Happy Birthday Buddy!

17157826_10210067178690725_2214050175775340225_oToday my son turns three years old. Last night I asked him whose birthday it was tomorrow and he said “mine”. It was adorable. I asked him how old he was going to be and he held up his fingers and said “three birthdays”. I asked him if he wanted a “hundred birthdays” and he gave me a stern look and said that he only has “three birthdays” and held up his fingers again.

What an adorable, loving, crazy, daredevil of a boy. He loves taking risks and doing all things boys love to do. Get dirty, be loud, jump, run, and yes, he even eats his own boogers. As much as I tell him not to he does it anyway.

Over these last three years I have watched my son grow up to be a little man. He is very polite with his pleases and thank yous. He will even be sure to thank you when it’s not exactly necessary. Playing with his sister is on the top of his favorites list, a long with LEGO, mini trains, and his “people”. Mommy and Daddy are proud of our little Stuntman Alex and we are so happy to have him in our lives. Even if he can get a little crazy with his high amounts of energy he is still our baby boy.

I can still remember the day that Alex was born. Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital very early in the morning and we didn’t get to see our baby boy until later that evening. It was a very long day that ended with this cutie making his appearance. The last three years raising you have been amazing. Alex has brought us so many great memories and we look forward to continuing making more with him.

IMG_0778Much like with my daughter, I plan on teaching this little guy all about technology and all of that good stuff. He has basically mastered the iPad and is working on learning his Nintendo DS. I also plan on starting a YouTube show with him in the near future. I think he’s old enough now for us to put together some funny clips of him being super goofy. That should be starting this summer, but we will see how things come together.

The other day we had a mini celebration over at Mamaw and Pawpaw’s house. Just a few presents, sang Happy Birthday and ate some cupcakes. It wasn’t much but Alex loved it because he was with the people that love him. He also spent the night there so they could spoil their grandson rotten. It didn’t work because he came home super sweet with no rotten bones in his body. I just really hope you have a fantastic day today buddy and I can’t wait to get home to celebrate by eating some cake, playing with some toys, and enjoying my son’s rambunctious life.

Here is a short video put together by Facebook from Alex’s mini birthday party this past Sunday.

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Millennial Problems for a 33 Year Old



Today is my birthday and depending on who you’re asking, my age range fits into the millennial category. I feel like I fit closer in the Gen X category but whatever. This year I turn 33 years old and I can feel it. No more are the days where I am limber and have cat like reflexes. These days you can find my reflexes are much more comfortable in the speed reduction zone. My knees creak and it doesn’t take much to put my back out of commission. Maybe I’m just unhealthy or maybe it’s just old age. Whatever it is, it sucks.

So I’m getting older and as time marches on I am minimizing my life. I have already cleared up a lot of wall and shelf space in my office. I have since taken down a lot of my older toys and nick-nacks and have stored them away. My office looks a lot cleaner now because of it but there’s still a lot of work to do. I still have my comic collection but even that is getting the minimal setup. I have reduced the amount of comics that I collect significantly. I have finished off stories and ended their run in appropriate fashion but no longer continued with several series. It’s just something that comes with age I suppose.

80s-STLDAD-AbbyWhat’s weird about getting older is that when I take a trip back to nostalgiaville I’m not getting as sucked back into whatever it is as much as I have in the past. Making that switch was much needed but I’m surprised that it came so natural. There are times when nostalgia still hits hard and I start pining for whatever it is. Currently, I have been watching a lot of old Bone Brigade videos and other skate videos. I’d love to get back into skating. It’s been a long time since I have done an ollie. Who knows if I can even get up in the air but I really want to try. The winter weather is doing an excellent job of holding me back because there’s no way I want to go out in the cold. So we’ll see if by spring time if I am still itching to skate. If so then maybe I will give it a go. Until then I will just keep watching Powell Peralta videos.

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier and Christmas is just around the corner. After that we end the year and start another. So many say that 2016 was a pretty bad year. While I think there were plenty of moments that just sucked, it couldn’t have been that horrible. You’re still here right? If anything, I am excited for 2017. It will be a great year. I hope to do more interesting things with the blog, write more about the family, and maybe review some more interesting products. I promised Abby that we will start season 2 of Abby Doodles TV so expect that sometime next year as well. We want to go a little bigger than season 1. So we will see how that goes.


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Six Years Later – Happy BDay Kid!

IMG_1083 This post is a few days late, but I’m a busy dad, so it’s now or never. Getting down to brass tacks, this post is about my baby girl. Well, I guess you could say she’s not much of a baby anymore. She is now a kindergarten six year old super star. Last Friday my wife and I had the privilege to host a nice slumber party for the birthday girl. But that’s not where the days festivities started.

I take my daughter to school sometimes and on her birthday it was set up as a regular school day. I take her and drop her off and will pick her up when the day is done. But this morning I had a surprise for the birthday girl. Waffle House. If you have never been to a Waffle House I suggest you stop reading now and go and grab yourself a nice breakfast, brunch, or brinner. No matter what time of day or night Waffle House is amazing. My daughter loves Waffle House. It is her favorite place to eat and is on the most requested list of places to go in our house. I would eat it as much as she wants but my wallet cannot afford that many waffles. So anyways… On our way to school I made a special stop at Waffle House. We both had an awesome breakfast and even played a few songs in the jukebox before it was time to get to class.

IMG_5672In my daughter’s school the students are allowed to bring in a treat for their birthday to share with the class. We decided to go with Party Muffins this inaugural school year. We also sent some Shopkins napkins to help with any cleanup. I hear it was a good choice from what my daughter tells me. She said the class sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she got a cool pencil from the Principal.

After school it was time for the party to begin. My birthday girl wanted to have a dance party. So while my wife decorated during the day, once I got home it was time to setup the music. I set up my DJ station and also hooked up a projector to show videos and effects to go along with the music. It was a big hit with the kiddos. They requested songs and danced like crazy. I’m sure they spent a good deal of energy bouncing off the walls to Taylor Swift.

For dinner the birthday girl wanted to have a “build your own pizza” dinner. We like to make these simple pizzas using flour tortillas. The kids loved the idea of making their own pizza. They did not hesitate to pile on the cheese and pepperoni’s in a vast arrangement of smiley faces and other wild patterns.

IMG_5708When dinner finished up my wife took over for a little craft time while I cleaned up the mess that was quickly gaining more ground through out our house. The kids painted and glued pieces of sequins and buttons on wood pieces of their first initial of their name. That took up a considerable amount of time and once they were finished with their craft it was time for a movie and popcorn. I used the same projector that I had used for DJing and played a movie for the kids. At least one or two popcorn fights later they were finally settled down and while my baby girl partied with the best of them she was the first to go to sleep. She had a busy birthday. With so much going on she was snoozing the night away. Her friends feel asleep soon after and me and the wife complimented each other on the successful night.

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I’m Back from Holiday Hiatus!

IMG_2340What a crazy holiday! If you are from the St. Louis area you will know that the Christmas holiday was definitely a wet one. There was creeks over flowing, rivers rising, and plenty of standing water to fill a few swimming pools. Over my little holiday break I spent some much needed time with my family. We got all of our holiday shopping completed, Christmas presents made and wrapped and were all ready for the fun.

I would say that the fun kicked off on my birthday (December 15th for those paying attention). My wife surprised me more than ever this year. For the last several months I had been casually joking about wanting to get a BB-8 Sphero. The toy looked awesome and is in my opinion some cutting edge technology. So over the last few months my wife Destiny had been saving up her extra money and when I got home from work on my birthday this year she had an awesome gift for me to open… A brand new BB-8 Sphero! I was beyond excited to have one of these in hand. I was also surprised that she actually found one this close to Christmas. Regardless she really surprised me. Something that has not happened in a long time in regards to my birthday. Thank you again Destiny, it was a truly amazing gift.

IMG_2285So after my birthday things starting picking up for Christmas. We got all of our shopping done so it was time to get everything wrapped and tucked away for Santa to bring back out in a few days. One thing I had planned on doing was taking my daughter and niece out to pick up gifts for all of their aunts and uncles. So one day that’s exactly what I did. They had so much picking out various things for everyone. Some stuff made sense, but most of it didn’t and that is part of the beauty of it. Sure it was mostly junk but the girls made a list and really thought about what they wanted to get for each person. They didn’t even ask for anything for themselves which was cool to know that they were not thinking about themselves. When we got home we started wrapping the gifts. The girls made name tags for almost all of the presents and we got them all wrapped up. It was late so we left them out which was a bad idea because Clark took it upon himself to open up a few in the late night hours with his teeth.

Clark didn’t destroy too many presents. Just a couple that were easy to replace. But the girls were a little shocked to wake up and see that someone had opened their presents. It was funny to say the least.

IMG_2244Christmas finally came and we had our yearly party at Destiny’s parents house. We may or may not have drank a little too much, but I won’t go into that story. I will say that it was a good time overall and the kids had so much fun as they always do. Santa Claus even stopped by for a visit! He was super cool and made sure all of the kids got a little special gift from the North Pole. Mammaw and Pawpaw are great and really made the kid’s Christmas morning. Of course me and Destiny did our part as well by having presents ready under our tree at home as well. The kids made out like bandits like usual so I do not have any complaints in that department.

IMG_2308The day after Christmas was my side of the family’s Christmas party. This year we had it at my brother’s house. It was a lot of fun. This year us adults played a few games like we do every year. This year we played our standard 5 five rounds of scratch offs. My sister was the big winner with two $25 winner tickets. We made out with $4 and 2 free tickets. The other game that we played was a Rob Your Neighbor game but instead of a standard present we brought booze. My brother ended up losing everything he picked but that’s just how things roll when your playing Rob Your Neighbor.

After the party we went back home and I got ready to go out with my cousin to go see Tarantino’s latest movie The Hateful Eight in it’s glorious 70mm Ultra Panavision. I was surprised that St. Louis actually had a theater that could show 70mm. So I was really stoked to learn my cousin picked us up tickets for the roadshow. The movie itself was just a little over 3 hours long, but with the overture and intermission, it really broke up the length of the movie and made the experience that much more enjoyable.

IMG_2258New Years Eve was hosted by my awesome brother and sister in-law and it was a great time. There was plenty of food, a roulette table, drinks, music, and a lot of family fun. It was a fantastic night and I am happy to bring in the new year with these great people.

So, it’s the new year and I am more than ready for it. I  will more than likely have an end of the year wrap up post and then a what to expect post for the new year. So be on the look out for those here in the next few days. If you have had a chance to check out StLouisDad.com Instrumentals Vol.5 I highly suggest it. There are some great royalty free tracks in those downloads! If that isn’t your cup of tea then may I suggest checking out this latest video from Abby Doodles TV!

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