Getting Kids Interested In Music

Children are interested in many things right from a young age, but they usually don’t start getting curious about music until they’re a bit older. Or at least, they don’t start to understand music until they’re older. Getting them interested in music from a young age is one of the best things you can do. It helps to give them a purpose in life, and helps to nurture a passion for such a beautiful thing. Music is going to help them through a lot of situations in life, so the sooner they find a love for it the better. [...] Continue Reading…

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800x800 rodeo

Southeastern Rodeo Association presents the 2nd Annual St. Louis Open Black Rodeo

Southeastern Rodeo Association returns to STL, bringing the 2nd Annual St Louis Open Black Rodeo to Chaifetz Arena.  Phenomenal feats of skill will be on display as cowboys and cowgirls will compete for prize money across various competition categories.

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The discounted tickets are only $19.50 per ticket!

Cowboys and Cowgirls will be heading to #STL on May 5th for the 2nd Annual STL Open Black Rodeo at Chaifetz Arena!

The Southeastern Rodeo Association Black Rodeo will be in St. Louis at the Chaifetz Arena on May 5th! The Open Black Rodeo’s role is to educate the public [...] Continue Reading…

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The 2018 Guide To All Things Smartphone

The smartphone market has been rapidly growing over the last few years. With companies working hard to best one another, consumers expecting more and more from their devices, and other areas of technology steaming ahead, it’s easy to see why this field is growing so fast. Of course, though, this doesn’t really help with it comes to choosing and owning your smartphone. Instead, it makes the process confusing, often resulting in poor choices and wasted money. To give you some support with this, this post will be exploring the important basics you need to know to be able to [...] Continue Reading…

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What To Do When You Hear ‘Daddy, I Don’t Feel Well’ On A Workday

Unwell children are a worry for parents at the best of times. It’s never nice to think of your little one suffering. But, things get worse if both you and your partner are in full-time employment.  Given that your little one will want nothing more than to snuggle up safe at home, one of you will inevitably have to take time out of the office.

In the majority of cases, bosses are understanding about family needs. While they might not be able to give you the time off, the chances are they’ll at least allow you to work remotely. The [...] Continue Reading…

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