Tips for Freezing Food with a Vacuum Sealer

If you rarely use your vacuum sealer and just place it on your kitchen counter, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Regular use of this remarkable appliance can save you some money, especially through extending your food’s life. What’s more, it allows you to shop and even cook in bulk. Here are some eight pointers outlined below to help you save both money and time through freezing your food with a vacuum sealer.


1. How do you Pre-freeze?

Bear in mind that when you place fresh berries in a freezer bag devoid of air, they will be crushed. Hence, make sure that you spread out and pre-freeze food items such as vegetables, meatballs, and fruits on cookie sheets. Also, pre-freeze various saucy items like pasta and soups in plastic containers.

Before you pre-freeze your foods, ensure that you pack it down with a spatula or even spoon to get rid of air bubbles. Afterward, when the items are frozen, remove them from the containers used in the pre-freeze process before you vacuum seal them.

2. When do you Freeze Cooked versus Uncooked Food?

Some meals such as sauces and soups reheat quite nicely even after freezing. On the contrary, there are other foods that you can put together and vacuum seal without having to cook them. For instance, each time I get a well-priced 3-pound pack of ground turkey, I usually mix and pre-make three batches of meatballs. As such, whenever meatballs are on my menu, I only need to get the frozen ones and cook them without having to deal with the hassles of mixing and forming them. Doing so not only saves the time needed to prepare meals but also allows you to get freshly cooked dishes with limited effort.

Freezer dishes are undeniably the ideal way to save a considerable amount of time, especially when preparing weeknight dinners after a long day at work. You can consider our time-saving and delicious solutions such as slow cooker freezer recipes, IKEA frozen meatball recipes and freezer-ready casseroles.

3. Label your Packages

You think remembering the package that contains the tomato sauce you prepared in July is easy? Well, six months down the line when you use the wrong package in preparing your meals, you will be forced to reconsider your packing process. To keep the confusion at bay, always try to label or write the name of each dish you make and include the date of preparation. Although a permanent marker is highly advisable for this process, you can also utilize a label maker.

4. Vacuum seal your Food not just for Freezing

Bear in mind that vacuum sealing can extend your food’s shelf life in both your pantry and refrigerator.  In case you have bought a big chunk of cheddar, vacuum seal half of it until you are done eating the first piece. What’s even more impressive about vacuum sealing is that it stretches the life of your dry foods, on condition that you leave a barrier between the power and the vacuum sealer.  For instance, you do not need to remove the original packaging that comes with flour, instead seal the entire package.

5. Double your Recipes and Freeze the Remainder

From now henceforth, always double any meal you know that freezes well. Instantly, ensure that you vacuum seal the additional dish in a bid it preserve it even at its peak. For example, disposable foil pans are an ideal way for storing dishes such as enchiladas. With two trays of the dish, cook one for dinner and vacuum seal the rest. Therefore, when you want to have some enchiladas next time, all you need to do is defrost and heat them.

6. Get yourself the Bags

Not all bags out there are designed for use with a vacuum sealer. You need to get the ideal ones for proper sealing. In fact, these special bags are made specifically for your vacuum sealer machine, as they can keep both moisture and air out while offering a completely tight seal.

7. Portion your Food Appropriately in the Bags

Most bags can be cleaned and even reused. Nonetheless, others like the ones used in preserving raw meat are not suitable since they may contain bacteria remnants. Even with that in mind, it is recommended that you freeze each meal according to portions the bags can handle. For example, when you purchase the three-pound pack of ground beef, divide it into three pieces of one pound each and freeze them.

8. Be your own Butcher

Owning a vacuum sealer will help you make some savings, mainly when you use it in preserving meat. You simply need to purchase steaks in bulk, and then seal and freeze them individually for eating whenever you want.

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100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder Giveaway

Which words from the title caught your attention? Was it 100% fresh beef? Quarter Pounder? Or how about Giveaway? No matter which I think you’re going to like what you’re about to read.

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McDonald’s is excited to announce that they are launching a new 100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder! These new Quarter Pounders are cooked to order and are hotter and juicier than ever before. As a dad, I like to think of myself a burger aficionado to some degree, and I already enjoyed a good Quarter Pounder, now they are even better.

So, head on down to one of your local or worldwide McDonald’s locations and try out the new Quarter Pounder. This dad give it two thumbs up, as does mom. Perfectly cooked, tasty, and made to order. Maybe make a little day trip as a family for dad on Father’s Day next weekend.



There’s a reason I suggest that. If you’re familiar with McDonald’s, they have the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and on June 14 th through June 17 th, Father’s Day Weekend, the McDonald’s Co-op of Metro St. Louis will host a fundraiser to highlight McDonald’s new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder and Signature Fresh Beef burgers. Each time a customer purchases a fresh beef burger this weekend, owner/operators will donate 25¢ to the newly remodeled Ronald McDonald Family Room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital near the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Craig Moeller from KSDK/Channel 5 is helping promote the event and if you can you can donate as well. All you have to do is drop your change into the Ronald McDonald House Charities donation box that is located in each restaurant.

Small Change. Big Difference

Here in the St. Louis metropolitan region, all of the 156 McDonald’s are locally owned by business people who care about the community and the lives of their customers and employees. That’s why McDonald’s owner/operators support numerous nonprofits, particularly Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis.


“Small Change. Big Difference” will help pay for the Ronald McDonald Family Room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital near the Neonatal Intensive Care unit that is currently being remodeled. It was  ten-years-old and needed upgrading. St. Louis has four Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, which last year alone served more than 12,000 families at no charge and saw more than 60,000 visits at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Mercy Children’s Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

Each family room offers an “oasis” within the hospital so families can access hot showers, laundry facilities, a small kitchen with complimentary snacks and coffee, TV, internet access, toys and games for siblings of ill children, and a quiet area – all free-of-charge and just steps away from their child’s hospital room. These rooms are especially important to the St. Louis community because they serve our local families.


But St. Louis Dad, didn’t you say “giveaway”? That I did, and let’s get into that. For reading my pitch above about supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities I want to offer up some gift cards and other cool prizes.

First up is if you see me out and about, just come up and say “hi” and I will hook you up with a coupon for a free Quarter Pounder, Happy Meal, French Fries, or GoGurt (while supplies last). That’s it, just say “hi”.

The second giveaway is just as easy, all you have to do is comment below with your favorite memory from McDonald’s. I will then collect all of the comments and randomly select four winners to receive a $20 McDonald’s Gift Card! 

The final giveaway will be a surprise mini Happy Meal box with a couple really cool prizes inside! I will select my favorite comment from those submitted for the final giveaway! So share your stories!

All winners will be selected and contacted on Monday June 18th, 2018. Winners will have 24 hours to respond.

McDonald’s provided St. Louis Dad with the coupons, gift cards, and other prizes for the giveaway. Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win!


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The Original Hot Dog is Delicious with Every Bite

My family is a hot dog family. My kids live on them. I always like to add one onto just about any meal. So when I found out Feltman’s out of Coney Island was selling the original hot dog online, I had to get me some.


Ordering online was very simple and within a few clicks I found myself waiting for my hot dogs like a child. After a few days they arrive and I am immediately impressed by the look of these. I gave a call to the wife and told her to scrap her dinner plans because we were having some amazing looking hot dogs.

The kids were patiently waiting for me to finish cooking the hot dogs and once they were done the kids devoured them! Feltman’s Original Hot Dogs are all natural and nitrate-free without any fillers or unnatural ingredients. Feltman’s Hot Dogs are peppered with the Original Frankfurter Spice Blend, the way hot dog inventor, Charles Feltman, started it all!

Grilling, pan fried, roasted, and boiled, we tried them all sorts of ways and they all bring out that delicious flavor no matter how you cook them.

When it comes to toppings, obviously you can go with whatever you like. Personally, if it’s a coney dog, I need some coney sauce, but I am always happy with a little ketchup. The kids like ketchup like their dad but mom likes to go all out with the good stuff. Relish, onions, mustard, etc. It looks delicious and the smile on her face when she takes a bite is all the review you could need.

hotdogMemorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth, and Lavor Day is all just around the corner and a few packages of Feltman’s Original Hot Dogs would definitely make any dad happy, or just pick up some for your summer party or BBQ. Your guests will surely be surprised with these amazing original hot dogs!

Follow Feltman’s on social media!

Look for these tasty dogs in St. Louis Dad’s Father’s Day gift guide coming soon!

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Big Family Problems: Saving Time Where It Counts

Having a large family is a blessing that many parents hope for. Bringing them into the home, newborns take up such little space at first. But as they grow older, taller and heavier they do more than just take up a lot of room. Having big family is a bit of a burden in disguise. It’s nice to know you have multiple children with their own personalities and wants. But in terms of the household, the trouble starts with supplying everyone with what they need. Running a hectic household while also being a proactive person in your own personal life, be it work or otherwise, means time is of the essence. It’s incredibly important to run a squeaky clean, tight ship that runs on time; sometimes to the second. So where is it possible for the modern household to save time where it actually matters?


Family meal prep

Most of the time it takes longer to prepare a full-size meal than it does to cook it. You have many mouths to feed, so everyone must get their fill appropriately. Complicating this might be the fact that you have children of different ages; therefore, portions won’t always be the same. Where you can save time in this concern is to get the children to help you prepare the meals. Give them tasks that involve chopping up the vegetables, bringing the meat out of the freezer or fridge at the right time, making sure they keep an eye on something you’re trying to boil etc. When this is being done, then you can ask what size portions they want, what they do and don’t like to eat regarding the recipe you’re making. You can of course also prepare ingredients before dinner by simply getting the kids to do the aforementioned chores and putting the food in the fridge. Put them in bowls with cling film over them until you’re ready to cook.

Hot at every faucet

The early bird catches the worm when it comes to shower time in a large household. However with older technology hot water can literally run out. You then have to stand there either in the shower or waiting outside for the water to heat up again. Even then, if you have a tank that needs to be filled that means despite the water is hot, it’s only a certain amount. This can be incredibly frustrating because there’s literally nothing you can do but wait it out. This isn’t acceptable in the modern world so instead take a look at an electric tankless water heater that will save you time. The water is heated up as it’s flowing through the heater itself and then goes onto wherever or whoever is using it. This means that two people can have showers at the same time without either experiencing a sudden drop in temperature. Read the reviews and figure out your price range and the capabilities your family needs.


The joy of a large family can be offset by the logistical demands you need for your household to function in a timely manner. If you’re sick of always being late and rushing everything, consider shortening these two vital time-hogging parts of every day.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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