OEM Buying Guide for Your Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS OEM & Aftermarket Parts

Keeping your bike at peak performance requires attention and consistent maintenance. However, finding the right replacement parts can be stressful. To get the best fit, consult your manufacturer’s guide to identify the correct OEM motorcycle fairings for your Ninja. When looking for the parts to replace, here are some areas to pay close attention to.

Braking System

Brakes are essential. They need to be responsive at a moment’s notice and provide consistent stopping power. Every year, be sure to inspect the components most susceptible to wear

  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Master cylinder
  • Cables
  • Discs

There are plenty of aftermarket options, such as performance brake pads, that have higher resiliency than stock pads.


When you need traction on wet roads, old tires do not keep up. To keep both wheels on the road, invest in new aftermarket tires. Find tires from leading performance manufacturers like Michelin and Pirelli to add more stability and handling control to your riding experience. Always consult the manufacturer’s guide for the correct OEM specifications before trying new tire dimensions.

Engine Components

Underneath the saddle lay dozens of essential components working in unison. When something fails in the engine, you feel it. Before you crank your bike after the off-season, check your cylinder heads, valves, and exhaust system for signs of wear or leaks. You can find cheap Kawasaki parts online and repair the issues yourself. Always use a reputable distributor that carries certified OEM replacement parts.

Aftermarket Accessories

No bike is complete without flare. Mount aftermarket accessories to improve your riding experience and give unique look to your Ninja. Choose from windshields, saddle bags, decals, fender guards, custom body kits and more. When you want to build the ultimate bike, find the accessories that take to the next level.

Shop online for the best deals in OEM and aftermarket Kawasaki parts and install everything you need to get your bike running at its best.

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