Pumpkins and Trick-or-Treats


It’s a time of little ghosts and goblins running a muck through the neighborhoods snatching up all of the candy they can. We had our annually pumpkin carving contest at Mammaw and Pawpaw’s house this year and yours truly took home the winning pumpkin with my large and in charge scary face. Simple yet satisfying is the way I like it. The kids did an awesome job on their own pumpkins and we all had a fun time spending time with our family.

IMG_1252With carving out of the way and a few days until Halloween we took this as an opportunity to make sure all of decorations and costumes were ready for the big night. It didn’t take long to make sure we were ready, however my daughter wanted to switch things up at her schools Halloween party and decided to be a hot dog instead of Belle like she originally planned. It was an easy fix and she looked amazing as a hot dog! Mommy even volunteered for her class party so all of the kids got to have a blast with the various parents and their amazing teacher.

IMG_6583As Halloween night got here we headed on over to Uncle Mike’s and Aunt Shell’s to eat some pizza and get our candy! This year our little family of four decided to go with a Mario theme. My son was the title character Mario, I was Yoshi, my daughter was Princess Peach and my wife was the baddie Wario! I made a question block to show off Super Mario World and to hold my beer while we went around and collected our candy.

The neighborhood was jammed packed with kids and some really cool adults. It pulled on my heartstrings a little bit hearing my little guy saying “thank you” each time he got a piece of candy. He also made sure to show off each piece as he came running down the sidewalk to where I was standing. Of course all of the kids made out like bandits and had a blast doing so. Halloween is one of our families favorite holidays and this one was no different. Check out our pics from this years Halloween fun! Thank you to our awesome family for having us over, we love seeing the kids have fun and Halloween is the perfect excuse for us to join in as well.


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Learning All About Disappointment at Target

IMG_6670Now that Halloween has settled down and the candy bowl has started down a path of depletion, I wanted to take a moment to write about something that happened over the weekend that I thought was a good life lesson for my kids.

This past weekend, Target had a Saturday Spooktacular event. Where kids can get a free Shopkins or Grossery Gang Trick or Treat bag for all the giveaway goodies that were being handed out through-out the store. I had an hour to do something with the kids before we had to go to a wedding shower. Target is only a few minutes away from our house. So I loaded up the kiddos into the car and gave them the run down of what we were doing. I told them how important it was for them to be on their best behavior and all of that good stuff.

When we arrived at Target and entered the store there was only one family in line in front of us to pick up their Trick or Treat bag. I could see that there were only two bags left on the table and that the two kids in front of us were going to get them. I thought maybe they had a few extra bags that weren’t set out but I was wrong. The clerk was sorry that they had ran out of bags so fast but my kids could still have a piece of candy if they wanted.

shopkins-targetMy son really didn’t care, he is still little enough to where he can get past disappointment fairly quickly. My daughter however, she really wanted a Shopkins trick or treat bag. I had actually just told her “no” on a Shopkins bag the day before at the Halloween store. So I felt bad that we didn’t get the bag at Target but I also knew that free stuff can go fast, so I explained to my daughter that sometimes we don’t get the things that we want and we may need to pick something else. I told her that we can pick out a different Trick or Treat bag and I would pay for it. So we headed down the aisle to the Halloween stuff and we could not find any canvas bags for candy at all. There were plenty of pumpkin buckets but that’s not enough room for candy!

So instead of a bag we just got a couple of coloring books, some tattoos, and a few pieces of candy and went home. We learned a lot about disappointment that day, and while it’s not Target’s fault for running out of their cool Shopkins bags, I did hear from a friend that went earlier that morning that she seen several parents grabbing a bag for their kids that were not even with them. It’s not my business but I do think that is a little unfair for the kids that did actually go with their mom or dad so they could get a bag… Might I suggest not giving freebies away to adults when they don’t have a child present with them.

Anyways, it’s just a bag, the kids have already gotten over it and filled a different bag that we picked up from a different store with a few hundred pieces of candy. I’m just happy that all I had to deal with was a little boy crawling on Target’s tile floor like a snake and I didn’t have to deal with my kids having a meltdown in the middle of Target.

13 Nights of Halloween


Last year I put together 13 movies for 13 nights of Halloween. This year I am not going to 13 separate posts but rather just one post listing the 13 movies that I wrote about last year. Starting tonight you can watch a new family friendly Halloween movie up until the big night that the great pumpkin comes out!

#1 The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This is a Halloween classic. If you don’t find time to watch The Great Pumpkin then you must have many other problems in your life. I am not gonna judge but this is a must watch for any family celebrating Halloween.

#2 Double Double Toil and Trouble

The Olsen twins are causing mischief in this fun family movie. Back in the day these two twins where everywhere and in all sorts of movies. This Halloween classic is no different.

#3 Halloween is Grinch Night

I never knew that Halloween was also Grinch Night. Stepping away from the classic Christmas story, this Halloween adventure featuring the Grinch will definitely become a yearly favorite after one viewing.

#4 Earnest Scared Stupid

When I was a kid Earnest was one of the funniest guys a kid could watch. Seeing him battle some trolls during Halloween makes this movie just that much better.

#5 Monster Squad

When a group of kids have to take on some of Universal’s classic monsters you know you’re gonna have a good time. This classic 80’s movie is one of my favorites that can be watched any time of the year, but especially around Halloween.

#6 The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values

I couldn’t pick one without the other. Both Addams Family movies are classics that are destined to be watched each and every year around the Halloween season.

#7 Hocus Pocus

The Sandersen sisters are a trio of witches that deserve accolades for dealing with snotty kids. This classic Halloween movie will always be one of my favorites and is quickly becoming my daughter’s favorite Halloween movie was well.

#8 Monster House

Monster House is a computer animated movie that is definitely scary for some younger children. It can even be scary for some adults as well.

#9 ParaNorman

ParaNorman is an excellent film that features a rich and deep story that goes well beyond your normal kids movie. Definitely worth a watch with the kids.

#10 Corpse Bride

Stop motion animation is some of my favorite animation. The premise behind Corpse Bride is so wonderful that the movie is set perfectly to the Halloween atmosphere.

#11 Frankenweenie

Kinda weird, kinda creepy, but definitely heart warming. It’s in black and white but I think that just adds to the story even more.

#12 The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you haven’t seen this movie around Halloween or Christmas then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. This movie is perfect for many different reasons and many different seasons.

#13 Coraline

My favorite Halloween movie is Coraline. It is beyond creepy and the other mother steals the show when it comes to villains. I highly recommend watching this one last as I find it to be the best of the bunch, but feel free to mix them up however you see fit!

So there you have it! My list of 13 movies to watch for 13 nights of Halloween. Enjoy yourself!

13 Nights of Halloween – Coraline

The_Other_MotherOur last night of 13 Nights of Halloween has arrived and in my opinion we have saved the best for last. This stop motion animated film was directed by the same man responsible for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick. This stop motion animated film is my top scariest children’s movies of all time.

I don’t know what it is about Coraline that creeps me out but I think it has a lot to do with The Other Mother and her button eyes. They look innocent enough but oh boy does the creep factor really set in when watching her interact with Coraline.  The hidden meaning of mind control in the movie is also rather creepy and though provoking at the same time. The simpleness of story but tied with the deep association of mind control really show how well this movie was written, directed, and produced. Which is why it tops out our list for 13 Nights of Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed these last 13 nights as much as I did. Our family watched some classic and some not so classic Halloween movies. Tonight we will set out and gather up our own tricks and treats, so be sure to be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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