Spend a Day at The St. Louis Renaissance Festival!


Whenever I think of the renaissance, I think of the greats like Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Botticelli. None of them are Ninja Turtles either. I’m talking about the time of kings and queens. When pirates did more than set their sails on the internet superhighway. Some of my favorite movies are set way back in ye old time.

stlrenfest3Surprisingly I have never been to the St. Louis Renaissance Festival in the previous 18 years it has come to town. This year I was invited to bring my family out and see all of the fun I am missing and then write what I thought. I’ll just cut to the chase and say that if you have never been to the festival, you should go, if you have been, you should go again. There is so much to take in that I hope I can do it all justice here.

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The festival is located at Rotary Park in Wentzville. Parking is free but there is admission to get into the renaissance faire. There is so much to do that you could spend an entire day experiencing it all. When we entered the festival we were greeted by an absolutely amazing atmosphere that takes you back in time, except you still have cell service. The setup for the faire was interwoven between the trees of the park. The setup crew did a fantastic job putting everything together. Various shops and food spots scatter the entire region. Everything is separated into areas based on a theme. Pirates, gypsies, royalty such as kings and queens, knights, fairies, mermaids, and more all makeup the cast of characters you can find.


Stage performances, magic shows, dancing, music, and even jousting all take place at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. Each event is just as cool as the next. The stage performances are interactive with the audiences and are hilarious.

One of the cooler things that the festival setup for the young kids is a quest for them to become knights and princesses. All they had to do was look out for these little signs and then visit with a pirate, wench, wizard, etc in the booth and from there they would show a trick, act a certain way, or give some history about their heritage. The kids would then get a stamp on their checklist and once they completed the quest at the end of the day they would meet the king and become a knight or princess. It is a great way to navigate through-out the entire faire and visit various spots and really experience the festival.

stlrenfest2My favorite area in the festival was the petting zoo. There was a huge snake that Mrs. St. Louis Dad got to hold! It was so cool. The kids pet the snake and ponies and several other animals as well. They even got to see a real life dragon. It was a bearded dragon but it was still a dragon nonetheless. The food was fantastic and the turkey legs were plentiful. I had my fill of one right when I got there. My heart was set on one and I made it happen. Fried pickles, nachos, funnel cake, and much more were all on the menu. I would recommend bringing cash as most food booths only deal in cash. Most of the merchandise booths do accept card so save your cash for food and card for stuff if you must. There is all sorts of things to buy. Clothes, swords, jewelry, shirts, mugs or would those be goblets? I’m not sure but they had all sorts of cool things. We allowed the kids to pick out one thing a piece and they chose a sword, a flower headpiece, and a unicorn headpiece. We also picked up two small swords for our son and nephew just because.

The jousting event was incredible. It looks like it can hurt pretty bad getting stabbed with that joust and falling off your horse. Big props to both of the knights on all it takes to do what they’re doing. They had the crowd going wild. It was a great sight to see and the kids had a nice view seeing it all going down.

After spending several hours back in time the kids were tired and we headed out.

There was a few things that we missed out on that we would love to check out at another visit. We didn’t get to try out any of the meads (beers). Since we had the kids with us we didn’t want to drink any alcoholic beverages, but maybe on a kid free visit we can try out the pub crawl that they have, or just drink at our leisure. Also, just in case you had not realized, the Renaissance Festival isn’t just one weekend. It’s gonna be happening for a while and each weekend is a themed weekend. This weekend was Pet Fest. So attendees could bring their pups! We seen so many cute doggies today it was dog overload for my canine obsessed wife. Be sure to check out the website for more details about all of the event that are scheduled during STLrenfest!

The St. Louis Renaissance Festival is open weekends September 16 – October 15, 2017 10am-6pm Rain or Shine. Check them out at www.stlrenfest.com and on social media at @stlrenfest on all social channels!

St. Louis Dad was provided tickets to The St. Louis Renaissance Festival in exchange for an honest review.

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Day 1 of Our Bull Shoals Vacation

IMG_5006-editAhh, vacation. The sounds of the birds, the trees blowing in the wind and all of that other nature-y stuff.

Wednesday was our first day on the lake. We left St. Louis at 7 am and made it down to Bull Shoals, Arkansas in record time. I think it might of had something to do with leaving on time and not making any unnecessary stops. I am not complaining. I would much rather get down to the lake as quickly as possible.

Getting the kids to stop bouncing off the walls the few days before we left for vacation was a challenge. So we used the lake as a bargaining chip against the kids so we could get them do various things. Such as quieting down, going to bed, eating the rest of their dinner. Stuff like that. It worked great, but now that we are here I can’t see us using that as a negotiation tactic again.

Anyways, the kids have been doing good on day one. We took them down to the docks and they swam all afternoon. We even took the kids out for a few rides on the jet ski/wet bike/sea-doo. Alex was loving the rides on the boats as well as the rides on the four wheeler from me and his uncle. Alex and his cousin are just about the same age and they both seem to be into these fast vehicles. They hope to get in just one more ride while I just hope my insurance rates won’t increase.


After some lake play we went back to our cabins and started playing around while we cooked dinner and drank some drinks. Being from St. Louis of course we are gonna have a few beers. Luckily for my wife, beer wasn’t the only thing flowing. Apparently, pickle shots are now a thing. While I am a fan of the classic spear pickle, they typically are not my first choice to mix a drink with. So the pickle juice was doing its thing for the adults, while the kids were having a grand ol’ time running around chasing balls and jumping on our various tubes we use for the lake.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0251.As dusk started creeping in I figured it was as good of a time as any to get the movie screen setup that I brought down. This 12 foot inflatable movie screen is intense. The directions say the screen size is about 12 feet. But I would suspect that the actual size of the entire thing is closer to sixteen feet. It’s enormous and very cool. I setup my projector and picked a movie for the kids to sit and relax and enjoy. Even a few of the adults were slipping away from their conversations to watch the movie for a few minutes.

The movie ended right around 10PM. I figured it too late to start another movie and also the pickle juice was flowing through practically everyone but the kids, so I enlisted some help and took down the screen and packed up all of the equipment. I managed to get the screen down in record time and got it all put away just fine. Now that the movie was cleaned up it was time to get the kids settled and in bed so they are well refreshed for day two. Our vacation posse had a few more drinks and by the time all was said and done we were crashing by about 1AM. What a day and night and we have just gotten started here!

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Eckert’s Easter Egg-Citement Event!

STLDAD-bunnyEckert’s has another great event setup for Easter this year. Their Easter Egg-Citement event is a family fun event filled with activities for your family to enjoy. We are planning on taking the kids to do some egg hunting, face painting, see some baby animals and more this year.

Every year we go out and take the kids out on some egg hunts around town and we haven’t been to Eckert’s to participate in their egg hunt, so we’re pretty excited to check it out. We also put on our own hunt with everyone in our family. My wife and I filled around 300 eggs last year and I am sure we will fill even more this year. We are excited about the event at Eckert’s this year and are hoping for some beautiful weather. Be sure to check back for a follow up post after the event. You can follow St. Louis Dad on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date about what’s going on in my world. Don’t forget to follow Eckert’s on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on all on the awesome stuff happening there.

The Easter Egg-Citement event does require tickets. Order your tickets online and save 50% March 12 & 13 with coupon code: Easter2016 – Get yours today!

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