Little Wallet, Big on Security

slimJIMMY walletThe company behind the innovative JIMMY phone cases are back at it with a new slimJIMMY Premium Slim Wallet. Today they have launched a Kickstarter so you can get your own Premium Slim Wallet. Head on over to Kickstarter at to join in on the campaign to grab your own.

slimJIMMY sent over one of their new Premium Slim Wallets and I am beyond impressed. For years I have used my own makeshift slim wallet. It was essentially a flap from the inside of a regular single fold wallet. It is well worn and needed to be upgraded. The slimJIMMY wallet is a perfect replacement with bonus added security. The wallet includes material to help block RFID scanners from picking up your credit card info from one of those new chips found in cards these days.

If you are a fan of carrying as little as possible AND protecting your data then I have got to recommend checking out a slimJIMMY Premium Slim Wallet. The nice look and quality material make pulling out my cards and cash not so much an embarrassment anymore. I mean seriously, just look at what I was using (below), to what I’m using now (above).



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