodles TV Season Two!!! We have at least one more episode for season one before we start filming season two so definitely be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy the latest episode of Abby Doodles TV!

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Don’t Worry, I Got This

IMG_1749As my wife is getting ready for work she lists of several options of things that I can do with the kids while she is at work. She also reminds me that after she gets off work that she will be going out dress shopping with her sister. She lists off another set of items that I could feed the kids for lunch. I tell her, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

My wife has recently gone back to work. Now, she has been “working”. Babysitting, cleaning, and doing some photography sessions in between. It’s work, there’s no doubt about, but she’s entering back into the other “work”. A job that requires hours and schedules and uniforms. Something that she hasn’t been a part of for a few years. All she has known is the kids. So I get it that she has this unconscious ability to list of things that could be helpful for me while I am with the kids.

abbyandalexinboxThis isn’t my first rodeo with the kids alone. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with the kids several times while mom is out of the house for longer than a day or two. This would be no different. I like to think I know what I am doing. I mean, I can change a tire on my car in 15 minutes. Diapers are easy in comparison. Don’t worry, I got this. I tell myself over and over as a personal mantra.

The house is still clean and the kids have behaved outstandingly. I haven’t shipped them off or given them away…yet. There’s no sense taking that option off the table. They have helped clean and have not complained about what I make to eat either. Bed times have been a breeze and we even got a chance to go out to a couple of stores as well as dinner at Waffle House. My wife is doing her best to help bring some extra money to our household so we can do more awesome stuff. I am proud of her for busting her tail for our family. Don’t worry, we got this.

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