6 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Six Unique Gift-Wrapping Ideas

The art of wrapping gifts happens to be one among the things having a great start but then gets worse over time. One will not only use the wrapping papers on heavy rotation but also fall short of incredible ideas in a short time. Due to this concern, many people end up relying more on gift bags than they should. Therefore, great ideas to transform the gift-wrapping lives of such individuals are necessary.

This year, you expect to make even the least valuable gifts to look uniquely-sterling. The process can never be simplified further than the following outstanding ideas meant to transform the whole wrapping process and make all gifts eye-striking.

  1. Nametags Done Creatively

Source: Man Made DIY

It is not uncommon that few people would recycle the wrappers they had before. If you are one of them, then you have to use a plain paper to wrap your gift, and write on top of it the name of the receiver in a flaring way.

You need to use an Xacto knife and a stencil to dexterously cut out target-letters from a printed paper or a newspaper and glue them on your package. If this process is a tedious one for you due to the long time you will consume, then you can alternatively get stick letters from the nearby craft store and save all the time you would otherwise spend cutting the letters from newspapers. Eventually, the final piece you will get is an incomparable one regardless of the method used, as long as every detail is emphasized and unmatched clarity is employed throughout the processes!

  1. The Black and White Technique

Source: Going Home to Roost

This is a trick that is fast-growing and many people all over the world are fast-adopting it for the efficiency it offers. You only need a black craft paper, which your gift should be wrapped in, and then a white paint pen is used to write the names of the recipient on it. With this method, you will indeed use the shortest time possible and still manage to bring out the elegant look it deserves. However, the short length of time you will use means you employ meticulousness on every detail to make the work quite a masterpiece in the end.

  1. The Colored and Patterned Bow with White Paper

Source: Perfectly Imperfect Blog

It is the favorite for many people due to its explicit elegance. It has a clean appeal owing to the white background. When you add the brightly-colored bow, you will have a gift that is eye-catching for its beauty. You can enhance its specialness by using the simple tricks of the boldly colored satin or patterned bows.

  1. Using Natural Means

Source: Apartment Therapy

You can use little effort to acquire the highly-coveted brown-wrapped packages that bear a spring of evergreen, which identifies it with nature. Creativity is all that is needed here, and when you use your fresh foliage to enhance the look, it will turn out both appealing and unmatched at the same, and the people who look at it will love the work put in the process as they appreciate nature as well. Even though the cost put in the process money wise is negligible, the receivers of these gifts will hardly forget your creativity and they will keep appreciating the unique presentation you did for quite a long time.

  1. Stacking the Packages

Source: Interesting Stuff

One may be having several parts to their gift, and it is highly advisable to make them all look like one gift instead of dealing with each of them as a separate entity. When you apply this trick, it will eliminate the bulkiness of the entire package and as well as add some unimaginable pomp to it. You can use tricks such as the Snowman and Santa stacks or any other applicable stack bearing the same model through the entire package. When done correctly, it will put smiles to many faces that will behold the sight, especially under the trees. However, you should know the process requires a little more effort as compared to the aforementioned ones, but it is all worth the hassle.

  1. The Use of Holiday Decorators

Source: Hometalk

The idea of using the holiday decoration-enhancers to beautify your package is quite a lovable one. These include the lights, the tiny ornaments, and candy canes. All these add some little but an extra value to the appeal of your package. The package will be attractive from both the inside and outside, and it will indeed match the merry-making occasion! Also, it will create a serene appeal by the way it looks even to those who are not meant for the present, and they will all leave at the end of the day with the memories of your strikingly-appealing piece of art lingering in their minds.

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Throwing A Surprise Party For A Teen Is Surprisingly Hard

Throwing a surprise party for anyone is risky business, but throwing a surprise party for your teenage kid is different ball game altogether. All kids catch a disease the moment they become teenagers, which means they become a little allergic to their parents and find everything they do super-cringy and embarrassing. Instead, they would rather just hang out with their friends and leave it at that.

2002-003-Spirit Day 2001

But I’m a dad, and I love trying to do the impossible, so I’ve never wanted to leave anything ‘at that’, and certainly not the chance to prove you can throw a surprise party for teenagers and class it a success. It’s about making memories, man.

So, without further ado, here some super-awesome tips to help you ail this tightrope walk and come out the other side with an unabashed cuddle and an “I love you, Dad. Thanks for doing this.”

1. The Two Kinds Of Help You’ll Need

When it comes to planning a surprise bash, you’re going to need help. But not just any help; very specific help. The first kind is professional help (you already knew that, though), by which we mean hiring a party planning – something you can learn more about here. The other kind of help you’ll want to enlist is your teen’s BFFs. They’ll know exactly who to invite, what sort of entertainment to get, what drinks are hot right now, what food your kid loves, the sort of music to play and what snacks to put out. They’ll also be clued up on decoration advice too.

2. Create A Great Keepsake

Us Dad’s may not be cool in principle, but we can do some pretty thoughtful things, such as buying a keepsake your kid will cherish for years to come. It could be a blank book that everyone can write in, such as a story they hare with your teen, or you could invest heavily in something that they’ll appreciate when they mature into fully-fledged adults, like a watch or jewellery (engraved with the date, of course).

3. Personal Touches Are Key

It doesn’t matter what sort of thing your kid is into, how much they loathe you in their teenage years, or how much angst they put out in the world, they’ll secretly love a personal touch or two. It could be that you hire a skateboard ramp knowing they’re into it, or you might print out some of their most-liked Instagram photos and hang them from the trees in your garden or anything you fancy really. Just make sure it leans on the cool side of the line and not the awkwardly embarrassing.

4. Hide The Party, Not The Day

As a golden rule of thumb, don’t plan the surprise party to be held on their birthday or any time afterwards, other wise they are just going to think you forget their birthday and be even more begrudged by your sight. Instead, plan the surprise to happen before their big day. That way you won’t have to act suspicious or anything. You can just blow their mind, which is cool.

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A Seven Year Dad

IMG_0361Well it is official. I have been a dad for seven years now. My beautiful baby girl is only getting older and there is not much I can do about it. It doesn’t really make me sad, because I know that she’s going to grow up regardless of me wanting her to or not, it’s just going to happen. But what it does do is makes me happy that my little girl is growing up to be a respectful and intelligent person. These past seven years are all pretty much new to me. Aside from taking care of our nieces and nephews when they were little my wife and I are still just figuring things out all on our own.

So here we are, seven years later and still having a lot of fun. This 7th birthday party sleep over was no different. Snacks, silly string, playing, outdoor movies, and a sleep over all were on the agenda for our little girl. We got her what she had been asking for over a year now, a bunk bed, but it was the JoJo Siwa hair bow from her cousin that brought the house down with excitement. I mean I could have bought hundreds of bows for what I bought the bunk bed for, but maybe she wouldn’t have gotten as excited. Either way it is a treat watching your kids go crazy while opening up gifts from family and friends.

Being a dad to this little girl has been an emotional roller coaster. So far I’ve watched her grow into a spectacular young lady and I could not be more proud as a dad. My little doodles is growing up too fast and there just isn’t anything I can do about it except love her even more.IMG_5378