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bikebanditsWith a family of bikers it’s hard to not hear about all the latest model, parts, and gear out there. Personally, I’m not a rider. I’d like to one day, but for now I’m stuck with four wheels. But that doesn’t stop me from checking out the various products out there to pick up as gifts for my family.

One of my favorite places to check out motorcycle parts online is The website is filled with awesome stuff. It’s is so easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Or even get sucked into a rabbit hole of things you may not have been looking for. Like these Icon Gloves. I can’t get past how cool this website is. The gear available is from some of the best brands available and ordering is super easy.

bikebandits2I have tried talking my wife into riding a nice super bike with me. Or even a dirt bike. Doesn’t matter which but trying to get her on one of these bikes is next to impossible. She will ride with her dad or her younger brother, but not me. What’s up with that? Either way I still love her. When I’m checking out different Yamaha parts on the site she may come over and tell me to “not even think about it” or that “I must be crazy if I’m getting one of those”. Well maybe one day I will be, and when I do it will be a big surprise to her but I know where I will do most of my shopping to get what I need. I’ll just have it delivered to my buddies house instead. 🙂

BikeBandit is a great website to check out. The selection is incredible and worth spending a few hours checking out. Whenever I’m looking for something for the riders in my family I know exactly where to go. It’s easy and that’s what matters to me. sponsored this post in exchange for an honest review. Please visit for more awesome products that can help make your riding life better!


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