Can You Keep Your Car Clean with Kids?

There’s no doubt that kids make messes. First, they’re not old enough to know what making a mess even means, and then they can still have accidents even when they’re capable of being neater. You have to accept that your home and your car are going to be a little messy sometimes. But if you can’t stand your car being untidy and (even worse) sticky, how can you keep it as clean as possible? You can protect your vehicle from the messes that your kids make, both by trying to prevent the mess in the first place and by […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Support Your Child’s Musical Interests

When your child shows an interest in something, it’s your duty as a parent to show your support. So if your child leans toward music and playing instruments, here’s how you can show your support even if you’re not musically-inclined yourself:

1. Enroll them in lessons

For non-playing parents, the best way to teach our child how to play an instrument is to enroll them in lessons. With a professional teaching them piano lessons or guitar lessons, your child can learn how to play faster and easier.

Pick a good teacher that will be able to hold your child’s attention during lessons […] Continue Reading…

How to Deal with a Divorce While Putting the Family First

No one ever envisages themselves getting divorced, but these things do happen. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to go through divorce proceedings, it’s a good idea to consider how you want to approach this. There are certainly good and bad ways to go through a divorce.

That’s something that’s particularly true when you have kids to think about. Your family unit might be changing, but you will still always be a family when you have kids with your ex. That’s why you should try to go through the divorce in a way that allows you […] Continue Reading…

4 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Organization

Kids are not necessarily known for their organizational skills, but its something they will need to learn if they want to stay on top of their school work and personal life when they get older. As a parent, there are few things more infuriating than seeing a child with terrible time management; it can affect you, their friends, and your child themselves, so here are four tips to improve your child’s organization. 

Don’t Hoard 

Encouraging your child not to hoard is perhaps one of the most important ways to improve their organizational skills. However, it can be a challenge. Kids don’t […] Continue Reading…