The Script - Movie Poster

The Script – Short Film

The Script - Movie PosterSometimes I obsess about things. Most of the time it is an obsession with a T.V. show or movie. I will start watching a series and if I have to stop watching in the middle of a season then there’s a good chance that I just start thinking about that show constantly. Wondering what’s going to happen next. Analyzing all of the details, etc. Same thing with a movie. I will watch it and then think about it so much that it becomes this weird obsession.

There are times where this obsession extends beyond T.V. and film. Recently, my cousin and I have been working with a group of students so they can create a short film for this festival a few teachers and I are trying to put together. So as me and my cousin are talking with these kids and telling them that making a short film can be challenging but can also be somewhat easy.

It’s easy right? At least that’s what we’re telling these kids. Come up with a story and then start putting together your shots and you’ll do great. So why not show them how easy it actually is. So I started obsessing. I got home one night and spent 30 minutes trying to come up with an idea. Most of the those ideas were way to crazy. I wouldn’t be able to pull off over half of them. So I went simpler. That’s when the idea hit me. I spent the next 20 minutes writing a script and I fired it off over to my cousin and he took a look at it and gave me the thumbs up we needed to get started.

After a bit of back and forth to figure out logistics we had our plan in place to get this short off the ground. We planned to shoot everything in one day so the schedule was going to be pretty tight. I figured the majority of the work was going to be editing. So once the day of the shoot arrived we knocked out all of our shots four hours ahead of schedule. We could’ve maybe done some more, but we had what we needed and we didn’t want to over complicate things. Remember, we’re doing this to show teenagers how to make a movie.

20 hours was put into editing the footage, creating the animation, and editing all of the audio we had our short film. I created a poster and a little behind the scenes slideshow to show the students. We went over how we did some of our effects, practical and digital as well as where lighting was set, the acting process, and a few other neat tidbits about our process. The students seemed to really enjoy our short film and now I hope you do as well.


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Abby Doodles TV – Episode 10 – Season One Finale

Well, it’s finally coming to an end. Season one at least. Back in August of 2014 my daughter and I started making a some videos. It was nothing serious and we didn’t spend a lot of time on setup or anything of that nature. I wasn’t even sure how well this would all come together. To be perfectly honest, not much has come out of any of this. We probably spent too long in between each episode to actually build a following.

So here we are, a little over two years later and we are closing out season one. When we first started this show Abby did not know how to read at all and could barely write her own name. Now she’s writing some sentences and can read at her age level so we are ready to start planning for season two. Abby and I discuss her show a lot and we have some good ideas for season two, now we just need to put the plan into action and actually film some episodes. We are hoping to start the next season this summer, so be sure to subscribe and be on the look-out for that. There is talks of a new intro and theme song, but we will have to see about all of that. For now though, enjoy season one for what it is and expect some great new things in season two!

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Abby Doodles TV – Episode 09 – Super Star of The Week

Well, I guess you could say that I was busy, or you could call it a long spout of laziness but here we are with a new episode of Abby Doodles TV! In this episode Abby decided that she wanted to announce that she is the Super Star of The Week in class. She gets to bring in a few items to share with everyone so in this episode she tells us what she plans on bringing and also makes the official announcement for Abby Doodles TV Season Two!!! We have at least one more episode for season one before we start filming season two so definitely be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy the latest episode of Abby Doodles TV!

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My Dream Bathroom

huntington-brass-platinum-collections-250So the other night I was giving my son a bath and he was just getting water everywhere. He can get a little crazy in the tub with his action figures so it’s always important to keep a few towels around to clean up whatever mess he may create. So while he was playing I was sitting there in my bathroom starting to daze off into a day dream of what I would want my dream bathroom to look like.

There are the Kohlers and other stylish brands but lately I have been seeing a lot of style pushed towards PlumbTile. So much so that when I am transported into my day dream that’s all that I see. PlumbTile designs and accessories all throughout my relatively small bathroom. The first thing that would need to be done would be to find a nice tile. PlumbTile has plenty of options for bath and kitchen tile or bathroom retile. The options are incredible and would really make this room stand out. It would be a big upgrade to do but that’s why this is only a day dream… for now. I am a big fan of the stone look and PlumbTile has plenty of options to choose from. I really like a lot of what Solistone has to offer when it comes to that stone looks. So I will probably go with something in this range.

Of course since I just changed the tile I would need to pick out some fixtures that match. Again, PlumbTile knocks it out of the park with their phylrich faucets or phylrich fixtures. It is hard to choose which one would look perfect in here. Because of my indecisiveness I can hear my wife in my day dream telling me that phylrich is nice but huntington brass would look much better in our newly remodeled dream bathroom. I laugh and we pick out an amazingly cool faucet that our kiddos will love using. It has these nice clean angles and just looks awesome. I’d imagine my son would call it the “water robot”.

It’s fun to imagine what you can do to a room. Whether it’s a complete remodel or a small upgrade. I know PlumbTile has some fantastic products. They will be my go to shop for supplies when it actually does become time to remodel this old bathroom. Until then, I’ll just scoop my little guy out of the tub, drain the water and dry him off. We will pick up his toys and put them away and get ready for bed. While he is busy dreaming about superheroes and race cars, maybe tonight I can slip back into my dream and finish this remodel. Things were definitely looking good before I snapped back to reality, and the best part is, I didn’t have a budget.


Check out PlumbTile for many different kitchen and bathroom needs. Their products are one of a kind and their experts are ready to help with any questions you may have. Check them out at!

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