What To Do When Your Child’s Love For Gaming Turns Into Too Much Of A Good Thing

Make no mistake; gaming can be a fantastic past time—one of the best, in fact. While consoles get an undeniably lousy rep, the wide variety of fantastic games now out there could well see your kids learning like never before.

That said, any parent does need to keep an eye out for signs of gaming addiction, which takes this love of playing to new, and unhealthy heights. When addiction sets in, it can fast undo any gaming positives, as well as incorporating a range of unhealthy behaviors including – 

  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • An inability to concentrate
  • Mood shifts
  • Etc.

Left unchecked, these symptoms can lead to health problems, including insomnia, anxiety, and a great deal more besides. As such, your initial reaction on identifying this problem may be to restrict or altogether remove gaming privileges, but that might not be the best idea. This approach could see you bearing the resentment of an addiction unfulfilled. 

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Instead, then, consider the following ways to address gaming addiction once and for all.

Log their usage

Block out the percentage of time your child spends gaming over a week, and don’t be afraid to show them the results. They’re unlikely to listen if you tell them that they’ve had enough, but they can’t argue with a chart that clearly shows they’re gaming for more than 50% of their time right now. With the shocking facts in front of them, you should hopefully find that they begin to restrict gaming time off their own backs. 

Find reasons for them to get outside

Gaming addiction leaves your child with little incentive to get outside. That’s why you need to provide one. Make an effort to embark on family games like football matches, or cornhole sessions using supplies like those you’ll find it you click here. If you’re all outside having fun, then your child will find it much harder to keep playing. Even if this method only gets them away from the screen for an hour or so, it’s a fantastic way to start cutting those addictive chords.

Join them in their gaming

It may seem like the opposite of what you’d expect, but joining your child in their gaming could also be a fantastic solution. Without trying to drag them away, your presence will help them to come out of themselves, all while doing what they love. Even better, your ability to pick the game you play could see them getting the most of gaming benefits again, especially from an educational perspective. Best of all, your presence encourages the socialization that’s so sorely lacking from gaming sessions. That’s better than leaving them locked away in their bedroom on their own all the time and could, in turn, help to break those bonds at last. 

Any addiction is terrible news, but an excessive gaming habit is by no means impossible to alter. Simply approach the matter with these slow and steady pointers, and you should find that your child starts to bring themselves out of their unhealthy cycle.

Daddy Cool: Refining Your Style To Match Your Lifestyle As A Parent

There are few things which will make your children more uncomfortable than seeing their dad trying to be cool. Of course, while you don’t need the approval of your little ones, and you know that you’re cool, they might have a point when it comes to the way that you dress. Becoming a parent is a new stage in your life, and it makes sense to update your wardrobe to match this new lifestyle. You don’t have to dress in boring clothing, but you also shouldn’t be wearing the same clothing as your little ones. So, how exactly should you go about making a style which both looks good and doesn’t make your kid’s faces turn red?

Choosing Your Goal

It always makes sense to pick a goal when you’re working on a new style for yourself, as this will give you something to aim for. Some dads will want to retain some of their coolness, and this can often be achieved by looking at actors and other celebrities of a similar age to you. People like this know how to dress for their age, but will still want to look good. Alternatively, you could also consider thinking about professional styles, clothing which will make you look like you’re ready for an adventure, or outfits which are designed for sports and exercise.

Update Your Accessories

The main garments you wear are only a small part of this puzzle. Alongside them, you also need to think about your accessories, as these can make a huge difference. A nice analogue watch with a metal or leather strap will look a lot more refined than a cheap plastic digital timepiece. Mens glasses also come in an array of different styles, and can be used as a great starting point when you’re first building your style. Whatever accessories you choose, it will be worth thinking about whether or not a teenager would wear them. If not, you may have found something perfect for you.

Finding Inspiration

Changing your style can be hard, and a lot of people like the clothing they were wearing before they had kids, but finding some inspiration can make this whole thing much easier. Searching around sites like Instagram will give you the chance to see loads of different styles and outfits from across the world. Some will be designed for young people, but there are plenty of dad-outfits which won’t make you look like a boring parent. It can help to get your other half involved with this, as they will also have some ideas when it comes to the clothing you wear. The people around you will always know best!

Being a dad is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever go on. You will learn a lot about yourself and the kids you’ve brought into the world, and this change of lifestyle can give you an opportunity to change other parts of your life. You should always dress in things which make you happy, but it can also be worth thinking about what will make your loved ones happy, too.
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Are You Ready for Some Outdoor Fun With Your Little Ones?

After spending almost the entire day at school, children need to spend some time with their parents. But when kids have been cooped up inside the classroom for hours, parents should make it a point to get their kids outside and enjoy some fun in the sun. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, enough sunshine and vitamin D cannot be ignored.

So, if you’re in the search for some ways to add more outdoor play to your weekday bonding moments with your children without breaking the bank, here are some fun activities that you and your kids will truly enjoy and learn from, regardless of their abilities:

Appreciate the beauty of nature

Spending special moments with your loved ones don’t always have to be grand and bold. If you’re blessed with pleasant weather, make the most of it by going out and relaxing under the sun. If you have a tent lying around, set it up outside and have your little ones help out. A simpler version would be draping a sheet over a tree or a clothesline that’s high enough in your backyard.

Once you’ve set up an outdoor tent, use it as ashelter where you can enjoy watching birds, observing the clouds, some yoga and stretching, while your children can have fun playing house. When thesun sets, then it’s time for some fun stargazing. This can also be the perfect opportunity to do some outdoor storytime to help develop your child’s love for reading.

Have fun with some outdoor toys

The perfect time to take your little ones’ hands from those video games and gadgets is to let them realize the fun in toys that are meant for the outdoors. Experienced playground designers in cities such as Brisbane make it a priority to build play areas where children can enjoy playing games other than monkey bars like frisbee, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, hula hoops, bubble wands, and other types of yard games.

Some games may have to be modified depending on your children’s needs so they can play them comfortably. This is also helpful for older guardians who are unable to bend over comfortably for hours.

Have a picnic for lunch

This might seem like a lot of work, but if you let your children help you out with the preparations, it can be a great way to teach them about planning ahead. For much younger children, you can make them count out the crackers or small fruits placed in the container. This may sound too simple, but it can actually help them develop their motor skills. If your children are a little older, they can do slightly more difficult tasks such as spreading peanut butter and jelly on the bread.

When you’ve prepared all the meals, take them outside, sit, and have fun some chit-chats. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to have it in your quiet backyard or invite some neighbors for some socialization. As long as it’s a fun change of scenery from your usual lunch routine, your children will surely enjoy it.

Spending time outdoors is important to the overall health and development of children. Follow these tips to make sure your child gets all the benefits.

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How To Have Downtime As A Busy Dad

When you have the responsibility of attending full time work as well as caring for your family, it can seem almost impossible to find a moment in your day for some downtime. It’s so important that you can take part in some kind of relaxing activity on a regular basis as a father, as you need that opportunity to gather your thoughts and just take some time to yourself to do what you need or want to do. Figuring out how to work downtime into your busy schedule doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think, as there are many simple tips and tricks that you can make the most of to create the opportunity to unwind. So, if you want to find out more, then read on to uncover some innovative ideas that you can utilise today!

Take Part In Self Care 

Self care is such an important aspect of your daily life, as skipping over simple health and hygiene related tasks can have a disastrous effect on both your physical and mental health. Though you may be swept off your feet trying to get your little ones ready for school in the morning, it’s vital that you can implement a self care routine that allows you to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Whether you choose to jump in a hot shower, wash your face with a refreshing caffeine serum, or just stick to the basics by brushing your teeth, it’s vital that you can take steps to break out of your sleepy self and start to get ready for whatever the day throws at you. It’s all too common for dads to pay strict attention to what their little ones are eating, ensuring that they get the best food with the most vitamins and minerals, whilst often leaving their own eating habits behind. It’s so vital that you can take steps to consume a healthy diet, as you need to be in the best shape to provide the highest levels of care for your kids, and have the energy that’s needed to tackle all of your responsibilities head on. 

Fun & Games 

Sometimes you get a free moment, when the kids have gone to bed and all is quiet – now is the perfect time to have some fun! Whether you choose to dig out an old sudoku or word search book, play on one of your children’s gaming machines or search the internet for something like Casino Oasis, there are so many different entertainment options for you to choose between. It’s important for you to get the opportunity for such downtime, because it will aid you in de stressing and taking your mind off the troubles experienced throughout your day. 

Having downtime as a busy dad has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips and tricks detailed above! Start off by focusing on self care, as the benefits you will feel from very small changes will aid you in caring for your little ones thanks to improved mental and physical health.