5 Pieces Of Tech That Could Boost Your Workout

Let’s face it, working out is boring. For the most part, you’re alone, sweating away and counting down the minutes until it’s all over and you can sit down. As any gadget fan will know, adding in some tech can all of a sudden make something seem much more exciting – including getting fit.


Bring your workouts into the modern age with these five pieces of tech that could boost your workout.

1. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have been a long time coming, taking years to get right. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, wireless headphones are ideal for working out – allowing you to tuck your phone away somewhere safe without having to worry about wires. You can enjoy free lifestyle with JBL wireless headphones and benefit from the flexibility that Bluetooth headphones provide.

2. A smartwatch or fitness tracker

Whether you love or hate the idea, a fitness tracker can be a great way for you to keep on top of your goals and improve your fitness. Tracking your step count is just one small benefit that they offer, while other fitness tracker benefits could completely change your approach to fitness. Offering motivation, and an accurate measure of what you’re burning and how healthy your heart is, it’s worth investing in one if you’re serious about your fitness.

3. VR

VR is really starting to take off, but did you ever consider the fact that it could help you to boost your fitness? Many people are using VR to take part in yoga classes, make running on a treadmill more interesting and other things which could change the way we work out. While caution is key for staying safe while using VR, this could be an excellent solution if you’re looking to get more from your workout time!

4. Your phone

With so many other cool gadgets out there, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting about one of the greatest pieces of tech that you can use to boost your workouts – your phone. Your smartphone has numerous apps available that can help you to reach your goals. Some of the best fitness apps include meal trackers, GPS-based running systems and apps that offer workouts and training ideas. With your phone at your side, you can really make the most of your workouts.

5. The hi-tech yoga mat

A yoga mat is a pretty standard piece of equipment, but it’s been made super sophisticated thanks to technology. New yoga mats can feature tech that is used to stimulate nerves in the hands and feet to help make your moves more stable and balanced. While perhaps best left to the serious yoga practitioners, this is an exciting piece of tech to show the potential developments still to come in the future.

It’s amazing the effect that tech can have on our everyday lives, from making you a safer driver to enhancing your workouts, you’ve got to wonder what’s next! Enjoy making technology a part of your fitness routine to help you get the most from your workout.


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Quick Solutions to Your Frustrating Tech Problems

Whether you’re at home or work, technology doesn’t always work as smoothly as you want it to. We all have those days when we can’t get something to work, and we end up going around and around in frustrating circles. Some of your top tech problems don’t need to keep happening, though. You can correct them forever if only you can find the right solution. There’s always something you can do to make your life easier, and usually, you have a few different methods you can try. Take a look at these tech problems you might experience in your daily life and how you can fix them.


Too Many Distractions

The internet is full of distractions. Even a computer disconnected from the internet has games and various other apps that can easily distract you. When you’re trying to get things done, being tempted by hundreds of distractions isn’t exactly what you want. If you’re finding it tough, there are fortunately a range of things you can try. Disconnecting from the internet is one method, but sometimes you need the internet to be productive. Sometimes, it’s enough to make an application full-screen to block out everything else. But you might benefit from using a browser plugin that lets you block distracting websites.

Sharing Files and Collaboration

Sharing files with other people is something you need to do all the time. You might be sending some documents to a colleague or trying to show your parents some new family photos. Sending an email attachment is often adequate, but it doesn’t work when your files are too big. One of the recommended solutions to this issue is to use a file sharing application instead. You can upload your files, give someone permission to access them, and they can download them. You can also use cloud storage combined with cloud apps, like Google Drive combined with Google Docs.

Losing Your Work

Working on something all day and then suddenly losing it is a nightmare. Working on it for weeks or even months and then losing your files is even worse. And when it happens, you also can’t help beating yourself up – because it’s at least a little bit your fault. If you want to avoid losing your work, you need to save it regularly and back it up. The best way to do both at the same time is to work using a cloud application. Everything will be saved remotely as you work. But you should also make sure you save your files to different places at the end of the day.

Not Getting the Most Out of New Tech

When you start using new software or a new gadget, you can sometimes be on a learning curve. While you can easily take to some things right away, not everything is so intuitive. Sometimes, it’s worth looking for courses you can take or some useful tutorials that will help you get more from your new tech. It will help you make sure you don’t waste your money.

Don’t spend your time feeling frustrated by tech. Sort out those annoying issues to stop wasting time.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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The 2018 Guide To All Things Smartphone

The smartphone market has been rapidly growing over the last few years. With companies working hard to best one another, consumers expecting more and more from their devices, and other areas of technology steaming ahead, it’s easy to see why this field is growing so fast. Of course, though, this doesn’t really help with it comes to choosing and owning your smartphone. Instead, it makes the process confusing, often resulting in poor choices and wasted money. To give you some support with this, this post will be exploring the important basics you need to know to be able to make the right choices when it comes to your phone.


Choosing The Device

The phone you choose will drastically impact your experience for the next few years, and it makes sense to consider all of your options when you are looking for one. To begin this journey, it will be time to find all of the best contenders within your price range, gathering them up and comparing them against one another. When you take phones in the same budget margin and put them together, it will be hard to see any clear differences between the devices you have available. In reality, though, phones can differ hugely from manufacturer to manufacturer, making the next part of this effort even more important.

There are loads of review sites around the web which compare mobile phones and tell people which devices are the best deals. Websites like HandsetExpert can help with this, providing you with loads of great reviews, along with price guides to help you with your budget. At each budget level, you will find clear winners and losers, and it doesn’t always matter which brand you decide to go for. Most phones will have an area which they excel in above the others. For example, Sony usually produce great cameras and screens, whereas Apple is mostly heralded for their incredible design. This gives you a lot to research when you’re first looking to buy your phone.

Looking After It

Next, it will be time to think about the work which has to be done to maintain your phone. If you’ve had a smartphone in the past, you will have experienced the performance degradation which makes these devices so frustrating. For the most part, though, this sort of issue, among others, can easily be avoided with some tender loving care. Below, you can find some examples of the sort of work which can be done to keep a phone running smoothly, while also ensuring that you spend as little as possible.


  • Clearing Unused Apps: Flash storage can be a weird thing to manage, and will be slowed down when it is reaching capacity. To avoid this sort of complication, removing unused apps, files, and other things stored on the device is a great way to get started with your device maintenance. There are loads of apps out there which can help you with this.


  • Performing Clean-Ups: Along with removing the unused files which you can see, there could also be loads of hidden data which is causing your phone to slow down. Clean-up software has the power to tap into your device, giving you a clear idea of what can be done to make it faster, while also opening your storage to be used for bigger things. Like the work above, you can often find an app to handle this for you, and this will make the whole process much easier.


  • Refreshing The System: Finally, as the last bit of maintenance work which can done to your phone, it will be time to look at the operating system it has on it. Over the weeks and months, this sort of software will quickly degrade in performance. By performing a factory reset or replacing the OS entirely, you could make your phone feel a lot swifter, and it doesn’t have to cost anything in the process.

Making Repairs

Once a phone’s screen is cracked or the device won’t turn on, it can be very tempting to abandon it, and a lot of customers find themselves replacing broken phones almost as much as they buy new ones. This trend costs a huge amount in both money and the world’s resources, with a lot of precious and semi-precious metals and stones going into producing them. Of course, this means that when something goes wrong, it’s much better to try and repair your phone rather than replacing it. Below, you can find a couple of different routes to help you to achieve this goal.

Self-Repair: Over the last couple of years, it’s gotten a lot easier to handle work like repairing your own phone. With websites like iFixIt can provide you with both the guides and the tools you need to complete jobs ranging from simple connector to entire screen replacements, all presented with videos and easy to follow articles. This sort of approach is best for those with a passion for technology. It won’t be easy to repair some phones, and a lot of people will find these jobs to be fiddly and stressful.

Pro Help: If you’re one of these people, it could make sense to have someone else handle your repair work for you, as this will make the process a lot easier. When you’re looking for people to do this sort of work for you, it will be essential that you read reviews and do some background research to make sure that you’re choosing the right professional for you. This will always cost a little bit of money, but it will still be cheaper than replacing the entire phone. Of course, sometimes, you might not be able to repair your device, and buying a new one will be the only option you have.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, 2018 will be the year which sees you mastering your affinity with smartphones. With technology always on the move, it can be hard to keep up with what is possible with devices like this. In reality, though, they should last more than a year, especially if you treat them correctly.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Dad Cabs! Here’s What To Do With All That Waiting Time

Picking up, dropping off, and waiting for the kids when they go to parties, after-school clubs, track meets, and sports games are an essential and inescapable part of being a father. However, it often means that you are stuck in the car without anything to do. Now, some dads use this time to catch up on their Z’s but if you are looking for a more active an interesting solutions check out my guide below.

Dad blogging

One thing that you can dedicate this time to is updating your blog or catching up on blogs that you love to read. It’s easy to do as well as you need is your smartphone and a 3G or free Wifi connection. Of course, if you are planning to do some more intricate and detailed tasks like photos editing before you display them on your blog, it can be handy to have your laptop or a tablet to work on too.

Something else that can make this super easy is those fancy new automobiles that have wifi hotspots built in! Then you won’t end up eating through all your mobile data, and you can still stay up to date with all your blogging research and writing in time that would otherwise be spent doing not much at all.


Play some games

Of course, some days you will want to use this time to kick back, relax, and have a little fun. One way of doing this that can make the time go super quick is to play games online or on your mobile device.

You might want to try a popular favorite like exploding kittens which is a hilarious online card game that you can get in app form. The aim is to be the last one standing, and the quick gameplay and hilarious sound effects make this simple game pretty addictive.

Mobile gaming consoles are a great way to kill some time.

Alternatively, you might want to play something that is a bit more in-depth. This is where mobile gaming consoles such as the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3ds come in. The fact that these are self-contained gaming systems mean that the quality of content is very high, and as they have built-in controllers it much more like traditional gaming experience on the go.

Popular title for the PS Vita include Killzone: Mercenary, whereas there is a range of quick and fun game for the Nintendo like Mario Kart and the Professor Layton series that can be picked up and put down easily., making them perfect for when you lose track of time or the kids finished their activities early.

There are other gaming entertainment options to consider as well when doing the dad cabs run, including the thrill of playing casino games online. Of course, you have to be aware that some sites require you to play with real money, although that is where the buzz lies for many players.

If you do decide on this option be sure to pick a site like WinnerMillion Casino that offers some fantastic sign-up bonuses to get the most fun you money. Then you can be sure that your money will go as far as possible and get you the maximum amount of fun for whenever you need to kill some time.

Organize those photos

If you are anything like me you have loads of video clips of the kids doing funny stuff, and pictures of key moments like birthdays and days out that are all over the place! That is why another smart way to spend your time when you are waiting for the little ones to finish their activities is to organize your photos collection on your phone.

Using your time in this way is beneficial because by putting your video and pictures into albums you can find them whenever you want. It also means its easier to upload them to the cloud or your computer when you get home so that you can keep them for the long term. Something that will ensure all those precious memories of the kids growing up are not lost when you switch to a new device.

Clean out the car

Lastly, it may not be the most fun option, but if you have kids it’s likely your car might not be as neat and tidy as you would like. With this in mind, why not use the time when you are waiting to give the kids a life home to clear out any rubbish, sort through the glove box and make it a pleasant environment for the family?

If you think ahead, you can even charge up the cordless vacuum and do the seats and floor mats as well. Now that is a smart use of your dad cabs waiting time!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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