Football and Friends at 99 Hops House – Win $50!

hopshouseThis season of football has been pretty interesting on and off the field. It has lead to some debates among friends, but we are always able to come to terms in the end over a few beers and just enjoying some professional football.

Sometimes you can’t enjoy watching football at home while the kids are running around and getting in front of the T.V. So once in a while you have to take the enjoyment outside of the house and bring the guys along with you and turn it into a night out.

That’s where 99 Hops House comes in. Located in Hollywood Casino, St. Louis, this is a great place to sit back and enjoy a variety of beers (99 of them!) and some delicious food, all while watching some football. There’s plenty of space for all of your buddies or just a couple of friends. It’s important to get out of the house once in a while and spend some time with the guys. It’s important for moms to get out and it’s important for dads as well. With me and my team it’s a little easier to huddle up the gang and head out to grab some beers. For me, 99 Hops House is a touchdown. It’s just a short drive to get some great food and watch the game with my best buds.

Drinking a few, watching the game and joking around with each other is what we do best. Throw in some food and we’re gonna have a good time. As we get older it’s important to us that we find some time to hang out every so often. Football season brings us all together as the teams work their way to the top spots. We have our fantasy leagues but it’s the real thing that brings out the true excitement. This might be the perfect spot to keep that excitement coming week after week.

While you’re at 99 Hops House be sure to check out the burgers. They are so tasty and are labeled the juiciest for good reason. Pair it up with one of their 99 different beers and you will be set until 3rd quarter when ya might want to try one of their desserts. I did not know about this when I went to 99 Hops House the very first time so I didn’t try it, but I’m thinking me and the gang might give it a go during playoffs this year. It’s the 99 Hops House Passport Program. Purchase 99 different beers and get prizes along the way! It would be a great excuse to go out with the guys and try out all kinds of different beers. Plus we’ll be watching football. It doesn’t get much better than that (don’t tell my wife I said that)…

Just ask the server for details when you get there. Here is a little break down of what you get if you get yourself into the program.

10 beers: Free Appetizer at 99 Hops House
25 beers: 99 Hops House Bottle Koozie & Hat
50 beers: $25 food credit to 99 Hops House
75 beers: 99 Hops House T-Shirt and Set of Logo Glasses
99 beers: Dinner for 4 ($100 food credit) at 99 Hops House, 99 Hops House polo shirt with your name on it, and Priority Seats to 99 Hops House Special Events!

Win $50 to 99 Hops House from St. Louis Dad!


So about this $50 prize…. You can win very easily a $50 gift certificate to 99 Hops House just by commenting below with your pick for the team that’s gonna bring it all home this year. Doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, I just want to hear your pick! Then on Friday, November 3rd I will randomly select a winner from the comments below to receive the $50 gift certificate. Please use a valid email address so I can contact you for more information. The winner will have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received then another winner will be selected.


St. Louis Dad was provided a complimentary gift certificate in exchange for this blog post, giveaway, and social media shares. While this blog post was sponsored by 99 Hops House, St. Louis Dad’s opinions and thoughts are his own. Check out 99 Hops House today and always be sure you have a designated driver if you are consuming alcohol!

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Kids eating rainbow bread

Lunch Plans for December 26th?

Kids eating rainbow breadNow that the majority of the presents have been unwrapped and you’re sitting cozy scrolling and swiping through your phone while the kids are playing with their new toys and gadgets why not think about some lunch for tomorrow. Goodcents sent me a message the other day letting me know that on December 26th they are launching a new rainbow bread for kids! And to celebrate they are offering $1 kids’ meals with all proceeds going to No Kid Hungry! This is for one day only so for a creative, fresh new meal head over to Goodcents

Rainbow Bread is a brand new recipe developed by Goodcents, which features brightly-colored blue, green, purple and pink bread in a bun that tastes like its traditional white bread.

The sandwiches come in three options: Turkey and Cheese; Ham and Cheese; and Peanut Butter and Jelly. The meals are served with a choice of apple slices, cookie, or chips and a kid’s drink including milk, juice or a small fountain drink.

“We wanted to create something unique that delivers a fun new experience for kids that makes them smile,” said Scott Ford, president of Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs. “The initial response in our taste testing has been incredible, and we can’t wait to see the response from kids and families throughout all of our restaurants.”


Goodcents is also launching their new Sensible Subs on Monday as well. These are some very tasty subs that are under 500 calories on a new sprouted whole grain bread! There are six subs on the Sensible Subs menu and they all look mighty tasty.

To find the closest Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs near you, visit www.goodcentssubs.com.

Want to win a $40 Goodcents gift card? Enter below by doing just one option from the list, or increase your chances by doing them all! Winner must respond within 24 hours of notification. If winner does not respond another winner will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goodcents provided St. Louis Dad with this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review. Goodcents is also providing the gift card for the giveaway. Visit Goodcentssubs.com to learn more about Goodcents.

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Snarf’s Sandwiches Grand Opening!

IMG_4840editedIf you have ever been to Snarf’s Sandwiches Downtown at the MX, the Delmar Loop, or SLU, there is now a new location on Skinker and McPherson near Forest Park and Washington University! My wife and I were invited to attend the grand opening at the newest location at 360 N. Skinker Blvd. We have never been to a grand opening of a restaurant before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Snarf’s was really easy to find and we noticed a nice patio seating as we parked. The spot where Snarf’s is located is really nice. We don’t live in the area but we visit Forest Park and all that the area offers quite often (zoo, science center, museum, The Muny). So knowing where a great sandwich shop is an important dad thing to know, moms too.

IMG_4822editedBefore I get to the sandwiches I will go ahead  and say that this place is kid friendly. My wife and I didn’t bring the kids with us, but we always scope out to see if where we are at is going to be an alright place to bring our kids, and Snarf’s definitely makes that list. The interior is decked out in a some really cool colors. They have an awesome logo that looks to be straight out of the 90′s and I love it. It has this look that takes me back to my days of watching Rugrats, Doug, and Stick Stickly on Nickelodeon.

The menu is large and in charge right above the ordering spot. It is filled with bright colors and organized for easy reading. The kid menu (Snarflettes) is particularly interesting because it isn’t filled with chicken nuggets and french fries. Awesome stuff like grilled cheese, peanut butter, banana & honey sandwiches. You could even pretend you have a kid and get one for yourself to go. Nobody will know.

We got the run down on how the night was going to play out and were told to grab some drinks. Drinks? Really? That is correct. Snarf’s serves beer and wine. They have some nice specialty and import beers along with my domestic favorites. So I grab a beer and my wife went straight for the milk shake. Yeah they make those too. They have a few different flavors to pick from, and my wife went with the classic chocolate. I ain’t gonna lie, I got a taste of it and it was a pretty freaking good milkshake.

IMG_4827So as we sat and enjoyed our drinks a server came around with a few different types of sandwiches for us to try out. I couldn’t decide between the turkey & swiss cheese or the smoked brisket with BBQ sauce & swiss cheese. So I went with both. Destiny went with the Italian sandwich, which was loaded with salami, pepperoni, capicola, & mortadella with provolone cheese. Toss in some Zapp’s potato chips and we were in business. Admittedly I am not much of a veggie guy. I like some but not all vegetables. It’s a horrible example I’m setting for my kids but I can’t help it. I am getting better though. You can get the sandwiches made to order, so you can forgo the veggies if that’s not your thing. The samples provided were loaded up, but that didn’t stop me from giving them a go. I removed the tomato and onion off of the turkey and I was in business. It was so good. Nice tasty turkey with this nice roasted flavor. But I couldn’t forget about the brisket. I got in a nice big bite and was very impressed with the sweet BBQ sauce on the sandwich. The brisket was on point along with the bread on both sandwiches. I snuck in a bite or two on Destiny’s Italian sandwich and I was equally impressed with that one as well.

IMG_4828editAfter stuffing our faces with our variety of sammies we enjoyed a great chat with Jen from AndHattieMakesThree.com. We also had a great chance to talk with the restaurants owners when they came out and greeted us. It was a great opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of Snarf’s and how they put together a great sandwich. Snarf’s history goes back 20 years this year with the first Snarf’s opening in Boulder, Colorado. Now with nearly 20 restaurants in Colorado, Chicago, St. Louis and Austin, Texas, Snarf’s is definitely placing it’s mark on the map.

We learned that all of the produce is from local farmer’s markets and from my understanding that awesome bread is made locally on the hill with Snarf’s own recipe. Supporting local businesses is important to them which is just another great reason to grab a sandwich from this shop. Can’t stop by? They deliver and cater. Can’t make it to lunch or dinner, then how about breakfast. The breakfast menu looks just as tasty as anything else on the menu. Call ahead and grab some sammies for a picnic in the park, breakfast or lunch between classes, or dinner after a busy day at the zoo. There are plenty of reasons to check out Snarf’s newest location or any of their locations for that matter. Snarf’s definitely has St. Louis Dad’s thumbs up.

eatsnarfsSt. Louis Dad was invited to the grand opening of Snarf’s Sandwiches on N. Skinker and was provided sandwiches and drinks in exchange for an honest review and social media posts. Check out EatSnarfs.com for more information about locations and a look at their menu. You can also follow Snarf’s on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Snarf Happens!

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Trying Out Some New Fazoli’s Salads

fazolisI don’t have many restaurants contacting me very often asking me to try out some of their food. When they do it’s more than likely that I will agree, because free food. A few days ago Fazoli’s contacted me letting me know that they had four new salads available starting April 4th and would like me to try a couple of them out and asked that I write about what I thought of them. It sounded good and the family and I like Fazoli’s anyways so it was an easy decision to agree with. The hard decision was deciding which salads to try. There would be no way we could try them all, but I knew we could at least give two of them a shot.

The new salads featured quality ingredients such as premium smoked meats, 100% Romaine, and house-roasted chicken, Fazoli’s four new fresh inSALADas include:

  • Chicken Bacon Caesar
    • 100% Romaine topped with tender house-roasted chicken, crispy bacon, juicy vine-ripened grape tomatoes, and imported, shaved Parmesan in a velvety, citrus, signature Caesar dressing.
  • Italian Deli Trio
    • 100% Romaine topped with generous portions of savory Genoa salami, seasoned capicola, and baked ham, plus Kalamata olives and imported, shaved Parmesan in a white balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Classic Roman
    • 100% Romaine topped with house-roasted chicken, Kalamata olives, caprese-style bell peppers, spicy pepperoncini, and crumbled Feta, in a red wine balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Market Strawberry & Feta
    • 100% Romaine topped with tender house-roasted chicken, fresh seasonal strawberries, sliced almonds, feta cheese, and featuring our tangy poppy seed dressing.

IMG_4244Since everyone in our family loves Fazoli’s we picked up two salads, a pizza, and some breadsticks. We picked up a Chicken Bacon Caesar, and an Italian Deli Trio. The salads were yummy. They were really fresh, the bacon in the Chicken Bacon Caesar salad was very crisp compared to other salads I’ve ordered in the past from other restaurants. The signature Caesar dressing was so delicious. This salad is a great choice. The chicken was so tasty and complimented the bacon and everything else as well.

IMG_4245The Italian Deli Trio I really liked a lot because of all of the meats and the olives that were included. The veggies were just as fresh as the Caesar. I was not a big fan of the balsamic dressing but it wasn’t too bad, my wife liked it. I prefer to smother my salad’s in ranch, so I used that on the my portion of the salad and enjoyed it a lot.

My wife and kids both really liked both salads as well. I had to keep them all from picking out all of the tasty bacon and other meats from both salads. The kids leaned more towards the Chicken Bacon Caesar. But they did take a few bites out of the Italian Deli Trio. I’m just happy they are eating veggies.

Both salads that I tried tasted like they were made right when I ordered them and not “made fresh” that morning. The greens were crisp and the other fresh ingredients really made these salads awesome. Add on a pizza like we did and you have yourself a great meal for the whole family. Or check out all of the other awesome dishes that Fazoli’s has to offer.

IMG_4241Additionally, throughout the month of April, guests will have the opportunity to share with Fazoli’s how they’re getting their fresh on by commenting to posts on Instagram and Facebook. By commenting on these posts, guests are entering to win a $500 Visa gift card and a $50 Fazoli’s gift card for use toward their pursuit of getting fresh! One winner per week will be selected during the month of April, for a total of four winners.

Like” Fazoli’s on Facebook and “follow” Fazoli’s on Instagram to stay up-to-date on information for Fazoli’s Spring Saladbration.

There are nine restaurants in the St. Louis area. Find one in your area and enjoy some really delicious food.

Fazoli’s provided St. Louis Dad with a gift card to purchase salads for review. Opinions expressed are solely St. Louis Dad’s and do not express the views or opinions of Fazoli’s. Check out Fazolis.com for more information!

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