How To Build The Perfect Streaming Setup

If you are one of the many people that have found a love for live streaming, you are quite possibly always on the lookout to improve your stream set up. We know that by now, you probably have the streaming PC that you want, so we’re not going to get into that.

What we are going to look at is some of the amazing things you should be looking at that will help you tweak and perfect your content. We understand that some of the things we are going to look at maybe expensive, but if you want an amazing stream, it will come at a cost.

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The first thing we are going to be looking at today is lighting. It seems that if you scroll down streams or even videos on YouTube, you often find that there is a ton of effort gone into the content itself but zero effort when it comes to lighting.

The chances are you have an amazing camera if you are a serious streamer, but you may not be getting the best from it if you do not have the right lighting. When considering lighting, you should be looking at a couple of key lights, a box light, and maybe even some background lights to help create an atmosphere.

It may sound simple, but this is one of the cheapest and best things you will ever do for your stream. Spend a little on lighting, and you will soon see that your stream looks so much better than it ever has.  

The Accessories

The next thing we are going to be looking at in this post is your accessories. While you may not think that people are paying attention to what’s around you, they are. Now, when we talk about accessories, we are going to focus on two things.

The first thing is your chair. If you have a cheap chair, it will be squeaky and annoying and trust us when we say; your viewers will leave if they hear an annoying noise throughout your stream. There are huge varieties of Live streaming chairs you can choose from, but you should only ever purchase one that comes recommended. 

The second thing that will make your viewers run for the hills is an annoying keyboard. You should be looking to find a keyboard that won’t drive people insane and that most importantly, you love.

The Microphone

The final thing we are going to recommend is that you upgrade your microphone, especially if you are using a USB microphone. One of the best things you can do is to find a decent XLR microphone and a bus mixer. 

Buying purchasing both of these, you will be able to adjust your sound more easily, and you will have far more control than you ever had with a USB microphone.

There are, of course, many more things you can consider when it comes to perfecting your stream. Hopefully, this post has given you a starting point, and from here, you can go on to create something incredible. 


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